Title: In a Broken World
By: Vivian Caidin

Disclaimer: Joss owns Buffy, James Cameron owns Dark Angel, possibly other crossovers later on.

Pairing: Xander/Cordelia, eventually

Rating: T and PG for language and content.

Spoilers: Dark Angel is set end of season 2. Buffy is set in season 2 during the Halloween episode.

Summary: Instead of Xander going as a regular soldier, he dressed up as Alec from Dark Angel. Instead of just remembering details of the soldier's life, he got the genetic changes that turn him into a transgenic.

Author's Note: This is based on Challenge 1405: Not so broken world submitted by Ladeia to Twisting the Hellmouth.


…Little Shop of Horrors…

Xander frowned in disgust as he watched his friends fawn over an ugly bit of red fluff. He realized with a scowl on his face that he would need new, male friends.

"That was our reconciliation moment?" he protested to no one in particular as he was ignored over the stupid dress.

As he clutched the bag with the toy rifle, the dark haired youth wandered back over to the bargain bin to look for something else he might use for his costume.

The young man smirked as his hands landed on a cool pair of leather boots with buckles across the instep. He eyed the pair critically, even though the boots were well worn, they looked to be in good condition and were exactly his size. He tried them on, and the pair fit like a glove… as though they were made just for him.

The price tag read five dollars and he knew he still had a ten. He moved to the cash register and smirked as he thought to himself, 'Okay, so make that the seven dollar costume king.'

…Our House in the Middle of the Street…

At Buffy Summer's house, the door bell chimed.

Buffy, in her Noble gown, stomped downstairs, not unlike an elephant to open the door.

He was dressed in a grey t-shirt and green Army surplus fatigue pants with the green army button up shirt open on his slender frame. He wore the cool boots he had purchased earlier today with a toy glock 9 in the leg of the right one. The strap of the toy AK-47 rested across his right shoulder and the blue and white messenger bag that he normally used for school was slung across the other shoulder so that the straps crisscrossed in the center of his chest.

Xander saluted her crisply as he entered the house, "Private Harris reporting for duty, sir!"

He then got a good look at the blonde in her court gown before he finally spoke, "Oh, Lady of Buffdom, Duchess of Buffonia, I totally renounce spandex."

Buffy stiffly curtsied as she said, "Why thank you, sir. But wait til you see…" she grandly gestured above them, toward the stairs.

The pair turned to look upward and noticed Willow in her traditional costume.

"Hey, Xan," she murmured with a wave.

"…Casper," Buffy's shoulders slumped as she was disappointed by what her friend was dressed as.

"That's a fine boo, Wils," the jokester of the group said as the three friends headed toward the school for Snyder's 'Hell-o-ween' of kid safety.

…Be True to Your School…

Having lost sight of his two companions, Xander moved on to find his little ankle biters.

Xander was suddenly shoved roughly into the wall next to him.

"Where's your bodyguard, Harris?" Larry snarled, laughed then moved down the hall.

Xander frowned as he pointed the rifle at the bully's back and pulled the trigger. 'Is imaginary murder as bad as actually killing someone?' the young man asked himself as he continued down the hall.

Just then, Cordelia Chase walked by in a black leather body suit which cause the dark haired youth to get distracted. He watched her walk down the hall for a long moment before he snapped out of the reverie. He buried his interest under layers of resentment and pain.

…Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet, Give Me Something Good to Eat…

Xander's kids stood at attention lining up neatly and eyes front.

Like a military commander, he addressed his troops.

"Okay, men, and women!"

The kids all snapped to in near military precision.

"Do you know what we're here to do?" he called out in a Drill Sergeant like tone.

"Sir, yes, sir!" they all responded. "We are here to collect as much candy as we are able, sir!"

"Alright, you're all aware of your mission. Let's move out!"

All of the children filed out laughing and chattering, Xander followed behind them at a more sedate pace.