Today is Penny's birthday.

And what a shitty birthday it turned out to be. First, she wakes up late, frantically rushing out her door in a poor attempt to be on time for work. Work itself is hell. As a result of being late, she's had to listen to her boss go on and on about her irresponsibility and how he threatened to fire her if she was late again. It's the same routine and Penny can only grind her teeth in frustration and pray she isn't late next time.

Customers are typical customers. They tend to fall into two categories; the sympathetic and patient kind or they act as if their demands are the only ones worth catering to in this world. It pushes Penny to the edge of her already pissed off attitude but she manages with a small smile. It usually ends up being forced and fake but it's there.

"Thanks for the tip buddy," she mutters hotly under her breath as she scans the tip free table.

She sighs; glad that she can finally head home after working for eight hours straight. She can go home to get ready for her date with Eric, the cute busboy who started working a few days ago.

Slipping on her jacket, she waves a goodbye to Bernadette who inquires if she's had a good birthday so far. It's not been the best by any means but she's hoping that Eric can change her opinion of that. But Penny doesn't even get to tell her that because Bernadette is wrapped up in a conversation on her phone with Howard.

The date with Eric ends up being the climax of this fucking day. The first thing he does when she opens her door is to do a thorough check out of her body. They might as well skip dinner and dive right into sex. Too bad for him she's not really in the mood right now.

"You're an asshat."

Having a conversation with this boy is not in Penny's immediate future. He's a jerk through and through. If she seriously did consider any future relationship with him, all thoughts of that happening flew out of her mind the minute she caught him checking out random girls on the street.

Funny, he reminds her of Kurt.

He actually thought she would just let him waltz into her apartment, straight into her bedroom. Not gonna happen buddy.

"It's been great Eric." Not really.

"It could get better."

Not likely.

She's trying to slowly close her door in his face but he keeps taking small steps towards her. What does he want her do? Scream at him and say you're a complete jackass so fuck off!

She narrows her pretty green eyes at him and says in a deceptively sweet voice, "Sweetie, if you don't remove your shoe from my doorway I swear I'll punch you in your damn throat and then I'll get my trusty bat and go all Nebraska on your pathetic ass."

She slams the door shut and leans her weight against it sighing heavily. As the sounds of his footsteps get smaller and smaller, the tears Penny has been holding back break free.

All she wants is for something to go right today. Something to make her smile and say this was the bright ray of happiness in an otherwise crappy day.





She doesn't want to deal with him and his Sheldon-y tendencies right now. She waits for the third knock, trying to compose herself for whatever it is Sheldon has to say to her.



With a sigh she yanks the door open and is greeted by Sheldon holding out a dark blue plate with a chocolate cupcake on it.


"Happy birthday Penny."

His words make her smile because this is the first time someone has wished her a happy birthday.

Bright ray of happiness indeed.

A:N: :headdesk: That didn't come out the way I intended it to. But it's been sitting in my documents folder taunting me to finish it so I did. I had something very different in mind. Maybe if I let it sit there for a bit, some better inspiration will come my way so that I can improve on this.