TITLE: Harry Who

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SUMMARY: Harry is brought up with a very interesting Doctor, how will that effect the way he views the world in this AU.

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SPOILERS: Most HP Books and some seasons of Doctor Who

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Apart from being an AU for who brought up Harry this is also one of those stories where I boost the starting age of Hogwarts to 16. I do this because to me it's a lot more interesting to see how a more adult Harry would view the world of Wizards and Witches especially this time given who he is brought up by.

I did try to write this story with Harry being eleven btw, but for some reason it just didn't work as well.

Harry Who


Godric's Hollow, Earth

A man stepped out of a blue police box and looked around a pen like device leading the way as he walked up to a flaming house. His blue eyes were narrowed at whatever reading he was getting from the pen like device and as it buzzed in his hands he followed its lead. The exact way he was getting readings from it was unclear to anyone else but the man certainly seemed to be able to follow its direction.

"Strange," he murmured to himself getting closer to the flames of the building. The building itself was once a nice looking cottage but now it was a mess. The flames were only a part of that as the entire place looked like a war zone, something the man was more than a little aware of himself.

He walked closer to the burning building until suddenly the noise from his device changed and he looked sharply at the building. Suddenly he looked a lot more focused and aware of his surroundings than before and had an air about him of something indefinable, a feeling of a warrior going into battle.

Without thought of his own safety he suddenly ran into the burning building and disappeared into the flames, his leather jacket protecting him from the flames only a little, but that didn't hold him back in the least.

He was gone for a few short moments and then ran out of the building again, this time smoking slightly just as the upper floor seemed to sink into the lower with a resounding crash. In his arms was a small bundle of blankets with a small messy mop of hair sticking out of the top.

Getting clear of the building and towards his blue box the man stopped finally and looked down at the small bundle, using one hand to clear the young child's face from blanket as he did so. He showed a certain familiarity with children with that simple act. He looked down into the child's face and blue eyes met green and for a moment the entire universe seemed to freeze.

The man was a warrior and had just come from a long nasty war travelling alone in the void and space/time wandering it like a lost traveller for a few years already. Now he was looking at something he thought he had lost. A reason to go on, he tried to push that thought to the side, he had seen so much devastation and caused a great deal of it himself. Yet for some reason as he looked into those green orbs he couldn't just desert the child to his fate. He knew better than to get involved with people, and yet at the same time, there was something about this child that was calling to him. Some destiny derived pulse of energy in the tiny being that was telling the man that he had to care for him as his own, in fact do better than he had his own children. He had to care for, look out for and teach this child he could feel it with his races affinity for the space time continuum, or as they called it the void. Something was telling him that he had to do this, not only for the child but for himself as well.

He battled with the feeling for a few moments, telling himself what he should do is find a good family for the child and place him there. His life was nothing if not dangerous. It was certainly not suited for looking after a young child. Could he in his right mind protect this child properly? He did have the means in a sense. He had a home that was virtually indestructible after all; he could ask it to provide safety for the child while he wasn't there. Which was another thing; he had a life to make up for by looking after the universe which was his own personal way of making up for the crimes of his life, particularly in the near past. Then again, could he teach a human child? Humans were so very different from the children of his race. Their minds were hardly able to cope with their own view of the universe, could he teach a child, a human child to deal with the universe in which he walked.

Did he have the right to take this child away from the people that would doubtless be looking for him soon? That was the big question. His senses were screaming at him that this was a child of destiny, that he had to take him and take him soon or there could be great repercussions. This was no fixed point in time though; this was a decision that he alone had to make that could affect the way this child's entire life could become.

At the end of the day, he had to trust his instincts. He was probably the most evolved being in a several hundred mile radius of that point but he still had some very special instincts and they were all telling him that not only did he have to raise the child that he had to leave and leave as soon as possible.

So the man, known only as the Doctor, unlocked his police box and walked into the marvel of science closing the door behind him. Juggling the baby in his arms so he could program the console he entered a quick course and with a cyclic whirring groaning noise the TARDIS disappeared from the immediate time stream and into the void itself.

"Now what to do with you, and what to call you," The Doctor said with a slight smile, then using his latent talents he brushed the babies mind of recent events for a child's eye view of what had happened. His blue eyes turned to chips of ice as he watched the last few moments of a murder most foul and a flash of green that ended the memory. "Well Harry," he said having gotten the child's name from the horrible vision.

"Let's see if the old girl will make you a place to stay."

Chapter One

Kalspan G Five, Day - 14 Years Later.

The sounds of a young man's laughter were getting ever closer to the Doctors ears as he lounged back against the side of the TARDIS. A smile grew on his face as he listened to the joyous sound and then he turned towards it. His eyes suddenly grew wide at the sight of his son in all but blood flying past him on the back of a six winged insect. Panic appeared in his expression for a moment but then he relaxed slightly against the hull of his trusty vessel once more. He knew Harry now well enough to know that if it flew then the young boy was safe. It was not the easiest thing to watch since he had to be doing well over 70 miles per hour but it was good for his soul to hear the laughter. The years previous were some of the best that the Doctor could ever remember in his 900 odd years long life.

There had been the usual terror filled moments of course, but somehow they had come through them together and become closer for it. Harry wasn't like any of the companions the Doctor had been with before. He was closer to him than any of them including his granddaughter oh so many years ago. Harry was the son he had always wanted in a way that he could not define even to himself. He was amazingly intelligent, almost up to the Doctor's high standards which was no mean feat for a human and had a wonder of the universe that reminded the Doctor why he bothered in the first place, this by itself was a balm to his weary soul. They had been from one end of time to the other and back together now and it saddened the Doctor to realise that shortly he had to travel back to earth soon and let his son find his destiny. Sometime in the early 18th century they had visited earth and found out a little about Wizards.

It had become obvious fairly early on that there was something very different about Harry. Floating the Doctor's sonic screw driver into his crib at a young age did lend itself to that theory. So the doctor had done all manner of tests on his young charge. Oddly enough he had found that Harry wasn't so different from himself after all. While a Time Lord in no way could be called a Wizard and a Wizard could not be called a Time Lord there were similarities there, the ability to manipulate certain types of energy being one of them. In effect Magic was just another type of energy that Harry was able to directly effect. Once the results were in The Doctor did some research back on Earth and throughout the ages to find what he needed to find. Several hundred books later into his personal library and he had a good grasp of what a Wizard, or Witch, was and how to look after one.

While the Doctor was interested in the wand theory he was having none of it for his son. He had started to teach Harry almost before he could walk to use that ability with energy in the same ways he himself had been taught and it had worked. After all, when he was a baby he had not needed a wand to move the sonic screw driver. So now Harry was quite able to directly manipulate the energy labelled Magic for ease of thought without a wand and was more than a little proficient at it as well, much to the Doctors pride and joy. That said; The Doctor knew that he had to let the young man find his own destiny back on earth which is why they had visited Earth back in the 18th century to find out about schooling. He knew from his reading of a school called simply Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. They had found out that at age 16 Wizards and Witches were required to go to this school to learn their craft.

It had taken some soul searching to decide to let Harry go to the school, but in the end the Doctor had let Harry decide. In the end and regretfully, Harry had decided to go to the school.

This little journey to the pleasure Planet of Kalspan G 5 was the last hurrah in effect; before Harry's birthday. They were going to head back to Earth in order to be there for when he would get his letter. The Doctor wasn't entirely sure the magic would be able to track Harry properly or not in the TARDIS so they were going to spend time in the magical district of London called Diagon Alley. With luck the magic would find him just fine there. Still he would miss Harry a great deal during term time and wasn't entirely sure what he was going to do with himself. Though no doubt something would come up, it always did, especially in London.

"Harry," The Doctor called out, "It's time to go."

Harry who had been hovering nearby smiled slightly sadly and urged his mount towards the floor. Once there he leapt off the beasts back and gently rubbed its side. Being with the Doctor had taught him a great many things, one of which was to respect all forms of life in whatever form they took.

Diagon Alley, London

The Doctor's eyes were alight with his surroundings as per usual when he was with Harry. Something about the young boys exuberance just some to the kid inside of him and made the universe such a fresh experience. They had been in Diagon before in point of fact and it had hardly seemed to have changed at all. There were people in what appeared to be period clothing walking the streets and the shop fronts were straight out of a dickens novel. The Doctor's smile dimmed slightly at that. Had the Wizarding world moved on so little since their last visit to the Alley? Surely that could not be the case, outside in the so called Muggle world there had been great leaps of technological changes as well as the Socio-Economical changes that went along with them. But here in the Wizarding world it looked the same as it had nearly 200 years ago. Even the clothing was the same.

"Weird," Harry summed up his thoughts for him quite nicely.

The Doctor flashed his son a smile and strode out into the area around the TARDIS. The various fields around the TARDIS made sure that even the strange Wizards wouldn't notice something was off with a Police box, especially in their part of the town. Harry walked out behind him with a special bag over his shoulder that housed just about everything he owned in a single compact space. Once he had learned the principles behind the TARDIS and its interior himself he had created the almost bottomless bag using some of the Time Lords simplest technology. While he was only 16 Years old in a few days he was by any standards on Earth a genius.

"Come on, let's book a suite," The Doctor decided. As per usual on his travels he had managed to pick up the correct currency for the time and place via the TARDIS so money was no problem for them. With that thought in mind they looked at the various shops along the way towards the Leaky Cauldron the best place to stay in the area pointing out various things to each other.

"Ohhh," Harry said with a smile as they passed a pet shop.

The Doctor half turned, "What's up?"

"Isn't she beautiful," Harry said looking at the black snake in the window of the store.

"You and snakes, every single planet we go to and you find a snake or something like it to talk to." The Doctor paused for a moment, "Was it Palten Alpha they wanted to make you their god or was it Beta Nine I can never remember. Seen one binary system seen them all."

"Alpha," Harry supplied with a smirk on his young face. For an 15 year old he had a very mature outlook on life and a sense of humour to match it. "It was very tempting to stay. Some of the things they were offering seemed to make you blush and that's unusual to say the least."

The Doctor laughed and nodded, "When you're older I'll explain why," he said in mock seriousness.

Harry smirked, as if he didn't know already! "Can I get her?" he asked, the 'her' in this case obvious.

The Doctor rolled his eyes, "Just remember they have a thing about people that can talk to snakes here."

"I can talk to anything thanks to the TARDIS though." Harry said thoughtfully.

"And thanks to your key that should stay around, even when I have to leave. That said you need to be careful."

"Right-o," Harry said. His accent tinged the same way his adoptive father was, which oddly enough was of Northern England – Earth.

"But yes, you can get the snake." The Doctor said reaching into one of his seemingly bottomless pockets and pulling out the large gold coins that served as currency in the area. "Here," he said, "and don't be long."

Harry flashed a smile to his father and ran into the shop, only to appear with a shop keeper a moment later in the window and then disappear for a moment and reappear in the doorway with a wicker basket in hand and a whole lot of pinkies in the other.

The Doctor smiled indulgently at the young boy and pulled him in for a one armed hug, a move that had taken a long time for him to loosen up enough to do. "Just look after her and yourself this year."

"I will it's not likely to be as dangerous as some of the places we've been to now is it?"

The Doctor chuckled at that statement of fact and led his young charge towards the end of the Alley and the Goblin bank that resided there. "Now, I'm going to make sure you have a lot of money anyway, but let's see if you aren't owed some." The Doctor explained, "Then we'll go get a suite and wait. End of the day if it doesn't work I'll take you up there myself and we'll try to book you into the school by hand or something." He patted his pocket, "All access pass after all."

Harry laughed, "I wish I had one of them," he commented wryly.

"Give it time and I'll make you one. I don't want to make it EASY for you to get into trouble after all."

Harry laughed and followed his father up the stairs to the bank, glancing at the plaque on the way passed.

"Enter, stranger, but take heed

Of what awaits the sin of greed,

For those who take, but do not earn,

Must pay most dearly in their turn.

So if you seek beneath our floors

A treasure that was never yours,

Thief, you have been warned, beware

Of finding more than treasure there."

"They seem serious about security here." He commented wryly.

The Doctor smirked but didn't answer. Instead he led Harry over to a Goblin, a squat green creature and smiled at him gamely. "'Ello, names the Doctor and this," he leaned in, "Is Harry Potter."

The goblin's eyes widened a little at that, but thankfully didn't make any overt moves about it. "Do you have a key?"

"Er, No, but I'm sure such a long established bank such as this has safe guards against lost keys doesn't it?" The Doctor said pleasantly.

"Indeed, if you'll come this way," The Goblin said leadingly as he walked towards a room at the side of the hall they were in.

Once in the room the door closed behind them and the Goblin turned towards them with an angry expression on his face. "What is the meaning of this?"

"I'm sorry?"

"Harry Potter was recorded as being dead along with his parents some 1 5 years ago. Then you appear today claiming this young man is he. You can see why we would have a hard time believing such a story. I assure you that unless I get the answers to a few questions, you will not be leaving this room alive." The goblin said suddenly looking less like a teller and more like a dangerous warrior.

"Now wait a minute, we can prove who he is. Surely you have some way of checking he is who I say he is. We mean no harm here." The Doctor said, stepping in front of Harry slightly just in case.

"Yes, indeed we do. But this is highly irregular you'll understand and worse proves that old fool Dumbledore right if you are telling the truth!"

"Let's do the test, and then we'll explain what happened," Harry said from behind his father. He had learned some diplomacy at a very early age during an interesting episode some five hundred years in the future. "We will of course pay for the test as we can't expect the bank to be out of pocket on our account, and may I ask your name. My name is Harry and this is the Doctor as we said before."

The Goblin smiled slightly which was disturbing to watch due to the sharp teeth it displayed. Both the Doctor and Harry had long learned not to judge facial expressions on human norms though and took the smile to be what it was meant as. "Very well," the Goblin said. "My name is Griphook and I am a senior teller at Gringotts. If you pass the test we will have much to discuss. If not, then the discussion will be pointed and quick." Griphook told them leaving the room and the two of them to talk while he prepared the test.

"This is fun," Harry said, "Can't we go anywhere without getting into trouble?"

The Doctor laughed slightly, "Apparently not," he commented wryly.

Harry walked from behind his father and took a seat, picking up a magazine at random as he did so. "Will you look at this, quality broom supplies. They fly on brooms."

"No doubt you will be wanting one of those then?"

"Of course," Harry said with a big grin, "Wonder how fast they go."

"Too fast for my hearts no doubt." The Doctor commented as he too took a seat and grabbed a magazine at random. He made a face at the title and then settled down to read, 'Witch Weekly'

Ten minutes later Griphook came back in the room with a large crystal, several sheets of parchment rolls and a knife. "I have gathered the required testing equipment, shall we begin."

"What's the knife for?" The Doctor asked nervously.

"To gather a small sample of blood," Griphook told him.

"Blood, you have to use blood for the test?" The Doctor said looking a little horrified. Mumbling about antiquated systems and such things as Harry placed a hand on his arm to calm him.

"It is okay dad, I can do this."

The Doctor nodded and Griphook smiled slightly, "Take the knife and prick a finger then place the blood onto the crystal. Your entire linage will then be detailed on the scroll I will place beside the crystal. If you are who you say you are, this test will prove it without a doubt and is admissible to the ministry should you need it to be? You are after all, believed to be dead, except by some fringe members of society. If you are proven correct I will be most interested in hearing your story."

Harry did as he was told dropping several drips of his blood onto the top of the crystal which then began to glow. The glow grew brighter for several seconds before suddenly writing began to appear on the parchment beginning with some shocking names and then some moments later ending with Lily Evans and James Potter under his name.

"Interesting," Griphook said when he was sure the print out had finished. "This is most irregular. Would you mind performing another test for me?"

"Not at all Griphook," Harry said, "More blood?"

"Indeed, just give me a moment to reconfigure the crystal and we shall begin." Griphook them removed all traces of Harry's blood from the crystal and toyed with some of the runes on its base before placing a fresh sheet of parchment under the crystal. "When you are ready Mr Potter," he said confirming that he believed Harry and the Doctors claim now.

Harry repeated the pricking of his finger, this time his thumb and placing his drops of blood on the crystal and then sitting back and waiting for the print out to end.

"What's this test for?" The Doctor asked, now very curious.

Griphook looked a little shifty for a moment then replied. "This is an end of line test. Given some of the names that appeared on his lineage test I felt that Mr Potter would like to know what he is entitled to."

"I would, thank you Griphook for your thoughtfulness." Harry told the Goblin with a smile.

The test recorded its output onto the parchment for a little less time than before and the Goblin finally snatched up the sheet and sat back reading it for a long moment.

"How much do we owe you for the tests so far?" Harry asked.

"Given the information I am reading here Lord Potter, there is no need for us to charge you."

Both The Doctor and Harry picked up the obvious change in title and looked at the goblin questioningly.

Griphook placed the sheet flat on the table and pointed out the most pertinent information for them. "You are the heir for several of the larger families. This is probably due to the fact the Wizarding world has just been through two rather vicious wars in which several lines were ended and they go to you as the senior branch of the family. Had your father had done this test they likely would have gone to him but he never had the chance before he passed on."

"I see," Harry said as he simply nodded, "So this means?"

"That simply put you are very rich," the goblin said with another toothy smile, "and very important."

"Looks like I won't live off your money then dad," Harry said to his father with a grin.

"Much of the interesting information on these families would normally be locked to you, except for the fact that one or two of the families involved are Ancient and Noble lines. This requires the heir, which is you, to be immediately emancipated so you can take over running them immediately. You will also need to find wives as in plural at some point in the future for each of the ancient houses, this totals about 5."

"Five wives" Harry said looking scared stiff, "I'm only 15!"

Griphook smiled, "Never fear you have time on that yet. Until you are 21 to be precise, still young for a human I realise and given the multiple marriages involved this is of course quite a shock I'm sure."

"The snake people on Alpha will be disappointed," The Doctor commented with a grin.

"Very funny dad," Harry said with a grump. "So, let's think this through. What is the difference between me and a normal student given the emancipation?"

"Once you have your wand you will be able to do magic as you see fit. You can own and run companies, though I would suggest getting help and tutoring for that. You can take your seats on the Wizengamot and they have to accept your votes. There are various other things here about ownership etc. but I suggest you buy some books on the matter to read at your convenience. Time is money after all Lord Potter."

"Thank you for helping me with this Griphook, I would like to ask Gringotts to help me with the business aspect of my new responsibilities. Obviously given your position in the wizarding world you know more about the market than any other and are ideally placed to make my properties, businesses and anything else work for me. Of course I would be willing to pay you a percentage of my earnings." Harry said looking thoughtful. "What is the normal share?"

"2% Milord," Griphook said looking shocked. The money they were talking about if he made this deal would make Gringotts even richer.

"So as incentive I would say 3% sounds like a good deal to me." Harry said with a smile.

"I will arrange the paper work," Griphook said looking stunned.

"Good, now what else do I need to know?"

"Given your status vaults that would normally be closed to you are now open, and some of them are rather interesting. Somehow, given a quirk of breeding along the lines you are the heir to two of the founders of Hogwarts itself and Merlin himself. There are numerous other smaller families as well that it would do you as well to consolidate into your main vaults. I would suggest if I may, that you enlarge the Potter vault to take these lesser families. The other Ancient and Noble families need to remain as they are, but you are of course able to take anything you wish out of them. The Potter's themselves are in fact one of the noble houses. There could be fireworks when this gets out though which is why I did the second test with the Crystal. It is admissible in court and undeniable. If you wish Gringotts will deal with any legality for you."

"That sounds perfect; I am after all only 15 and this is quite a lot to deal with by myself. My adoptive father here will unfortunately not be around as often as either of us would like so I require all the help that Gringotts can give me. I am of course going to pay you for your help as this is a matter of business and of course business is important."

Griphook smiled again it was good to see a wizard that wasn't out to take advantage of them and saw business for what it was, "In the meantime milord I suggest you let us deal with consolidating your vaults into more manageable states and then revisit them later. In the meantime I can supply you with a special Gringotts wallet and card. The card works in either the Muggle or magical one. The wallet allows you to draw any currency straight from your vault."

"Sounds perfect, so for today we are done," Harry asked.

"Indeed milord."

"Then thank you for your time today Griphook and I look forward to dealing with you – personally – later on."

Griphook positively beamed.


The Doctor led Harry out of the bank after they had picked up Harry's wallet and some papers with a smile on his face. "Why are you smiling," Harry asked.

"That was brilliant," The Doctor replied. "You handled that perfectly. I'm so proud of you right now."

Harry blushed slightly under the praise and then beamed at his father. "Shall we get that suite and then go shopping?"

"Sounds like a plan!"

Diagon Alley, Later that day

After some lunch at the Wizarding pub The Doctor and Harry went back out into the Alley to do a little shopping. Since money was no object the first place they had hit was Flourish and Blotts the Wizarding book shop which had taken a hammering from the two intellectuals. A huge variety of books on a massive grouping of subjects was brought in duplicate. There was one copy for Harry's personal library and one for the TARDIS's library as well. Given that Harry was a genius of some calibre thanks to the Doctor's unique way of bringing him up he felt sure that he would be able to get through a good portion of the books before the term started. If push came to shove they could use the TARDIS to hover over a certain point in time and take their sweet time reading them all.

Things from there were going fairly normally for two people with a lot of money and a great curiosity for the world they were in. In other words a great deal of purchases were made and stored magically either in Harry's bag, or shrunken by shop keepers for them. Potions ingredients, books, pots and pans and a whole host of other things were brought with a smile and a quick rummage into Harry's wallet. He knew that he wasn't making a great dent into his money thanks to the statements he had received and the Doctor had insisted on buying a few things himself as well.

Then they ended up in a shop that sold trunks.

The Doctor looked up from reading a label with a strange look on his face, "Excuse me," he said to a shop keeper.

"Yes sir, how can I help?" the shop keeper said glancing at The Doctors clothing and mumbling about Muggleborns under his breath.

"This trunk here, is it actually bigger on the inside?"

"Yes sir, we can make trunks as large or small as we like with this thing we like to call Magic." The shopkeeper said sarcastically.

"So you don't use the theory of a tessaract then?" The Doctor said before launching into science that even Harry was having a hard time keeping up with.

The shopkeeper looked at the strange looking Muggle man as if he had grown another head and then finally shook his head. "I'm sorry I don't understand all that. We just cast the spells."

"You don't understand what you're doing when you do that?" The Doctor asked flabbergasted.

"Only that the inside is bigger than the outside. We can also add a variety of features such as auto shrinking charms and even if you so wish an entire abode with labs etc. inside the trunk."

At that point Harry became very interested in what the man was saying. "Such as…" he said leadingly.

The shopkeeper saw a chance of a possible sale and launched into his spiel. "We can place inside a single compartment of a multi compartment trunk an entire mansion sized abode with such things as Potions laboratories, Herbology Greenhouses with simulated environments, bedrooms, training rooms and even if the price is right we can add special spells that will change how time flows inside the trunk."

This got the Doctors attention again, "To what degree?"

"The largest disparity we have managed is a day to an hour. That is to say one 24 hour day inside the trunk to a single hour outside of it."

The Doctor spared a glance with his son that said he wanted one to pull apart.

"I want one trunk with space expansion charms and time charms, nothing else. I then want one that has everything you can put on it, with multiple compartments, one for the abode and one for my school things and another for general storage. I want a library in the abode as well as two labs, one for potions, and one for general use. I want the biggest expansion charms you can do and for the abode I want the best Time charms you have, that I can turn off if the need arises. I also want the best security you have and auto shrinking and weight reduction charms if you've got them. How much will that all be?" Harry said.

"That will be two Million Galleons." The shopkeeper said after doing a few quick calculations.

"Cash or card," Harry asked with a small smile on his face.

The shopkeeper swallowed past a sudden lump in his throat at the thought of the commission coming his way.

As they finished placing the order which would take a day to complete, and walked out of the shop Harry turned to the Doctor and asked, "You don't have a problem with me messing with time do you?"

"Normally I would, but I want to see what sort of results they get. I take it the plainer trunk is for me?"

"It is I figure you want to pull it apart and see how it works. Then make improvements to mine," Harry said with a cheeky smile.

"I have a few ideas, given what I know about your energy manipulation type." The Doctor admitted with a straight face before grinning, "But be careful with the time, what was it – charm, you could age before your time it doesn't sound like the TARDIS where you can enter the time stream at any point, you are living your life on fast forward in the Trunk and then entering the time stream only moments after you left. You will age inside the trunk prematurely."

Harry nodded, "I get that, and I will be careful, but having a mobile house like that sounds right useful to me. I can keep everything I brought with me in one place as well as having a bolt hole if I need it. In fact since I asked for everything they have on the second trunk I'm not even sure of everything it will have yet." He laughed, "Will be a lot of fun finding out though." He paused before adding, "I wonder if you can park the TARDIS in there?"

"Interesting thought," The Doctor admitted, "Let's find out when you get the trunk. Strictly speaking if they use the method I think they use there is no limit to the recursion of trunks you could have in a trunk, though it would give you a headache working it out. So the TARDIS should in theory be able to park anywhere in that pocket dimension if I can find it. Given that Pocket dimensions aren't like other dimensions in that they were closed after the time war, then yes I should be able to find it."

"Cool, then you could visit easily at any time," Harry said with a happy smile on his face.

"Like anything could stop me anyway," The Doctor commented.

Harry smiled at his adoptive father and then looked around, "We have a few hours before closing shall we go clothes shopping. I think by the look of things clothing here is a bit different from what I'm used to. Without the TARDIS around to make people not notice anything strange about me that is," Harry said the last with a laugh.

"Good idea." The Doctor said simply walking off towards a shop marked 'Madam Malkins Robes for All Occasions'.