Chapter 55: Teaser

Within a few minutes, Carlisle burst in the study with Esme close on his heels, wearing worried expressions synonymous to being the doting parents that they were. Bella and Edward were already seated on the sofa, anxiously waiting for whatever Carlisle's wisdom and expertise could impart.

With a brief nod, Carlisle turned on the Tiffany floor lamp and gestured for Bella to come over to the examination table. Sliding the stethoscope in place, he waited until Bella climbed on the table and sat. "Let me have a look at you."

Bella looked very much as bewildered as Edward, who despite Esme's urging to relax, couldn't seem to stay put. He hovered next to Bella as Carlisle moved the round metal object over her chest. The blank look in his face didn't give anything away.

"Can you open your mouth for me please?" As Bella did as she was told, Carlisle took a quick peek using a tongue depressor. Not saying anything, he moved over to his cabinet where his medical equipment was kept. He retrieved a needle, a tube and a rubber tourniquet. "I will draw some blood and will analyze them myself. This might take a few hours, depending on who's on staff tonight. I will call you right away to let you know what I found out."

"Bella nodded, looking dazed. Carlisle wrapped the rubber around her arm, and instantly, a vein prominently appeared. Without wasting time, he pushed the needle in roughly and heard Esme gasped from where she stood. Edward took one-step forward, but Carlisle shook his head to keep Edward from interfering.

"Doneā€¦that didn't hurt, did it? Bella shook her head and before she could get off the table, Edward took her hands in his.

"Dad, not considering the results of the blood, do you have any idea what Bella may be experiencing?"

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