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Red Strings

Chapter 7

Deidara took out his keys from his pocket and inserted it in the lock before turning it. With a click the door unlocked and opened. The blond took off his shoes and left it outside his doorstep before walking into his house.

Looking back, Deidara noticed his classmate standing soundlessly in front of the entrance. "So….are you gonna come in or not un?" He asked.

Even though the blond didn't get a verbal response he saw the red head move to take off his shoes and drag himself into Deidara's house. So, that's obviously a yes.

"Well you seem tiered un."

"School's over. That's when I actually feel the exhaustion from today's activities take over my body." Sasori sighed.

"I know right un." He agreed turning back his attention at his home.

Deidara's house wasn't really what you'd expect a designer's house would look like. It was actually simple, just like what normal houses would appear as. In the entrance, you'd only find a straight small wooden hallway which turned left at a corner – probably leading to a living room or something like that – as well as pictures designing the light yellow painted walls. Outside, you'd see that the house had 2 floors and had a small garden just before the front doorway. There were also some chairs surrounding the table laid in the grass with a closed umbrella hanging in the center. Their house was pretty normal, you'd never find out they were rich if it weren't for the silver 2010 Porsche Panamera parked in their garage.

"Mom, Dad I'm home…oh and I brought a classmate un!" Deidara shouted as he walked deeper inside his house, Sasori tailing behind him.

"Ah Dei-kun I'm here in the kitchen! And so is your food!" someone replied.

Deidara as well as Sasori simply went to the kitchen to check out what was happening. As the blond opened the door that separated the hallway from the kitchen a sweet scented smell drafted towards their nose welcoming them as well as making their stomachs silently grumble.

"What did you make un?" Deidara asked his mom as he peeked over her shoulder.

Yuko simply giggled as she set a plate on their dining table. The food simply made Deidara drool.

"Chocolate chip pancakes un! Yehey un! And there's chocolate syrup as well un!" he shouted as he took in the smell of the snacks his mom laid out in the table.

The red head just watched the blond with slight amusement. The blond looked like a child rather than a teenager at this moment. Kind of cute. Wait blech cute? Akasuna Sasori has never used the word cute before. Somehow it made him want to throw up.

Sasori's attention was suddenly snapped back to reality by a loud ear deafening squeal that made him slightly flinch.

"Oh my god Dei-kun! You didn't tell me you were gonna bring home such a cute boy today! Wait, oh my God, did you bring him here to tell me and your father you're together? Kyaaa! I should go get the camera!"

"Mom un! Damit he's –" points at Sasori " – not here because we're going out un. He's here for a biology project we need to finish by today un!" Deidara retorted his cheeks tainting pink.

"Awww Dei you don't have to hide it! We don't care if you're gay or whatever." Yuko said with a sweet innocent smile.

Sasori only shook his head. "Sorry to disappoint Miss Iwa but we really aren't a couple."

"Awww really? Too bad you look kinda cute together. I'm trying to imagine it right now. So cute~! Still….Dei-D-Dei can this be the person you were dreaming about this morning." The blond haired lady winked.

This made Deidara turn crimson all over. God his mom was embarrassing!

"No un! He was so not the one un! Gah whatever, I'm taking this pancake to my room un!" Deidara shouted grabbing the plate full of chocolate chip pancakes from the table and dragging the red head outside of the kitchen and towards his room.

"Hey remember to leave room for dinner Dei-D-Dei!" Deidara rolled his eyes. As he said…embarrassing.

"Dei-D-Dei?" Sasori said amused.

"Shut up un!"

"Not a bad nickname. Want me to call you that at school." Sasori teased.

Deidara only blushed redder if possible. Was Sasori paying attention to what he was saying?

"Fuck no un! Just forget about it already un!"

Sasori only hummed in response but with that slightly annoying, sexy smirk still plastered on his face, it was obvious he wasn't going to forget about it.

"Anyways what was your mom talking about?" Sasori asked curiously.

"She said a lot of things, which one are you actually asking about un?"

"The part about you dreaming about someone."

Deidara flushed red again. Why did he have to remember that?

"It's nothing un. Just had a dream about a classmate un. And if you're asking no it was not you un!"

Sasori frowned at that. Deidara was dreaming of someone from their class? Wait, does that mean he like someone there? Sasori groaned, damit why do I even care he thought irritably.

As the two passed the living room a loud single cough caught their attention. Sasori and Deidara turned to their left to see a man with matching blue hair and eyes staring at the two. Well particularly at the two connected hands.

"Deidara…talk. Now." The blue haired man said sternly still eyeing the hands.

Deidara followed his dad's gaze towards both of their hands. Oh shit. He quickly let go of the red head and started to panic. He almost forgot that his dad could also see the red strings of destiny. I mean c'mon that's where he inherited the ability after all.

The blonde tried so hard to fumble out words from his mouth but it failed….miserably. "W-well ok…um….Damit dad don't be like mom un!" Deidara shouted embarrassed. Seriously he never imagined how his dad would react once he finds out the person his son's string connected to.

"You told your mom?"

"Of course not un! Why the hell would I un? I don't even like this guy un." Deidara said flushed.

Sasori glared at the blond. What the hell were they talking about and like he said before….who the hell asked if he liked him!

"That's what you say now but let's just see." Takara (Dei's dad) said with a smirk as he continued reading the book he momentarily closed.

"I will never like him un!"

"You were already holding hands."

"It wasn't what it looked like un! Ugh I'm going to my room un!" Deidara made a move to grab the red head's hand again but remembering his dad sitting just a few feet away from them, he stopped and groaned out loud.

"C'mon Akasuna un."

Sasori just rolled his eyes. "I don't like being told what to do brat."

As the two started heading upstairs towards the blonde's room Deidara heard his dad call out. "I'm telling your mom about this Dei!" There was something in his dad's voice that made him grumble. He was probably smirking downstairs right about now.

"Ok, you were obviously talking about me back there so spill brat. What was that all about?" Sasori asked.

"Nothing un…" Deidara mumbled as he started chewing at one of his chocolate chip pancakes.

Deidara was chewing at his 2nd pancake right now while staring off into space. He really couldn't help but remember what his dad had said.

"That's what you say now but let's just see."

He looked at the red head sprawled on his bed. How he ended up like that? Well you see the guy said he was tiered and asked if he was allowed to lay down on Deidara's bed. The blond didn't mind so he let him.

Sasori's hair was tousled as always, but the good kind of tousled. For some reason it totally matched his looks. His arm was currently covering his resting eyes and his lips were slightly apart. He wondered what it would be like touching those lips…would it feel like what he felt in his dream? Or would it be different…sweeter?

Deidara sighed before leaning back on his desk chair. Fine, he would admit that he might have a small crush on the red head. But only a crush. I mean c'mon the red head was as hot as hell, probably even more. But as he said, only a crush. He didn't have that fluttering feeling a person would have on their stomach when their in love nor did he want to pursue a relationship with the teen.

"Hey brat aren't you gonna change out of your school uniform?" Sasori asked, eyes still closed.

Deidara grunted before standing up and digging in his closet for clothes. He grabbed a baggy shirt and loose home comfortable shorts. That would be satisfying enough.

Sasori heard the rustling off clothes before hearing the sounds of garments being carelessly dropped onto the floor. He moved his arm a little upward and opened his eyes to see what the blond was doing. Sasori flushed, Deidara was currently taking off his shirt. He saw their black school pants discarded on the floor leaving the blond with only his black red tainted boxers on. The yellow and red aura enveloped the blond making him look like he was glowing. It was...

Before he could comprehend what ran through his thoughts a hard bound booked slammed on the side of his face. He abruptly sat up his left cheek tainted red from the mark the book left.

"What did you do that for brat?"

"Stop staring while I'm changing and just turn around un!" He yelled throwing another book at him. Sasori, prepared, easily dogged it unlike earlier. He huffed before facing the window beside the blonde's bed muttering incoherent complaints.

"Sheesh were both guys anyways, it's not like he has anything I don't have." Oh if only Sasori knew the truth.

After a few minutes more of rustling in the blonde's side of the room the red head heard the blond give him a signal as he finished changing.

"So, on to our project un...what are we gonna do un?" Deidara asked plopping down beside the red head who sat still facing the window.

"Easy, we make it using wood."

Deidaa frowned. Wood? "I prefer we use clay un."

"Crafting could be done easily and quickly unlike sculpting."

"Nuh-uh sculpting can be done quicker un!"


"Talentless artist un."

"So you admit I'm an artist?"

"Who's talentless un."

"Say that to my face brat!"

"I already am idiot un!"

Each time the two threw insults at each other gaps between them were slowly filled until both were mere inches from each other, Sasori's hand gripping the collar of Deidara's shirt glaring at him, daring him to say more, Deidara doing the same, minus the gripping the other's collar part.

Their faces were so close they could feel each other's hot breath tickling their lips but it was merely left ignored as both their eyes flared with dislike and competitiveness desire.

Consumed by their glaring contest they didn't notice the door to Deidara's room open, blond golden hair popping out from the door frame. Yuko stared at the two young boys a pinkish blush painting his cheeks.

"Oh I interrupting something?"

Hearing the soft embarrassed voice in the doorway both heads turned around swiftly to their side. Deidara was the first one to snap back to reality as realization hit him. Sasori was so near, their bodies nearly pressed against each other just like their faces. Someone could easily misunderstand at first glance, and with Sasori's hand gripping Deidara's shirt collar, it's all the more reason for someone to think the two would start a make-out session then and there. Suddenly Deidara remembered his dream; yeah it wasn't exactly like this, but their bodies so close to each other, just re place Sasori's hands to Deidara's cheek and bam! You have an exact image copy of the visage from his dream.

"You are not interrupting anything mother un!" Deidara yelled his face starting to heat up. He pushed Sasori away from him fixing up his messed shirt.

"Are you sure?" Yuko asked unbelievably.

"God un! Couldn't you feel the competitiveness rivalry between us un?"

Yuko merely looked at the ceiling for in contemplation. "Nope not really." She smiled oh so innocently. Deidara couldn't help but face-palm.

"Don't worry Ms. Iwa, you didn't interrupt anything but a glaring contest." Sasori said as he dusted of the imaginary dirt on his school uniform and straightened it out as much as possible.

"Well that's kind of disappointing..." She said before fully entering her son's room. "Well I'm just here to get Dei's dirty clothes and the plate he brought with him upstairs, wait a sec, why were you two glaring at each other?" Yuko asked in curiosity as she picked up Deidara's laundry from the floor and put it on the laundry basket she brought with her.

"Cause Sasori wants to make the frog model made of wood un! It's so obvious that making it with clay will be awesomer un!"

Sasori looked at Deidara unbelievably. "Awsomer brat? Are you serious?" Deidara only pouted and stuck out his tongue to the red head.

"Hey how about doing your project with clay and wood...that'll be pretty cool." Yuko suggested as she placed the now empty pancake plate on top of all the pile of clothes in the laundry basket.

Deidara and Sasori looked at each other seeming to understand what they were both thinking. Why the hell didn't we think of that?

Sasori sighed "I think hanging out with you is making me stupid, brat."

Deidara pouted yet again. "You're just a selfish bastard un. Anyways thanks for the suggestion mom un."

"No problem Dei-kun!" She said slamming the door shut with her foot.

"So..." Sasori dragged only for the blond to point to his closet. "If you want wood there's some in my closet un. I used it for my woodcraft class before but I barely got to use it so there's a lot left, probably enough for making a frog model un."

Sasori nodded as he stood up from the blonde's bed and started to rummage in his closet. Shirts, pants, shorts, underwears...ah some wood carving tools. Guess he also needs that but still...

"Hey how about this brat, I'll make the outer shell of the frog while you do the inner organs. I'll leave an opening on its stomach so we can put your mini-sculptures there." Sasori said as he rummaged more in the blonde's closet looking for something specific.

"Sounds fair un." He replied standing up and getting his clay from the top drawer of his study table. He saw Sasori moved from his closet to his desk only a few inches away from him. The red head started rummaging at the drawer the blond opened, his hand brushing on the blonde's once in a while.

"What do you think you're doing un?" The blond asked a vein popping on his head.

"I'm looking for some wood obviously..." he stated. The blond only rolled his eyes before playfully pushing the red head away from his desk.

"You should've just asked you know un. It makes you look stupid and somewhat perverted un." The blond said, smirking as he saw the pissed expression of the red head. "Check under my bed, I think I still have a bit of wood left from my woodcraft class last year un. My dad bought too much for me un." He continued

The red head just grunted before kneeling beside the blonde's bed. He crouched a little bit and saw a plastic storage box lying idly on the wooden floor. He stretched his arm in attempt to reach it but with unfortunate luck, failed. Curse his small height. He pouted and sighed, guess he had no choice. He laid down on the floor and started crawling under the bed. A few seconds later he came up a white transparent box in his hand and a few dusts staining his uniform. A small chuckle emitted from the blond as he looked at the red head. That was kind of cute.

"Shut up brat." Sasori hissed throwing a square shaped wood towards the blond. Deidara yelped as it hit him on his shoulder. He whined. "That was just mean Akasuna."

"Not bastard? Well that's new." He said before sitting down on the floor. He grabbed a parting tool from one of the wood carving instruments and started making the outline of the frog model.

Seeing the red head start to work the blond turned back to his desk and started molding some clay. Both worked in silence as they crafted their part of the project in speed only true experts can achieve. In less than an hour both finished their part of the projects. Sasori made a move to stand up but the blonde's voice caught him in the middle of his act.

"Hey Akasuna, can you please make another frog model besides the one you already made un?" Deidara asked turning around to face the red head.

Sasori raised an eyebrow. "Why?"

" might be for the best un." He said smiling sheepishly. The red head merely did what he was told, for some reason his gut was telling him that if he didn't then they'd fail they're bio project.

The two started making a replica of their original works the red head finishing a little bit earlier than the blond. 20 seconds passed and the blond was yet to be done. Losing patience, he walked towards the blonde's desk and peered through his shoulder.

"What the hell is taking you so lo–" Sasori's eyes dilated in shock as he saw something...something out of the ordinary. The blond was currently chewing some clay in his mouth, mouth located on his hands!

"What are those..." Sasori asked unconsciously.

Deidara gulped. Oh shit. He could feel him. Sasori standing right behind him, eyes fixed on his hand mouth. He did not expect him to walk there! Couldn't he have stayed on his side of the room! Fuck what will he do, what will he do, what will he –


Deidara closed his fist before slightly turning his head. He was scared to see it, the disgusted face that was surely edged on the red head's face. He hated it, he was sick of it! He didn't want to see those sickened faces ever again!

"Brat!" He hadn't realized he closed his eyes shut until he felt the red head's hand hold his face a little roughly.

"You're pretty grossed out aren't you un." Deidara said smiling grimly.

The red head only stared and stared and stared, the silence slowly killing Deidara, the tension slowly seeping away his soul.

"Not really..." Sasori said breaking the silence and letting go of the blonde's face. "I think others may have a worst condition than you. Kisame is blue and well an old friend of mine is completely covered in stitches also Itachi may not seem like it but he does have some secrets hiding behind those onyx colored eyes."

Deidara blinked, he didn't care? Sasori reached for the blonde's hand and slowly opened his fist. He stared at the closed lips tracing it slowly with his thumb. The blond blushed. "What are you do –"

"Why were you chewing the clay?" the red head asked with a curious boredom.

The blond blinked again before scratching his head sheepishly. "Well you're gonna find out tomorrow anyway so um just ignore that for now un."

The red head nodded before letting go of the blonde's hand and walking back to his spot on the ground. "Hurry up brat I want to finish this soon already."

The blond only hummed as he continued chewing on the clay on his hand.

"You had a bad childhood?" The red head's voice was soft, like he was reluctant to bring up that topic.

"Just from the age of 8 un. This isn't actually natural."

The red head raised an eyebrow even though he knew the blond wasn't able to see it.

"I had an accident when I was young un. Gory details, don't want to explain un. And well they give me surgery to fix me – god I sound like I'm making me a robot – anyways after the surgery poof! They found out there was mouth hands on the arms they attached un."

"Pretty stupid."

"I know, my parents sued the doctors and well they lost their jobs and shit like that un. After that I pretty much had a bad childhood, but then I met a friend un. His name was Hidan un." The blond suddenly had a warm smile on his face which made the red head slightly frown. Jealous?

"Hidan always protected me from bullies and taught me how to stick up for myself un. It was fun but only when Hidan came un. He's currently living in Yugakure un."

"I think I understand something about bad childhood."

"Wha –"

"Ok let's stop this chit chat shall we? I want to get this done already."

"U-un" Deidara agreed slightly confused. Just then he realized something. The red head always interrupted what he would say!

Was that why the blond always avoided being grabbed on the hand? Was it because of his hand mouths? It was already 7:30 and they were done with their project. Sasori was heading toward the front door to leave and go home his mind still stuck on the story the blond told. It was totally different from him but still, he could imagine the pain of bullying.

"Oh my God Sasori are you going home already?" A voice not far behind squealed after the two teens heading towards the door.

"Yes mom, Akasuna will go home already un." Deidara sighed.

"No you're not! I made dinner for all 4 of us so you are not going anywhere until you eat dinner!" Yuko said grabbing the red head's hand and pulling him towards the dinning table.


Lasagna, oh how obvious his mom was. Deidara knew that Yuko mostly made something with red sauce whenever there was a visitor in their house. Oh well, it always tasted delicious but tonight was different. Eating wasn't that comfortable when you notice your parents staring intently at your classmate like he was their prey. What the hell?

"So Akasuna Sasori correct?"

"Yes Mr. Iwa?" Well Sasori obviously didn't seem to mind the attention.

Deidara saw his dad look at his mom before breaking it by looking back at the red head. He had a feeling something bad will happen...

"Are you gay?"

"What the hell dad un?" Deidara yelled shocked, abruptly standing up from his chair. He heard the red head choke on his lasagna beside him. Sasori immediately grabbed the water sitting at the upper right corner beside his plate before gulping it down hoping it would help him swallow the food unfortunately stuck on his throat.

"What I was curious."

"Excuse me Mr. Iwa but I don't think I can answer that question." Sasori said politely, his face crimson red. Deidara didn't know if it was from embarrassment or from almost choking to death. Maybe both?

"No need for the formalities, you can call me Takara, Akasuna, or should I call you Sasori since I'm pretty sure you would –"

"Dad shut up un!" Deidara yelled getting as red as his classmate. Can't Sasori eat faster? As if whatever deity who was watching over them heard his prayer, the blond saw the red head quickly consume the last bit of his lasagna before standing up and bidding his goodbye.

"Well thanks so much for the food Mr. and Ms. Iwa but I really have to go, it's getting late and I'm walking home."

"Aw can't you stay for dessert Sasori-kun?" Yuko whined.

"No thanks Ms. Iwa." Sasori stated before heading out of the dining room.

"Ah, I'm going to walk him out the door un." Deidara said trying to catch up with the red head.

"You totally freaked him out Takara!" The blond lady whined as he shook her husband.

"I was just curious." The brunette said taking a bite of vanilla-chocolate coated ice cream. Where did that come from?

Deidara closed the door behind him sighing as he did so. He stood with Sasori just outside his house a slightly awkward silent hanging around the atmosphere.

"S-sorry about my parents un..." Deidara said uneasily.

"It's ok trust me, I've been in a worst situation than that." Sasori said as he started heading towards the direction of his home. Without realization, Deidara shot his hand up grabbing the red head's wrist stopping him from his tracks. Sasori looked back questioningly.

"W-want me to walk you home un?" Deidara asked looking away as he scratched his cheek.


"It's just that well you're right it is getting late, so um..."

"Don't worry brat, I don't actually live that far from here you don't need to bother."

"But –"

Sasori smirked. "You know if you want to spend more time with me I can always stay, but I'd prefer we stay in your room."

"What the hell do you mean un?" Deidara asked his cheeks burning.

Sasori only chuckled "Think what you want brat."

"Whatever just leave already un."

"You're still holding my wrist."

Deidara looked down, oh, he was?

"Sorry un..." Deidara reluctantly let go of the red head's wrist before looking down at the ground. What was he feeling? He only had a crush on the red head right? Only a crush...only a crush...only a crush...

He squeaked as he felt a hand slip in the pocket where his cellphone was located.

"W-what the hell Akasuna un?" Deidara screamed as the red head took out the black Sony Ericson from his pocket. The blond saw Sasori clicked on a few numbers before tossing his cellphone back to him.

"Call or text me when something happens to our project or whatever oh and also if you have any questions about Akatsuki. But don't text me when you don't have anything important to say or send me gms (group messages), I find them annoying." The red head rambled, waving goodbye to the blond as he walked towards the direction of his residence.

Deidara just stood there dumbfounded. Well, that was a weird way to end the night...



"So Iwa and Akasuna your project please." Sasori handed their frog model to the scarred teacher before he examined their work.

"Not bad, it's very detailed was it done by both of you?" The two of them nodded.

"And you know what sensei un? The best part of our project is -!" Deidara yelled as he grabbed the frog from his sensei's hand and threw it outside an open window making a single hand sign and shouting,

"KATSU!" Within a second the frog model burst into flames and fireworks making a colorful array of beauty appear in the sky.

"And that Akasuna, is why I chewed the clay un!"

. . .

"F for fail...both of you."


"Hey un! Don't worry, remember Akasuna, I asked you to make another frog model, I got it right here un." Deidara said taking out a small replica of the model that exploded just outside of their classroom. Sasori quickly snatch it away from the blond and handed it to their science teacher again.

"This isn't gonna explode as well will it?" Ibiki asked cautiously.

Sasori glared at the blond sending him silent daggers of death. "If you dare blow this one up as well may God have mercy on your soul when I put it to rest."

"Seesh's just a project un."

Sasori rolled his eyes.

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