Just a cute little one-shot about Elena and Damon. It came into my head earlier this morning, and I thought it was so sweet that I just HAD to write it! There's no real story line, just a cute little moment between them.


"Knock knock."

"No! No more jokes! I mean it!"

Elena had been trying to make Damon smile. Not a grin or a smirk, but a real, genuine smile; one that made other people think that their face was going crack.

"C'mon Damon," whined Elena. They were both in the forest, near a small lake. Elena had started coming here when she wanted some peace and quiet, which of course meant Damon came too. But Elena didn't mind his presence: yes, Damon could be annoying, but she also noticed she could be quiet and considerate too.

She had noticed a lot of things about Damon lately.

"Okay." Elena sat up, pushing her sunglasses to the top of her head. "I am going to tell you a huge secret, one that only Bonnie and Caroline know. When I was thirteen, I was staying with my family in Rome. I was at the age when I left things pretty messy, so when I got dressed I just picked up some jeans and put them on, whereas at the night I just threw them on the floor and put my pyjamas on, wearing the same ones over again. So this morning, after breakfast, we heard a knock on the door, and this guy came in holding up my underwear."

"My, my Elena," he said, smirking. "Thirteen? I always thought you would at least wait 'till you were sixteen."

"No you pervert! They got caught in the leg of my jeans, and when I went down to breakfast they must have slipped out in the hall." She waited, but all Damon gave her was a smirk.

"How 'bout this?" Elena took a deep breath as Damon placed his head on his elbow, staring up at her like an innocent child. "A little boy decided to do a jigsaw puzzle; he finished it in two hours, and was pretty pleased with himself, because the box said three to four years." Elena burst out laughing.

Damon cringed, burying his head in his hands. "That was crap, Elena. Seriously, I mean, I thought you had better jokes than that."

Elena crossed her arms. "You just don't have any sense of humour."

"What?" mocked Damon. "Is the great Elena Gilbert giving up?"

She glowered at him. She didn't think of herself as a person who gave in easily, but she just could not think of any way to make Damon smile.

"Sit up," she commanded.

Smirking – he really didn't believe she would manage it – Damon did. Elena sat opposite him, staring into his cobalt eyes. "I love you."

Damon smiled.

"Yes!" Elena cried, jubilant.

"You just caught me off guard," Damon said, quickly trying to smooth his face out.

Elena collapsed on him, her face pressed close to his. "I love you," she whispered. Just like last time, Damon smiled, one that seemed to light up his eyes. It looked so beautiful that Elena almost wanted to cry.

She kissed him on his neck, working her way up to his mouth. "Fine," Damon growled, despite his smile. "You win."