The All Place

There is no where in all of the Multiverse even remotely comparable to the All Place.

If you can imagine a colossal city far greater, far vaster than any of the great cities of the Tolden or the Brell before them. A city brighter than any star and existing in the void between two of the larger galaxies. A super city in which every city block represents one of the realities of our Multiverse. And where you can move from one reality to another just as easily as you can walk to the next block or even more easily.

A city which exists, in some form in all the realities.

Of course not just anyone may visit this place.

The approach of evils ultimate form was not capable of physical detection.

It came not from within the Multiverse but outside of it. From the endless, truly limitless, truly empty ethereal sea. A place of eternal darkness with not so much as a candlepower of light across all of its limitless extremities.

Yet for all that, the darkness of evil that now moved with total stealth through the ethereal sea was darker still.

An attack without precedent, an attack on the All Place itself, was imminent.

An attack based on surprise, stealth, and utterly devastating power.

For all of its stealth, all of its undetectability, the custodians of the All Place, the great super empire of the Tolden knew it was coming and they stepped aside.

This was not cowardice, the Tolden are not cowards, but they are only custodians of the All Place. Its true defenders are the champions, the mightiest warrior entities of each of the realities that it embraces.

So it was that the ultimate evil, the darkness that emerged from the ethereal sea, found itself driven back into the darkness by the energy and power of a thousand hammers and more held high.

Did you not know it?

The Galactuses of this Multiverse, the Celestials may come and go, but there is one immutable fact amid all the realities. In every single reality the greatest champion, the mightiest warrior is an incarnation of the mighty Thor, Lord of Thunder, son of Odin.

It is said that the ethereal sea is no longer dark but alight with the light, energy and power output from sustained bursts of more than a thousand hammers of Thor.

Whether that is true or not I can tell you that there has never been another attack on the All Place.