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She panted heavily as she and her friends ran out the gates. Her shackles were still on her feet, chains now lost. Thousands of other +Anima were running along with her, shoving and pushing to get away from the imprisonment they were trapped in. They separated boys and girls, making it harder for the girl to find her friends. While thousands of past prisoners ran, hundreds of guards chased after them. She was aggravated. Finally, they were past the amounts of gates and watch dogs and everyone was able to use their +Anima.

She sprouted her bat wings and flew into the air, instantly searching for her friends. She felt a poke on her shoulder and screwed her head around, seeing her guy friend, Cooro. The crow +Anima was holding her other guy friend, Senri by the wrists as they scouted out for the fish +Anima. Most of them had made their way into the water, but not him. No, he was a thinker and wouldn't dare leave his friends behind. Suddenly, she heard her name ringing through her ears.

"Nana," the voice screamed. Nana saw it was her other guy friend, her crush, Husky, and dove down instantly. Right before he got whipped on the back, she picked him up and flew right back next to her other friends. "Thanks,"

"Welcome, Husky," she smiled warmly and he returned it. The group of four started up again, going full blast.

The four made it to a clearing that was far away from that horrible place. They made the +Anima work, not getting much food or water. They had much too much sun, enough to have some perish and some had strokes, falling down, only causing more whipping. If someone was sentenced to be killed, they made and forced everyone to watch. Sadly, many of the friends Nana made there had gone for trying to escape or tried changing into their +Anima forms.

The group landed on the soft, soft grass and Nana instantly fell in pain. Using her +Anima for the first time in several months had taken too much out of her, not to mention all the whipping, slapping, abuse, everything that everyone received. It was all too much for her. She winced, shaking like mad as she grasped the green, soft, gentle grass in her cold, sweaty, scratched and scarred hands. Letting out groans of pain, Husky lowered next to her and wanted to console her. He realized if he rubbed her back, she'd only be in more pain, making it harder for him to bare. Hearing Nana's sobs and screams only made him feel like it was his entire fault.

They were in the prisons after being captured by some normal humans. They hated +Anima, along with Delly, the girl Nana had thought changed before telling her to go with Cooro and his gang. They were sent there many months ago, enduring all the pain and suffering that had been shoved into them by having something that saved them from death. Nana was a drunk-farmer's daughter, having stabbed him for beating on her mother. He ran after her with a butcher knife and her +Anima evolved there, saving her in the dark night.

"Nana," Husky put a hand on the sobbing girl's arm. "We're away from them. I know it stings, but it'll be over soon. All this pain will end. I promise."

"We're sorry that your friends had passed." Cooro said, giving a sheepish smile. "They almost got me and Husky too."

"If it weren't for Senri, we wouldn't be here by now." Husky added.

"I'm glad you're fine." she tried to smile, but choked on suppressing sobs, causing her attempt to fail. "I'm just hurting in my back is all."

"Did you want me to see if I can fix it?" Husky offered.

"If you want too," Nana blushed as he nodded.

Gulping, Husky unbuttoned a few buttons on the back of her dress, slowly unhooking the button from it slot. Nana blushed harder with every button he undid. He followed her blush, only doing it harder. Cooro had to hide behind Senri to laugh himself out of the scene. Senri smirked a bit, suppressing a chuckle. Husky only went as far as five buttons, showing off her bare back. He touched a scar, tracing it around the wing printed on her back. She screamed quietly and he immediately pulled his hand away. Senri had some medicine he stole in his pocket and gladly gave it to Husky.

"This may sting a bit, ok?" Husky warned her as he squirted some into his hand.

Nana nodded, holding the grass harder and biting her lip down until it bled. Its wild sting took over and she wanted to scream so bad. She was trying to refrain from being called a weak or stupid girl from Husky. He knew better by then, knowing how horrible it'd be to call her weak when she went through so much more than them. At every death for one of her friends, she'd cease from crying, holding lumps in her throat as Senri, Husky and Cooro grasped her hands, trying to calm her down.

She stifled a few tears as Husky applied the medicine. He noticed this and nodded at Cooro as he nodded back. She needed someone to hug or hold her hand. It would kill him inside, seeing his best friend hold his crush's hand, but it would kill him more if he didn't do anything to help her out. Cooro came over and held the girl's hand, wanting to shoot himself because the grip she had was so strong. Husky finished applying the medicine and buttoned up her dress after taking out a few body-wrapping bandages and tying them around her chest and back. She blushed a few times as he did this, but she handed it to him, not knowing why she'd be blushing if he didn't touch her. After he was done, she released Cooro's hand and he fell back, grasping his hand in pain.

"I'm sorry," Nana wiped a stray tear.

"Its fine," he winked.

"You ok, Nana," Husky gently put a hand on her shoulder.

"Yea," she nodded slowly.

That night, Nana sat up because the scratches and scars on her back ached so much, she couldn't lie down. Husky woke up in the middle of the night to her slow lullaby. Her voice was so heavenly, so beautiful, he almost fell asleep himself listening to it. He managed too stay up, though.

"Good night my Angel, time to close your eyes. And save these questions for another day." Nana quietly sang, hugging her knees and putting her head on top of them. "I think I know what you've been asking me. I think you know what I've been trying to say."

Once her eyes closed, Husky took this chance to take his pillow and push it under her falling head. As she curled up into a ball, he dragged her blanket on top of her and stole her pillow. He put it right next to hers, just watching her. He silently pulled his hand up to her face, stroking her cheek softly. From her cheek, he moved up to her blonde-brown hair.

"She's too pretty…" he said.

He pulled his covers onto hers and wrapped his arms around hers warm, scratched body. Husky lowered his hands to her arms, pulling up her dress sleeves. He found several scars there, a few still bleeding and more were just peeling scabs. His arms were hurt too, but not as much as hers. He felt horrible. She had been abused before she almost died, but seeing how she was in prison with no one to help her, not even her +Anima, it made him fall apart. At least Senri was licking at her blood. He had done that to Rose, Cooro, and even himself, but Nana avoided it. Husky felt like a hornet stung him a million times in the stomach, the same spot repeating, all because of Nana's hurt. He cradled her, without waking her, and fell asleep while holding her in his loose, yet tight grasp around her waist.

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