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[Nana's POV]

I sighed to myself. I hated it here. It was so lonely and dumb. The guards just locked me up in some dungeon-type place. It smells like urine, has more dirt than our usual cells, and is always dark. I'll never know if it's night or day. I guess that's how they drive you insane. For a moment I thought I heard footsteps, but then they got quieter. I ignored it until the cage-door opened. I gasped as a little five-year-old boy was thrown in. The guard slammed the cage-door and ran up the dirt steps once again, shutting the door as he left.

"Hello," the little boy welcomed me. He had the sweetest smile on his face.

"Hi," I replied breathlessly. How could he be so happy and calm?

After a moment, the corners of his mouth tugged at him. His eyes were brimmed with tears. I held out my arms to him, which was when he finally let it all out. He sobbed immensely into my tattered dress, choking through his tiny gullet was easily heard. I rubbed his back cautiously and carefully as his hands gently wrapped around my waist, like I was a mother to him. He backed away after a moment and I gathered that he had somewhat-blue eyes and dirty, spiky brown hair.

"I'm sorry," he apologized.

"It's nothing," I stated hoarsely. "What's your name?"

"Roo Carnation," he replied, "I'm five-years-old. Who are you?"

"Nana Alba," I smiled softly, "I'm eleven-years-old. Do you have…uhm…?"

Wondered to myself if what I was going to ask was an appropriate question? Would he cry again? I honestly wouldn't want that. I hate it when people cry; it's just so terrible to watch. Knowing you were the one that caused it doesn't make it any better, either.

"A family," he inquired, blinking his blue eyes.

"Yes," I nodded slowly as I confirmed.

He nodded his head and pulled a picture out of his pocket. Roo handed it to me gingerly, quietly asking me not to rip or tear it. I nodded gently, accepting the photo he carefully placed in my hands. He scanned over the faces. There was one unfamiliar one. Roo was standing right next to a boy who looked at least fifteen. He had black, short hair. He had some muscles here and there, but a small waist and chest. He wasn't buff, but he wasn't scrawny, either. He was just…thin and muscular. He had deeper, bluer eyes than Roo had, though.

"Who's this," I inquired.

"That's my brother," Roo replied, pointing at the older boy next to him as we slid down to the ground against the wall. "His name's Jake. He's fifteen-years-old and is my only family. My mommy and daddy died when I was four, so he decided to look after me from then on."

"Oh," I replied.

I felt heart-broken! It was only a brief summary, but it must have been terrible to live through that. I wanted to get off of this subject quickly, so I handed the picture back to Roo. We leaned against the wall, looking at the ceiling of dirt for a while. He suddenly allowed his +Anima to emerge. I noticed that he had a kangaroo +Anima within him. I smiled as I permitted my own +Anima to be revealed. He liked my bat wings, or at least I think he did. He began to pet them mercilessly.

I stayed awake for what seemed like hours. It was so boring to just lie there on the ground, not being able to fall asleep. Roo was fast asleep on the ground next to me. He had a fear of monsters, so he took the wall side. I suppose I couldn't sleep because it was so dark. Oh, how I hated the dark!

"This night is sparkling, don't you let it go," I whispered my song, Husky entering my mind, "I'm wonderstruck, blushing all the way home; I'll spend forever wondering if you knew…"

I sighed, finishing the last verse as quietly as possible, "I was enchanted to meet you."

Was I enchanted to meet him? I guessed anyone would be if they met a prince, huh? I did grow quite attached to him. Whenever I needed comfort, I confided in him. Sadly, I didn't think he liked me. To him, girls were just annoying creatures with an extra rib. I frowned to myself. Could I be less annoying? Was it possible? Would we ever make it out of this place? I really hoped we could. If we couldn't…I didn't even want to think about it.


I had apparently fallen asleep. I woke up either really early or super late. I didn't know and I couldn't tell the difference. Nobody would be coming to visit us any time soon. They left people in here to starve. That was easy to figure out. You'd have a slow and painful death locked up in here.

"This is me praying that," I began to sing as I folded my hands and bowed my head, "this was the very first page, not where the story line ends. My thoughts will echo your name until I see you again!" By this time, tears were leaking out of my eyes. "These are the words I held back, as I was leaving to soon…I was enchanted to meet you."

I found myself repeating this over and over again. Songs were such poetic ways to pray; especially if you had someone on your mind. I wiped away my tears as I quietly whispered out "Amen."


[Husky's POV]

I was lying on the bed, making a quick promise to myself. If I ever saw Nana again, I would never call her stupid again. I sealed this with blood by biting my thumb until it oozed the blood I wanted so desperately.

It had been six days—almost a week—since Roo and Nana were taken away. We were in our fifth hour, shoveling dung. This was the smelliest hour we had, and we all hated it with exact rage. The sun was setting gently against the hills. I watched the beautiful masterpiece fall down. Cooro was absolutely beaming. I raised a brow at him as he jumped up and down. Senri noticed, too.

"Cooro," I began hoarsely, "what're you so happy about?"

He pointed his index finger in the north direction. I squint my eyes to see what he was talking about. Then I saw it. A million little ants. They were all rushing toward the gates. I gaped at it. Was it really? Was this happening? My joy couldn't be contained anymore! Cooro and I hopped on our tip-toes as high as we could go, Senri beaming as he watched us.

Soon enough, there was a large amount of noise at the gates as they were rammed down. This army of guards was no match to thousands of normal kids and +Anima. We went around, unlocking cells and running for dear life. I spent my time finding Nana as Cooro and Senri split up to unlock cells.


[Nana's POV]

There was a large ruckus outside. Soon enough, a familiar looking boy met Roo and I in the cage. Roo hoarsely yelped with happiness. I looked over the oh-so-familiar boy, but I didn't recognize him, that is, until Roo shouted something.

"Jake!" he announced as the cage swung open.

Roo leapt onto his brother, trapping him in a hug.

"Hey, Roo," Jake smirked before looking at me and turning around. "Come on, I can get you as far as the gates."

I nodded and hopped onto his back. He handed Roo and I some bread as he ran, pistol in hand. Before we knew it, Jake had to let us off. A girl I had met in my cell named Rina grabbed ahold of Roo and floated above and into the air with her butterfly wings. I went into the air myself, sprouting my own pair of wings as Jake battled a guard.

I hoped he would get out ok. But I had to find Husky, Cooro, and Senri.

I felt something tap my shoulder and was exhilarated when I saw a smiling Cooro behind me with Senri's wrists in his hands.

Now all that was left was Husky.


[Husky's POV]

I saw Nana in the sky with Cooro and Senri close behind her. I beamed and waved my staff in the air.

"Nana!" I shouted.

I saw her gasp as she swooped down to get me.

"Thanks," I smirked.

"Welcome, Husky," she smiled warmly at me.

I returned it.

And that's how we've gotten where we are now.

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