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SUMMARY: Two bitter enemies, only one chance to escape...Tejanakaturadilena, the Doctor's daughter, born from an arranged marriage before her father ever left Gallifrey. And the Master, Gallifrey's most infamous son. Both of them, stranded on Gallifrey on the Last Day of the Time War. Tejana has travelled on and off with the Doctor and has known and hated the Master all her life. So what happens when they need each other to escape from the impending doom of the Moment?

Set just after "The End of Time", Master/OC.


The Doctor staggered on grimly through the snow, the haunting funeral song of the Ood echoing in his head. The pain was intense now, coming in debilitating waves as every cell in his body began to change. He could see the TARDIS up ahead, but in his wavering vision it seemed to be getting further and further away. He wasn't sure he could make it.

Suddenly he stumbled and almost fell, only to feel strong hands catch him and hold him. He didn't even have to look up to know who it was.

"I knew you'd come," he whispered painfully.

"Don't I always?" Tejana responded wryly, curling his arm around her neck and taking his weight. "I could feel your pain halfway across the solar system. What have you done this time?"

The Doctor tried to laugh, but the sound came out as a wheezing cough instead. "Oh, you know, the usual, saving the Universe."

Grasping her hand, he opened the psychic gate they shared and let her see in one blasting flash all that the Master had done and how close the Universe and Time itself had come to disaster.

"Whoa!" she gasped. "Not good!"

"Yeah, you missed all the fun. Where have you been?"

"On the planet Zog, with Jack, trying to talk some sense into him." she said. "I had to pinch his vortex manipulator to get back here quickly."

"He won't be happy about that," the Doctor replied weakly.

"Meh, he doesn't even know," Tejana sniffed. "We had a fight, he went off to some bar. Knowing Jack, he'll meet someone, go on a bender and be out of action for a few days."

The Doctor nodded, acknowledging the truth of this. He didn't let on that he had just dropped in on Jack to say goodbye and had found her prediction to be uncannily accurate.

"Come on, let's get you inside the TARDIS."

Using her own key, she opened the doors and supported him as he limped inside. He moved to the console and set the coordinates. The TARDIS dematerialised and was sent once more spinning into space, orbiting the Earth.

The regeneration was beginning. Tejana could see the golden glow starting to emanate from his skin. He held his hand up in front of his face, examining the eerie light as it grew in intensity. His face was a mask of grief and pain. Tejana badly wanted to hold him, to comfort him, but she knew better than to get too close to a regenerating Time Lord, so she carefully kept her distance.

His eyes met hers, agonised and fearful. "Tejana, everything I said to you at the Master's funeral pyre...I meant every word."

She was weeping now. He had told her he loved her and was proud of her. Throughout all his different regenerations, he had never actually put it into words before. This Doctor was special and she would miss him so very much, whatever came of this change.

"I know," she whispered tearfully.

"I don't want to go!" he cried, his voice a child-like protest.

But it was already too late. The golden light was streaming from his body, growing brighter and brighter, until Tejana had to shield her eyes. There was a huge rushing sound and the Doctor threw back his head, his limbs stiffened in excruciating pain, his facial features beginning to dissolve. Without warning, the light exploded from him in a massive concussion wave, shattering the exterior windows of the TARDIS. Great gouts of flame spewed forth, setting the console room ablaze in a fierce conflagration. The TARDIS was shaking madly, out of control, her silent screams echoing the Doctor's pain.

Tejana was hurled against the wall, the breath knocked out of her lungs. Horrified, she saw one of the coral roof supports come loose above her and begin to fall. Instinctively, she raised her arms to protect her face, knowing that it was useless and she was about to be crushed.

At that moment, she felt the vortex manipulator tighten on her wrist and she was ripped out of time and space, leaving only empty air behind.