(Warning. Story based on it's complicated charcters. However events and endings will vary from actually movie.)

NOTICE:All mistakes are mine. I have no beta.

Most charcters in this fic will my own origional charcters. It's complicated basis
It was just an idea I have had for awhile,but didn't think it was worth writing down. . I think it sucks personally,let me know if you think I should continue?

- - - - - - - - - - May 4,1974 - - - - - - - - - -

She looked around the crowded waiting room, Her eyes scanning the room, The faces of all the others in her position, Praying some one will help her, hear she silent plea's for help. Who is she kidding? No one see's the pain in her eyes. The bruises are well hidden under her pants suit, and soft cotton maternity blouse. A nurse crosses the room carrying a stack of charts in her arms. She leans up slowly, acting as if she is uncomfortable and needs to chance positions. Her eyes are locked on the desk clerk, Her name tag reads Julia. She is busy taking appointments and writing something. She feels as though some one is watching her. Placing her pan flat on the desk she looks up to meet a pair of deep green eyes. She knows it's now or never. Her lips quiver briefly before parting slowly. She opens her mouth… It's too late. His grip on her wrist tightens. She bits her lip, holding her breath to keep from crying out. She knows if she does she will have hell to pay later. Today had been a good day. He had only stuck her twice. Once for not having his coffee ready at 8,and once for the wet towels laying in the bathroom floor. She relaxes to his grip and inches down in her chair. Her wrist burns. The young women at the desk simply waved it off as nothing and went back to her work. She glances down at her bulging stomach, Gently she reaches down laying her left had upon it. She feels a kick. She smiled loving at her stomach.

"Jane Archer."

Her heart skips a beat. Her eye shoot up to the young, red headed women standing before her. He stands, Jane doesn't move. Her eyes are still locked on the women, The chart in her arms. If only she knew how much Jane didn't want to be here.

"Come along Janie, You don't want to keep the other's waiting."

His jaw is clenched as he tightens his grip unexpectedly she moans softly. 'Shit' She knows what to expect when they leave. Jane struggles to her feet. oh, if only looks could kill she would be free of him and free to live her life with her unborn child.

"This way Ms. Archer. My name is Lillian and I'll be your case worker. I take it this is the father?"


Jane says begrudgingly behind his back. She is lead down a long corridor. Lillian shows them to a conference room on the left.

"Make your selves comfortable. I have a few questions to ask you and then I'll need you both to sign the forms."

She explains the basics to them. Jane kept her glances to a minimum. Her hand firmly gripped her stomach protectively. She knew she must keep from crying. He hated it when she cried. She would not cry, she had made up her mind upon the moment he forced her to this. She would not give him the satisfaction of seeing her cry.

"Alright that about explains it. Do you have any questions before we begin?"

Jane cleared her throat, His grip had only grown stronger from the moment they entered the room. She wanted to object. Jane glances up at him. For god sake don't make me do this! Her eyes begged. His soft blue eyes showed not emotion, no compassion. He nudged her forward.

"I..N..No. I don't."

His grip on her tightened once again. would this pain ever end? It took everything she had to speak those words. what more could he want from her? Why was she doing this time. He leaned in to what seemed like a kiss of affection to support her during this. He brought his lips to her ear.

"Listened you stupid bitch. We went over this before we got here a hundred times. Now say what we went over." He demanded. His voice never rose above a whisper. Jane's heart began to pound through her chest. She nodded her head.

"I um..I..I wanted to make sure this would be a closed adoption. I want N…Nothing to do with this thing."

Jane's mouth went dry after choking out the words. She had droplets of sweat forming between her breasts as her blood pressure rose. She was in a full winter suit to hid the evidence of his abuse in the middle of may and it was taking it's toile on her. She removed her hand from her stomach only to fan herself.

Lillian could since something in her tone was not right. Jane's cold words bothered her. How could refer to her child as a thing ? Her child? She though. It was none of Lillian's business and after all of the

cases you would think she would get over it, but it just was not in Lillian's caring nature too.

"Well, Yes. If you wish to have a completely closed adoption we can arrange that."

Jane nodded her head feeling a wave of nausea rush over her body.

"Mr. Archer are you alright? Can I get you a glass of water?"

"Yes. Please."

Lillian stood and walked over to the small cart against the wall. She poured her a glass of ice water. Handing it over to her she took her seat. Jane sipped it gratefully

"Now, shall we begin?"

They both nod.

"Well, most of this seems in order. I just need to know a few more things."

"That's quite alright."

He smiled a harmless smile.

"I just need you to fill out these forms."

She handed then each a the stack of forms and a pen. Jane's trembling hand took the pen slowly. She looked over the forms. filling them out as slowly as possible., while he signed away with out a second thought. He finished with in ten minutes. Returning the forms he looked at Jane. Half the sheet was still blank. what had she been doing?

"Why don't you tell me little about yourselves. I understand your in your eighth month Jane?"

Jane nodded, to terrified to speak

"Well, im Jonathan Kessler. I work in accounting and in 25. Jane's 20 and she works for the deli down town. We met little over a year ago and have been dating for about 11 months, Jane and I are planning on getting married, we just aren't ready for a baby, quite frankly I don't think we want kids, do we Jane?"

Jane glances up at her, she could tell by his tone he was irate.

"No, we don't."

Jane looked around the room desperately, Hearing the clock ticking on the wall was the worst. She took another hearty sip of her water finishing it off she got to the bottom of the forms.

Jonathan was growing impatient. Oh just wait till I get you out of here.' He thought.

"Excuse me lily, where's your bathroom?"

"It's down the hall to the left Mr. Kessler."

He leaned towards Jane.

"Im going to the bathroom, when I return you better be ready to go. You so much as speak to her and I'll kill you."

Jonathan freed her wrist just before exiting the room. Jane winced painfully. She looked at her wrist,, She could fell the droplets of blood falling from where her finger nails dug into her skin. no doubt there would be a large scar.

Jane sighed deeply returning the form she glanced at the door. Jane then met Lillian's eyes with her own. She couldn't control it any longer. She let the tears fall freely. Her hands both firmly resting on her stomach. Jane leaned forward, glancing at the door ever few seconds.

Lillian signed off on the last of the file and handed it off to the secutary as she passed the room.

"Please…. I…I…need …I need you to help me.. please.…" Jane whispered softly.

Jane rubbed her stomach, She felt like the baby was kicking continuously. Begging her not to go through with this,Not to give it up. She could hear it almost speaking to her. 'Mommy. Mommy please don't.'

Jane seemed to be in a trance as these thoughts troubled her, Lillian could since something was wrong here. She leaned over and placed her hand respectfully on Jane's shoulder. She didn't pull away nor did she welcome it. Finally she had her chance. She was going to get out of this…there was some who could help her. Jane smiled slightly up at the woman, her pleading eyes stared at her.

"Ms. Archer, Your reconsidering this now? Isn't this what you wanted?.."

"No.. No I…I don't want to do this….I want my baby …It's Jonathan…"

Jonathan burst into the room, overhearing the last part, Jane's heart leaped and she quickly pushed her hand away. Praying he hadn't heard her before. Jane stood wiping her eyes fiercely. John smiled at both of the women, but his eyes told a different story. He had heard her…

"Jane darling, are you ready?!"

"Yes…dear. I..I am."

Jane offered her best smile, but she was dying inside.

Jane bent down slowly to get her handbag, exposing her right handed wrist, Lillian had never seen anything like it before

"Oh my…Ms. Archer your wrist.."

She knew it must hurt, It would most likely get infected of it was not treated, It was them Lillian realized that had been the arm Jonathan was holding when she called them back. Suddenly Jane's deranged words made since to her, It had been a cry for help. 'Oh god. why didn't I see it before? Her baby? what have I done' Lillian thought.

Before Jane had a chance to respond, Jonathan jerked her arm, Before lily could process what all had happening they had gone.

Lillian's natural instants kicking in and she ran out of the room, trying to catch up to them. Upon reaching the door's all she could hear was the muffled sound of…was that begging? no pleading? Then came that oh so familiar crack of a hand across the cheek. Lillian ran as fast as she could trying to get to them, she stopped to catch her breath.

A blue 74' corvette brawled out of the parking lot.

Lillian looked around in all directions.

"Ms. Archer wait! Ms. Archer!"