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- - - - - - - - - - December 31,1979 - - - - - - - - - -

Jane paced the grand Plaza where all of the food was placed for the guests along with the 8 walking servers she had provided. She would be catering and serving. She only had ten staff including herself. It seemed like they were vastly out numbered with 300 guests arriving with in the next half hour. It was a quarter till 7:00,Yet the Party didn't start untill 9:00. Her sister wouldn't even be arriving untill half past nine. Everything looked good. It all checked out okay, but Jane being jane had her doubts. She walked across the right corner of the room inspecting the dessert table. The appetizers and finger foods. Not to mentioned the three Corse meal prepared for the certain guests Miranda would invite up to her suit. She had no details on what to talk place there.

"Alright everyone. This looks great. You can all get suited up now."

Seven of them nodded, leaving the room they hurried up stairs to their rooms.

"Aimer, You and Paul make sure the chocolate fountains are in proper working order and the chocolate stays boiling hot."

Dismissing the last two Jane went to get her own self ready. Pulling on a simple black dress than flared at the sleeves, and ruffled at the bottom. He hair down, she reached for a clip and pulled it half up and running her delicate fingers through it. She dabbed off the sweat and touched up her make-up. The click struck half past the hour.

- - - - - - - - - - 9:15 pm. - - - - - - - - - -

The room now filled with music, People, Families, Small Children even, photographers, the aroma of fresh salmon and chocolate seemed to be going successfully on Jane's end. Her eyes glistened in the lighting of the room. She had never seen anything like this in her life. So beautiful. So perfect.

She spat out the usual orders making her they were keeping everything fresh. Jane picked up the serving tray of champagne and started on the left sending Shelly, Her second assistant to the right.


Jane repeated, smiling whole hearted at the guest, not showing one ounce of her exhaustion and stress.

The room came to a stand still at the moment, everyone looked up.

And there she was.

Jane's lips formed a smile, cocking She tilted her head slightly as she leaned on her right hip, left hand holding the tray up firmly above her shoulder. Jane had to give it to her, Miranda looked flawless tonight. The was the channel dress hugged her every curve, Her short Blonde hair, accented with curls. It still had that old familiar bounce to it. Miranda always seemed to draw the attention of others. Tonight all eyes were on her and she loved it.

Jane's gaze drifted away from her sister as she began to speak to the crowd, Jane went back to serving, silently.

The night was coming to a close. 'It was a good thing too.' Jane thought, desperately wanted to get out of her heels after four hours. She was just thrilled her sister was pleased.

Jane returned the fifth empty try she herself alone had served up the works from champagne to platters.

Stopping a moment she lifted her stocking covered foot out of one shoe and massaged it momentarily. Heading to the back she rinsed her hands and took one last platter around.

The people had formed social groups now which made it easier for jane and her team to move freely among them, there in the center stood her sister, Throwing her head back in laughter. Jane turned left to go down the middle row of people, Two little kids came chasing through and knocked jane off her feet.


So much for every thing going smoothly. Who brings there children to an event anyway?

Jane sat up, Two men helped her to her feet.

"Thank you."

She said, signaling two of her workers to clean up the mess.

Jane looked around to see two couples walked towards them.

'Uh oh. Here come the parents.'

Jane smoothed down her dress, biting her lips as she bent down to help them clean up.

The children stopped immediately. They both looked from jane to their parents.

The little boys parents pulling him aside to give him a talk, While the little girls did the same.

"I um…It's okay. Really. They didn't mean any harm."

Jane interrupted their scolding's, She grinned before turned back to the broken glass and smeared chocolates on the floor.

The little girls mother looked up at the sound of Jane's voice She knew it. Staring at the women from behind a moment she became wide eyed. Could it be her? After all this time, all of this searching and coming up dry. She was no more than to feet away from her.

"Excuse me."

She said, tucking away a red strand of hair behind her hear, she knelt down beside jane and began helping her.


Jane looked up, blowing a strand of hair out of her face, she was sure she was quite a sigh now, she combed the piece back. As the women's face came into view. They locked eyes on each other. Jane dropped the shattered glass in her hand, Her eye brows furrowed. What was she doing here?

"Jane? Jane Archer?"

She whispered, her clean hand touched Jane's shoulder softly, she stiffened to the touch at first.

"It's Adler now. How do you know my name?"

Her throat went dry. It was as if she was suddenly sucking on god for saken cotton balls.

"Im Lillian Hall. I handled…well her adoption."

Jane lifted her hand to silence her.


She hissed, Quietly Then the tears came. She could feel the Building up inside her eyes. Gallons just waiting for the right moment to overflow.

"Look. I don't know what you want, But just please go away. That part of my life is…over. Im not talking about it. Please, go back to the party."

She pleaded silently, cleaning the last of the mess of the floor.

"Jane. Listen I have been trying to find you to tell you that..."

"Go! I..I can't do this now. I can't handle this now! I don't know how you have found me but I don't want to hear it"

Jane threw her hands up, not caring who saw her. The room was filled with chatter rather then silent. Jane felt the tears sting her cheeks as she fled out of there and up to her room, leaning against the door her sobs flowed freely as she sank down. She pulled her knees in painfully to her chest, wrapping her arms around them. The party seemed to go on for the most part, half the guests had left or were leaving. No one noticed much. The event was not ruined.

Miranda was quickly approaching, her blood was boiling after overhearing the last bit as she walked towards the disaster zone. Her eyes focused on the freckle faced women, Hair read back in a simple twist.' No sense of fashion what so ever. Wearing something off the clearance rack no doubt. Probably picked up at…'

Miranda's train of thought trailed off as she approached the women.

"You. Come with me."

Miranda said, taking the woman by the hand she lead her up the stairs, smiled to her guest. Noting she would return momentarily.

Miranda opened the door to a small meeting room. Switched on the light, nudging the women inside she closed the door.

"I don't take kindly to people upsetting my sister. I am sure you realized that by now?"

Lillian nods.

"Good. Now. What is the meaning of this? This night is very important to me! I will not have some one harassing my pour sister. She had been through quiet enough with out you parading in here and opening up old wounds. Wounds that have not even begun to heal. I think we can both agree she has suffered more than enough for a life time? Has she not…?"

"Lillian. My names.."

The woman breathed.

"Ah yes, Lillian. As if your names is important to me. You say you handled her case? What case would that be?"

"Yes I was over Am.."

"Don't say it. I do not wish to relieve that dark time in my sisters life, nor my own. Do you know what it was like for our family? Of corse you don't! You didn't sit by Jane's bed for three months fighting sleep to make sure she didn't slip off and hang herself or commit any form of suicide the moment you turned your head! And then when my poor mother and father couldn't bare it anymore and sent her away for professional help, who do you think held the family together? Jane together after that? Me!"

Miranda was not sizing out of the large window in to the black sky filled with city lights. A drink dangling in her left hand. Her previous position of being sprawled out on a comfy plush chair in the dim seating room of the Plaza in an utter mess was gone. Now completely composed she made a break for the door.

"Now…Now I would appreciate if you see your self out."

Miranda's words were choppy and think.

"Miranda…Wait a minute please? Who are you really? I know your not related to Jane. "

Miranda came to a halt.

"How dare you suggest I am not Jane's sis.."

"Save it 'Ms. Archer.' I have been through every record of Jane's for the past four years searching for ant leads to her present residence".

"It's Priestly. I was never really an Archer. I suppose you better sit down."

She said, sharply. Her fingers rustling her curls.

"Your not. I..I thought you weren't.. I mean, nothing in her files mentions you."

Lillian saw Miranda lower her eyes. She snapped her mouth closed.

"It's really none of your business but since your already in our family affairs. I must warn you. If you repeat any of this so help me god. I just want you to be clear on this. Now if you must know. Yes, I am not Jane's biological sister. I was born Miriam Princhek. I'll spare you the repulsive details of my entire life story. Needless to say my mother died in childbirth when I was six. I have my youngest brother Paul to thank for that. I was the second of five children. My father worked odd jobs from time to time. Still. That was not enough so we relied to my grandmother. After awhile even she could not help us put food on the table. When I was eight we were removed and placed into the system. I was adopted by the Adler's when I was nine. Funny how I ended up in America when Im English don't you think? Oh well I was never really English that's just where my parents immigrated to after the war. Sill Im forever grateful of my mother's connections in fashion and allowing me to work under her dear friend while I was in high school. With him, I wouldn't be here at the beginning of my career today."

Miranda smirked, running her hands over the pearl necklace hanging around her neck. Still beside herself. What had possessed her to give such classified, private information out to a complete stranger?

"Not a word."

Lillian agreed.

"Good. As far as I am the rest of the world is concerned. Jane is my sister. Now I have to return to the guests, worthy of my time. What is it you wish to tell jane? Perhaps I might pass it onto her later, but that's not a guarantee. I think you should go. Now.."

She said, opening the door, light from the candelabra's above the grand staircase floated in.

"I..It's Amelia. Her daughter… She's.."

Miranda felt the large dry lump in her throat forming now. There was news of Jane's child. Finally. She never expected to hear a word about it. None if them did. That's why it was not spoken of. Why it was forgotten.


Miranda was growing vastly impatient.

"She's here."

Lillian whispered, afraid of what Miranda's next move might be. To her surprise Miranda's face softened. She then extended her hand to Lillian.

"What? I thought the child was…"

Miranda's face was pale white.

"Well not exactly you see she's been…"

Miranda shot her a silencing glare. She was never one for listening to babbling. She looked Lillian right in the eye after calmly shutting the door.

"Tell me more…."