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Red string


Deidara 7 years old

Deidara tried to get a hold of the red string tied loosely around his fingers for the umpteenth time only to get the same result. He can't understand it, every time he tried to grab hold of the string his hand seems to pass by it.

'Why can't I grab hold of it un?!'

'Grab hold of what Dei-kun?'

Deidara lifted his head to see his mother kneeling in front of him.

'Can't you see it un?!' he asked frowning as he lifted his hand in front of his mother's face.

Deidara's mother looked at his hand. She saw nothing but his

'Well honey, um I can see your hand.'

'Not that un! I mean the red string or ribbon or whatever tied around my fingers un!' he said flinging his arms around exaggeratedly

'Um what do you mean Dei?'

'Am I the only one who can see it un?! The red string's on everyone's pinky finger un!'

'Is that so...'

Deidara's mom sat down beside him. Looking calm and utterly peaceful she warmly smiled at Deidara.

'Care to tell me more of what you can see?'

Deidara looked at her confused but nevertheless he told her.

'Well...um some strings are connected to other people's. Most of the connected strings are people who are married or a couple un. Kinda like yours and dad's. But it's weird my string is tied around my fingers while most of the people's are tied only to their pinkie un.'

As Deidara finished explaining he removed his left hand from his mother's grasp and tried to touch the string on his right hand like before. His mother watched him as she processed the information her son has told her. Finally figuring out what to say, she closed her eyes.

'Hey Dei-kun have you ever heard of the red strings of destiny?' he shook his head. 'The red string of destiny is an invisible red thread tied around a person's pinkie finger. Those stings connect to those who are destined to be with each other regardless of time, place, gender, or circumstance. It may stretch or tangle, but it will never break.'

Deidara looked at his mother confusedly.

'Why are you telling me these okaa-san un?'

She chuckled as she held his pinkie finger with her own.

'Can't you figure it out Dei? What you're seeing is the red strings of destiny.'

Deidara looked at her dumbly. Was that what they were?

'Wait if it's supposed to be invisible why can I see it un?'

His mom chuckled once again. 'You probably inherited that ability from your dad.'

'oh...can I ask another question un?'

'Sure thing Dei.'

'Why is my string tied around my finger un?'

Deidara's mom stood up with her son in her hands.

'Well you just gotta find that on your own Dei-kun.' She said as she started walking towards their house.

'Aw that's not fair okaa-san un.' He pouted.

'Not really. Just remember Dei if you do meet the person your destined with be nice to that person ok?'

'Un' he replied enthusiastically.

As they silently walked towards their home, Deidara relaxed in his mother's arms as he felt the wind and thought of his mother's words. Just remember Dei if you do meet the person your destined with be nice to that person ok?

'I won't just be nice to her un. I'd love and care for her all my life un!' he thought.

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