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The Moment of Truth:
Secrets of Arthur Pendragon's life

Chapter 5

Arthur looked for his wife. He still had some things to explain. Maybe Gwen didn't want to talk to him but they had to make everything clear sooner or later. The blonde thought that sooner was better. Every next day of delay could make it even worse.

The men open the toilet's door and saw her there.

"Guinevere..." he said calmly.

She turned around and threw a black look at him.

"Get away," she snapped. "It's women's toilet... Get away!"

"Calm down," he asked her. "We're still married couple. We are adult, Guinevere. We can talk."

"Guinevere?" her voice was venomous. "Now Guinevere?" She laughed madly. "You used to call me that all the time. But recently it was rather rare, don't you think?" Tears ran down her cheeks. "I wonder why... Oh! I know! You were too absorbed with Merlin!" She took a deep breath. "I told you to get away from women's toilet, didn't I? Or maybe you changed your gender to satisfied dear Merlin?"

"Really... Sarcasm doesn't suit you." Arthur felt worse and worse with every single second.

"So what?" she asked. "I wasted years because of you, Arthur. Years! Can you here that?"

"I know..." He sighed. "It was unfair. We should never be together. We're not meant to be." Man looked at her carefully. "Maybe you don't see it now but when you think you'll understand that it's better. I'm sure that there's someone who you belong with. But it's not me."

Gwen was silent for a while. She didn't look at her husband.

"Did you really have to tell me it when millions of people watched?" she asked finally. However her voice was a bit quieter now.

"I'm sorry," he whispered. "It was very selfish."

"It was." The woman nodded.

Arthur thought that everything went good. However suddenly fury came back to her.

"Was it only Merlin?" she almost screamed. "Or maybe you had more lovers?"

The blonde could not believe. "In all my life I slept only with you and him," he acknowledged.

"Your romance... since when?"

"You don't want to know," Arthur told her.

"Tell me," Gwen ordered. "I have to know! Since when?"

The blond haired man looked at the toilet's floor. "We had our first time that day when we were trapped all night in an elevator."

"What?" she yelled. "It was... It was... three months after..." She couldn't stand it any longer. "And since that day you imagined Merlin when we made love?"

"No!" Arthur denied.

"Almost all our marriage?" Gwen didn't listen to him. "I hate you!" then she ran away from the toilet.


Ten Years Later

Arthur didn't work for his father any longer. Finally he was able to do what he always secretly wanted to. He wrote books and he was quite good writer.

The blonde and Merlin lived together in a small house in a little town. In the nearby there was a medieval castle. The dark haired man worked there as a guide and he really liked his job.

Their neighbours were quite nice. Most of them didn't care that they were gays.

Morgana had married Leon, Arthur's old mate from football team. They had a little, seven-year-old daughter, Lily. She loved her uncles Arthur and Merlin. She spent half of holidays with them. Lily loved swimming with them in the lake and walking in the forests.

Everytime when she visited her uncles, Arthur saw in her Morgana. They were very similar. The little girl knew what she wanted to gain.

"Uncle Arthur?" Lily asked looking at the man with her green eyes.

"Yes?" He knew that tone.

"Do you love uncle Merlin?" She asked that question very often and she was delighted always when he answered.

"Of course I do," Arthur told her.

"Lovely..." she said smiling.

"Lily, honey," Morgana looked at her daughter. "Could you go and play with neighbours' children?"

"Why?" the girl seemed to be disappointed.

"I want to talk with uncles about mature subject."

"But I'm a big girl!" Lily protested. "I want to listen!"

"Lily," Leon took her hand. "Come with me. We'll play football with other kids."

The girl nodded sadly and followed her father.

"What's happening?" Merlin looked at Morgana. "What do you want to tell us?"

The woman looked at Arthur. "It's about Gwen," she said quietly.

"Oh..." The blonde glanced at the man that he loved.

"Don't worry," Morgana assured her step-brother. "I just wanted to tell you that I saw her recently and... well... she asked me to tell you that you were right."

Arthur raised his eyebrow.

"She found her other half. Do you remember Lancelot?" woman asked him.

"She married Lancelot?" The blonde was surprised. "Who would think..."

"And she has two sons," Morgana added. "Guinevere told me that she was really happy and that she hopes that you are as well."

Arthur thought a while.

In this time Merlin said: "that's very kind of her."

"Yeah..." The dark haired woman smiled. "Arthur, she's forgiven you what you've done."

"I'm glad," he said. "I'd go for a walk."

Merlin and Morgana accepted his decision. He hadn't loved Guinevere but he never wanted to hurt her the way as he had. The blond haired man felt a relief. His former wife found the love. But he had to face the past one more time.

Arthur was walking between the trees, thinking about the day of his and Gwen's divorce.


"Are you finally free?" Merlin asked him waiting for his lover in front of the court.

Arthur leant down and kissed him tenderly. "Yes," he answered.

Tears appeared in dark haired boy's eyes.

"Don't cry," the blonde whispered softly.

"I can't help it," Merlin admitted. "I love you so much."

"I love you too."

Merlin grinned his own, cute and adorable way. He was the only person all over the world who had that smile.

Then they saw Gwen. She glanced at them with a murderous look. Merlin shivered under it. Arthur hugged then him in protective way.

"Don't worry," Pendragon said calmly. "Now we're free to be together till the very end."

Merlin looked at his lover.

"And even longer," he said with hope.

"Even longer," Arthur repeated after him kissing his hand. He didn't care that some people looked at them strangely.


The blond haired man stopped by the lake side. He looked at the calm water which was a mirror, showing the sky and clouds above him.

Arthur loved it. He often came there when he wanted to think about the past. Painful past.

Every like reminded him about one fishing, more than twelve years before. He and Merlin made love then under the sky. Only stars saw them. Then only that little lights knew about the feeling that they shared.


They forgot about fishing when the dark haired man looked deep into the other's eyes. Arthur smiled softly and took Merlin's hand. He led his lover to the cold sand and gave him a sign to lie down.

The younger man did what the older wanted, without the second of thought.

"Good boy," the blonde whispered.

Merlin couldn't help but laughed lovely. "I'm not a little kid," he said finally.

"Oh, really?" Arthur asked him. "But in that darkness you look like one."

"Hey! Now you sound like a paedophile."

"Right." Pendragon nodded. "But still you look so young and innocent..."

"I think that I have one idea to change your thinking," Merlin stated after a while. "To show you that I am a true man and I can rule."

"You want to rule?" The blonde asked him."Are you sure that you know how?"

"Shut up, Arthur," the dark haired man told him eventually. "Less talk, more action."

"Show me then," he whispered and Merlin did.

It was the first time when Merlin thrust into Arthur. The blond haired man had never supposed that it could feel so good. But it did.


Through all that years Arthur was usually the man who ruled. However he appreciated the moments when Merlin was inside of him.

The blonde realized that it was quite late already and he was far away from home. He slowly started his way back. Forest didn't scare him. He liked the music of the nature. In the wood everything was on its own, best place. Of course if people didn't try to change that.

Arthur stood in front of the small house when it was already after dark. He smiled when he saw Merlin sitting on the porch.

"You've been waiting for me," the blonde broke the silence.

"I always wait for you," his lover reminded him. "I waited for you since the day when I saw you for the first time that day in the park."

"You couldn't know then that there was going to be something between us. You hated me then."

"I did not hate you, Arthur," Merlin assured him. "I knew that you were damn prat but I also knew that you had to have your reasons."

"But you changed me," Arthur said slowly.

"I only showed you that you could be better. And you believed me." The dark haired man sighed. "However it took me a while to understand that we were... that we are two halves... two sides of the same coin."

The blonde laughed. "But you had realized it long before I did," he admitted sadly. "If I understood sooner..."

The younger man touched Arthur's arm. "Stop thinking about it this way," he told the blonde firmly. "You cannot change the past."

"I know..." the older man answered. "I'm so happy that I've got you." He smiled. "But I think that we should go inside. You're freezing cold. It's all because you're so skinny!"

"And I'm so skinny because of you." Merlin grinned meaningfully. "How can I put on weight when you are so... active at night."

"Shut up, Merlin," the blonde said blushing. "Everything has to be always my fault!"

"I love teasing you," the dark haired man admitted. "But know let's come inside and drink some hot tea."

"And then we'll go to bed?" Arthur wanted to make sure.

"Then we'll go to bed."

Two men, hand in hand, came into their house.

Merlin was not able to put on weight after that night. And the next night and next... Arthur had to accept him the way as he was.

The End

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