LexZex xemnas reports

It was a perfect day to give repots to the other nobodys mans-xemnas said.

He went to xigbar an demyx, he gave them a mission to go to racon city.

Next one was xaldin with luxord but it was kind of a bad time there were under the froze for awhile an then he gave them a mission aswell they had to go to silent hill. Xemnas walk to marluxia's room, he was about to open the door until vexen crashing out to exscape.

Marly grabed him by his chest an pulled him. Vexen hold on to xemnas legs he yelled dont let him take me.

But xemnas walk back. Vexen cryed noo dont leave me with him! He thought of not give them there misision today.

He went to the next door when he went in it no one was in there but he herd a noise comeing from the bathroom he wnet up the stairs an his eyes widen.

Axel an roxas were in the tube. Xemnas just droped there mission on the counter an ran to the next room. He knew the one room was it was lexaeus he knows that

lexaeus goes on any mission he gives him. When he walked in the room no one is in there he called lexaeus! When he went down stairs he gave him a report to do.

But lexaeus made a face. Xemnas said what is it lexaeus? He replaid oh nothing but...zexion came down with lexaeus big shirt with out any underware.

He wraped his arms around lexaeus hips an said lexy when are coming back up stairs? Lex said ill be right up there, so zexy had to go up stairs.

Xemnas had a weird face one him. Lexy said what is? He looked down an saw that his pickle was out. (lex's is horny) Xemnas just said you know what never mind ill just go.