Author: LadyFromPoland

Disclaimer: I don't own "Merlin". It is a TV show which belongs to BBC.

Warnings: SLASH

What's about?
If you know the game show "The Moment of Truth", it'll be easier. I know that it was in USA and in my country: Poland. However that story takes place in United Kingdom so I decided to give Polish numbers of prizes but in pounds. The person who takes part in the game can answer 21 questions about their life. A few days before the game that persons hears more than 100 questions and the lie detector verifies if the answer was true or not. They choose 21 of them to the show and he or she had to answer them in front of a few close people.

In this story Arthur Pendragon takes part in that game show. He wants to change his life. In the studio are: his wife Gwen, his step-sister Morgana and his best friend Merlin.

That story is going to have five chapters and it's rated "M" because of some reasons.

English is not may mother language.

I'm nervous both because of that story and my exams (I made an unforgiven mistake on my Polish exam yesterday; now I have to pray for an understanding examiner who won't cross my essay out).

Anyway... Enjoy reading!

The Moment of Truth:
Secrets of Arthur Pendragon's life

Chapter 1

The cameras and lights were everywhere. There was hot inside of the studio. Very hot. The atmosphere was a bit nervous. It was really controversial game show after all. "The Moment of the Truth" had a lot of opponents. They said that it was cruel and humiliating entertainment. People shared their problems and sins with the millions of viewers. Moreover, that people's family members had to see it as well.

Arthur Pendragon knew that the prize was incredibly high. 250 000 pounds for 21 questions without any knowledge could make an impression. However money was not the most important for the blond haired man then. He had other reasons to take part in that show. It was not easy but he already made up his mind.

Now Arthur was sitting in the armchair. He watched the middle-aged man who was smiling for one of the cameras.

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen," he said with his deep voice. "My name is Roger Taylor and you are watching The moment of the truth. Sometimes the truth is painful. Sometimes it is like a catharsis. One thing is certain: you must be strong to face it." The man came up then to Arthur and shook his right hand. Then he sat in his own armchair and looked at one of the cameras again.

"Tonight we are hosting in our studio Arthur Pendragon. He's twenty-six-year-old employee in one of the British large companies," Roger Taylor stated calmly.

The public started to applaud.

"Arthur," Roger looked at the blonde. "I suppose that your salary is quite good."

The young man took a deeper breath. It was his first time in TV. The first times, as we all know, are not easy. "Yes, I can't complain," he admitted honestly.

"Then why are you here?" The man asked curiously. "I think that all viewers want to know."

"Well..." Arthur started. "My earnings are enough to me, however 250 000 pounds is very tempting. But I'm not here to get money. I wanted to prove myself."

"Very well," Roger said. "We'll be talking about you but know we should know the persons who are here with you today. Could you introduce them to us?" he asked.

"Of course." Arthur looked at the three people who were sitting on the large sofa. "My wife Guinevere," he said. Gwen, the coffee-skinned girl, nodded and smiled softly. "My step-sister Morgana." That woman was a bit elder than Arthur. She smiled a bit but she was graver than the blonde's wife. "And my best friend Merlin," he finished. The boy was dark haired and he was grinning a bit. However there was something strange in his eyes. Something like a hint of worries.

The audience clapped their hands every time when Arthur said the names of his closest persons.

"We asked Arthur over one hundred questions. Today we can hear twenty one of them. The lie detector checked all of Arthur's answers so now we can know when he says the truth and when he lies," the man said. "Are you ready?" Rodger asked the blonde looking at him very carefully.

"I am," Arthur answered seriously.

"Aren't you nervous?" The man always asked that question.

"Only a bit," they young man answered. The players always said that at the beginning.

"Very well. Tell me Arthur, were you a polite kid?"

The blonde smirked a bit. "I was not an angel," he only said.

"Okay. The first question is..." Roger stopped for a moment. An old TV trick. "Is it truth that you made your friends call you Prince when you were a child?"

Public laughed as well as Gwen, Morgana and Merlin did.

It was not a hard question. It was just a bit funny.

Arthur smiled. "Yes," he answered frankly.

An disturbing melody was heard in whole studio. Then some voice said: "That answer is... a truth."

The audience started clapping their hands.

"Very well." Roger presented his most charming smile. "You've just done first step to get 250 000 pounds. But... can you tell us why did you make your friends do that?" he asked.

"Of course." Arthur smiled shy. "However I think that Morgana and Merlin know better."

"Really?" the presenter looked at Arthur's step-sister and friend.

"It's easy," Merlin said. "He was a prat. Well... sometimes I think that he still is and always will be."

"A prat?" Roger looked at Arthur.

"Merlin is right. I was a prat." He looked at his friend. "But I'm not any more."

Merlin just grinned.

"Okay," the middle-aged man didn't want to continue that topic. "Can I ask you the second question?"

Young Pendragon nodded with agreement.

"But first... Morgana is not your real sister," he said.

"No. However she's for me like a real one," the blonde admitted.

"So... Have you ever kissed Morgana?"

The public started laughing again. Morgana's face was a mask. She knew the answer.

"No," Arthur answered laughing.

The voice stated: "That answer is... a truth."

People started applauding again. Arthur even thought that he would get used to it. However he knew that there would be the hard questions and people would never understand his past behaviour. He came to the studio to say the truth, to finally feel free.

"Can we continue?" Roger asked him.

"Yes." Arthur looked at Morgana and smiled. The woman smirked in return but there was something hidden in her face as well as in Merlin's. She seemed to know something very important.

"Your hobby is football," Roger Taylor stated.

"Yes. I always loved sport. Maybe it sounds a bit odd but football helps me to calm down."

"The question is..." the presenter started. "Did you and your mates from a team sell a football match for 50 pounds and crate of beer?"

The laughters filled the studio. Honestly, it started to be a manner.

"Your answer?" Roger asked him.

"No." He sighed. When the voice stated that it was a truth, Arthur said: "There was that kind of suggestion but we didn't say yes. Football is for fun and we want to do our best."

Roger looked at Gwen, Morgana and Merlin. "I have to tell you something," he said standing up and coming to them. "Maybe you will not want to hear an answer for some question. You've got here a button. You can push it and then I ask Arthur another question. However, you can use that button only once. Is everything clear?"

They nodded their heads.

"We can come back to game, then," he said and sat in his armchair. "The next question is... Did you and your mates from a football team compare the length of your penises?" Roger asked that question as innocently as he could. It made people laugh even more.

Arthur looked at the floor smirking a bit.


"It was a great game!" Leon said loudly when he and the rest of their team came into their locker room.

Some guys nodded, some of them said something like "yeah".

"We're just a great team! The team Knights of the Round Table!" Arthur stated looking at his mates.

"I think that we should do something... crazy!" Kay told all of them. "We deserve for a moment of an innocent fun."

"Are you suggesting something?" Leon asked him.

Kay smirked. "We should check who of us have the longest and who have the smallest cock!"

"Kay!" Leon shouted laughing. "I didn't know that you fancy boys!"

"I do not fancy boys!" Kay bit his bottom lip. "But maybe you're just afraid that your little shaft is the shortest one."

"I'm not chicken!" Leon raised his right eyebrow.

"Prove it!"

And all knights took their pants off.


"Yes," Arthur said honestly. He knew that it was not too mature but he wasn't ashamed of himself. It was quite normal. Besides he had that satisfaction that his cock was not the shortest. Actually, only one mate had a longer dick than him.

"That answer is... a truth," the voice stated after a while.

"Did your wife know that?" Roger asked blonde.

"I wasn't married then," Arthur told him. "And I never mentioned it. I just didn't think that it was important. I suppose that a lot of men did something like that."

"Okay..." presenter thought for a moment. "Could you tell me how long have you known Merlin?"

"Well... I met him when we were both ten."

"So you know each other for sixteen years," Roger said astonished. "Wow! It's quite long." He took a breath. "The next question is... Is that truth that when you met your best friend, Merlin, for the first time, you beat him up?"

The public didn't laugh this time. People were absolutely silent.


Arthur went through the park. It was Friday afternoon. He and his mates spent time together. Then he saw him. The skinny boy was sitting on the bench with some book. He had dark, short but a bit curly hair. There was something irritating in him. The blonde had no idea what but there was something. The temptation to provoke the boy was just too strong. However, he had no chance. An other boy bumped into him.

"Hey! What the hell have you just done, you fool!" Arthur shouted angrily.

"Sorry," the little boy said quietly. It was seen that he was scared.

"Sorry is not enough!"

Arthur's mates looked very pleased. They felt that there was going to be a nice, in their opinion, scrap.

When the blonde was just a half of meter from frightened kid, the dark haired boy stood up and said loudly: "Leave him alone! It was an accident."

Arthur looked at him. He was a bit surprised that the boy dared to speak.

The blonde, not thinking too much, kicked the kid. He wanted to make that mysterious boy angry somehow.

"That's enough my friend!" The dark haired boy with light blue eyes came up to Arthur.

The kid, probably eight-year-old, took advantage of the situation and ran away. No one went after him. Arthur and his mates looked at the other boy.

"I don't know you..." Arthur said.

"I'm Merlin," the boy introduced himself.

"Yet you called me friend," the blonde said quite calmly.

"That was my mistake," Merlin admitted bravely.

"I think so..." Arthur smirked meaningfully.

"Yeah... I never had a friend who would be such a prat!"

"And I who would be such an idiot."

Arthur's friends watched them carefully.

Merlin and Arthur looked into each other eyes. They were the same: light blue. It didn't last too long. In the same moment they flew at one another. The blonde was much stronger and faster. He reached Merlin before the boy was able to hit him. Arthur beat him once and it was enough. The boy fell on the ground.

Blonde's mates wanted to join Arthur but he stopped them.

"No," he said. "It's enough."

"But Arthur! He called you a prat!" Valiant couldn't understand that.

"I said that he was an idiot and he is," Arthur told his friends. "But he's a brave one."

Merlin stood up and glanced at the blonde.

"There's something about you, Merlin," the fair haired boy said candidly. "I can't quite put my fingers on it."


"Arthur?" Roger rushed him. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," the blonde answered.

"Could you answer then?" the presenter asked him.

"Of course." Arthur took a deeper breath. "Yes, I beat Merlin."

"Ooooohhh..." he heard people's reaction. They really weren't pleased. Arthur understood them very well. He didn't like his past behaviour too.

The voice stated that Arthur's answer was a true one.

"There's only one question left in that round. Can we continue?" Roger asked the young man.

"Yes, I'm ready," Arthur answered.

"So..." Roger looked at the card. "Were you ever so drank and so aggressive that your friend, Merlin, had to help you and look after you?"

Arthur glanced at Merlin. The dark haired young man nodded slightly.

"Not only once." The blonde blushed a bit. My answer is yes," he said honestly.

"That answer is... a truth," the voice stated.

Roger Taylor didn't wait any longer.

"You said the truth six times. You just won 5 000 pounds!" he stated.

The blonde smiled shyly when the public started applauding.

"You can take that money and stop this game now," Roger told him. "However if you decide to continue you'll be able to get 15 000 pounds. In the next round you'll hear five questions. Nevertheless they're going to be a bit harder. Do you want to continue?"

"I'm here to check myself," Arthur stated. "I heard only six questions. I want to hear more. Of course I'm going to continue this game."

"You've decided." Roger looked carefully at him. "Let's start the second round."

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