The dirt fell off the smoky red jewel as Tarrant Hightopp raised the necklace to his haunted eyes. "My, my, what have we here….!" He whispered excitedly. He placed the jewel to his palm for closer examination. A wistful red orb was suspended between two gold chains, and a sparrow in mid flight arched its tiny wings across the stone. "Hmmmm…" he murmured, squinting. It seemed like he should know this strange object.

Tarrant glanced around at his surroundings. The entrance to the Garden of Live Flowers, now flourishing with the absence of the bloody Red Queen.

"Pardon me, madam, but would have any inclination as to who this mysterious necklace belonged to?" The Hatter asked a rather standoffish Tiger-Lily, sprouting at his foot.

"That little thing…I believe it's that Alice girls trinket. Must've dropped when she arrived in our Garden." She snuffed.

Tarrant's mood always went all sideways and slantways whenever her name came up. His dear friend had decided she couldn't simply run away from her problems up top. She had promised she'd be back again before he knew it, but she would never remember their friendship even if she did make it back. She hadn't before, she wouldn't again.

"Oh…" He said. His neck tie drooping and dying itself a gloomy grey tint of its former coloring, his whole manner becoming downtrodden, and longing. He turned, his mad green gaze still locked on the thing.

"The bonnie wee lass will be back somedeae…" The Hatter reassured himself in his gutteral accent. His only hope was Absolem saying that Alice seemed to look like she might have remembered her adventures in Underland. Just a slight hint.

But Tarrant knew his Alice; if she wanted to, she would remember her promise, She had only just left this place, she had to have time, then she would return. He knew it. The Mad Hatter stuffed the chain into his left coat pocket, letting the jewel hang our over the rim. He intended to give it back to his dear friend again soon.