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Chapter One: 5 Hours

Bella Swan did not babysit. If she did, she would've picked that as her community service project, but she couldn't stand kids. They cried, pooped in their pants, and puked all over the place with no regards to the cashmere sweater you were wearing. Quite frankly, they scared the ever loving shit out of her. That was also why, at seventeen, she was possibly the only girl in the junior class at The Volturi Academy that was on the pill and made the boys suit up; there was no way she wanted to end up pregnant, twice, like Lauren Mallory.

So why is it, she wondered, I'm expected to babysit some delinquent teenage boy? It's not her fault that he got caught doing God knows what and landed himself one hundred hours of community service here at Forks Community Hospital. Bella loved volunteering at the hospital, and wasn't too happy that, what had become one of the bright spots in her week, would be marred by a stupid boy who didn't know how not to get caught.

She was aware most people considered her a geek, or a nerd, but she never gave much thought to what the populace had to say. Besides, there were only a few privileged people that knew the real Bella Swan. If her love of volunteering or her place as student body President didn't get her an all access pass into the world of lepers, then her 4.0 GPA and Chief of Police Daddy status cemented it. Bella, though, was sure she'd have the last laugh. That GPA and list of extracurricular activities would get her into any school she applied to, and she most certainly would not be applying to any schools in Washington. As for her Daddy, Charlie, the Chief of Police? What most people didn't know was that he and his wife Renee were hippies once upon a time. Although they didn't wear patchouli or burn incense, they had a very lax attitude towards their only child. She was more of a friend than a dependent.

Charlie and Renee had one basic rule for Bella: she could do what she wanted as long as she was open about it and let them know what was going on. It worked well since the topic was introduced on her eleventh birthday. She never took much advantage of this rule, knowing that her parents trust was something she cherished. When she turned fifteen and wanted to go on the pill (because everyone else was), she explained in great detail to her parents the pros and cons of the decision. The next day, Renee took her to the doctor and Bella went on the pill. On her sixteenth birthday she wanted to try smoking, Charlie bought her a pack and watched in amusement as his daughter choked then promptly decided smoking was disgusting and not for her. Basically she could come home and say she wanted a tattoo or to get pierced and she would have her parents' approval. Bella treated her freedom with respect and would never endanger it. Most adults saw her as trustworthy and she knew it was because of her parents and their unconventional parenting skills.

Mrs. Cope, the supervisor for all the volunteers, loved Bella. She wasn't like the other teenagers that volunteered; she actually worked. Many nights she would be found on the geriatric unit reading to some of the patients or just sitting and talking to some lonely soul. There was always a smile on her face and she was the first person everyone asked for if something needed to be done. Mrs. Cope had even joked with one of the doctors about possibly cloning her.

It was with a heavy heart that Mrs. Cope was asking Bella to keep an eye out for the new volunteer. She knew Bella would see it as some sort of punishment when in reality it was quite the opposite. In fact, Dr. Cullen had specifically asked that Bella be the one to oversee the training of his teenaged son. He was hoping that she'd be a positive influence on Edward. The boy needed to be opened up to things other than smoking, drinking ,and defacing public property. Dr. Cullen had no doubt in his mind that these were activities that Ms. Swan never partook in. If it weren't for the fact that Dr. Cullen was an upstanding citizen and a brilliant doctor, he was sure that Edward would have been locked up. Thankfully he managed to convince the judge that he would personally supervise his community service and would never appear in front of Judge Demetri again.

As Bella sat at the reception desk on that first Saturday morning of February, a storm was brewing in her head and she had a hollow feeling in the pit of her stomach. Absentmindedly she was playing with the corner of her lip, which many could tell you was a sign that she was worried. However, before she had any time to contemplate this, someone was standing in front of her, clearing their throat. Not bothering to look up from the computer screen in front of her, she greeted the visitor.

"Welcome to Forks Community Hospital. How may I help you today?" Her voice sounded enthusiastic and only the most astute person could pick up on the annoyed undertone.

"I'm here to see Mrs. Cope, and some ass kisser named Isabella Swan." Edward was showing off and could only hope that this girl was not friends with Isabella Swan.

Still not looking up, she let the voice wash over her. Her body broke out in goose bumps and the hollow in her stomach began to fill. Taking in a deep breath, she tried to slow her rapidly increasing heart rate. If it weren't for the ass kisser comment this guy may have stood a chance with her.

Never more thankful that she did not wear a name tag, she finally looked up, and the storm in her head settled as soon as her brown eyes met his green ones. Something clicked in her head as she took in the gorgeous boy in front of her. He had crazy ginger brown hair that went in every direction; these amazingly clear green eyes, his jaw was so angular and defined, that she could imagine nibbling on it. His lips were a little fuller for what a teenage boy should have, but she didn't care; she was too busy imagining what they would be like on her skin. But what really drew Bella in to this beautiful creature was the ring that pierced his right eyebrow, the viper bites that drew more attention to those lips and the hint of ink she caught peeping out of his Sex Pistols t-shirt. This was definitely the delinquent she was in charge of, and she was a bit panicked.

"Mrs. Cope's office is on the second floor. When you come out of the elevator make a left and then a right. It's the third door on the left. I'll call her to let her know that you're coming up…?"

"Edward. Edward Cullen." He realized he sounded like an ass. Did he think he was James Bond?

"Okay then, Edward." Bella watched him walk away, noting his confident strut, and let out the breath she'd been holding. For the first time ever, Bella Swan thought she may be in trouble.

Edward waited for the elevator and thought about what had just happened. Most girls flirted with him, even the ones that stood no chance, so why did it bother him that she'd blown him off without really seeing him? She was pretty, though hardly the type of girl that he usually went for, not a knock out like Tanya, but something about her awoke certain parts of him. Her brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and she was wearing glasses, nothing special there. He was always a firm blonde man, maybe he had a latent librarian fantasy that she brought out in him. Damn, he didn't ask her for her name. Smooth, Cullen, he thought to himself. He didn't want to brag, but he had the girls at Forks High School falling all over him, and he'd fooled around with plenty of them. But something happened when they locked eyes. Edward felt a pull towards her and was pissed that his father made sure that he would be spending his Saturday's with a frumpy nerd instead.

Earlier in the week, he'd asked around his school if anyone knew Isabella Swan. The ones that did, told him that she went to The Volturi Academy, so that right there screamed pretentious. It was a private school in Port Angeles and accepted only the truly gifted and talented; he'd gotten accepted there when his family moved to town a year ago, but he begged his parents to let him go to the public high school. Most of the kids that knew her said what he was expecting; she was smart, decent looking and they rarely saw her out at their regular hang outs. In his mind, he pictured a mousy girl with a long skirt and a bulky sweater, braces and glasses too big for her face. He could see her always carrying a book and never looked anyone in the eye. He wanted to kill his father.

Arriving on the second floor, he followed the directions that the living embodiment of his librarian fantasy had given him and knocked on the door that said "Volunteer Office". He heard the answering call granting him entrance and walked into the office.

"Hello, you must be Dr. Cullen's son, Edward."

"Yes ma'am. It's a pleasure to meet you." He held out his hand and she took it, giving a firm shake. Edward was not as dumb as most people thought, he was aware that Mrs. Cope had the ability to make or break his community service. Also his mother, Esme, would be embarrassed if she found out that her son was rude to someone that worked with his father. She raised him with impeccable manners and expected him to use them.

"Please have a seat. There is some paperwork for us to go over before I hand you off to Bella for your training."

Oh God, he thought, she goes by Bella. Doesn't that mean beauty or beautiful in Italian? I bet she's nothing like her name, and I can't believe I'm going to be stuck with this chick for one hundred hours.

After Mrs. Cope had gone through the rules with him and he'd signed some papers, she handed him a dark blue polo shirt with the hospitals logo on it.

"From now on, Edward, it would be best if you came into the hospital already dressed in your uniform. I assume that bag is holding a pair of khaki pants?"

"Uh, yeah, I have a pair in here." He couldn't believe he had to wear khaki pants; he was going to look like a GAP commercial reject.

"Okay, honey, go change in the bathroom. Oh, and Edward? Piercings out. I know that your father would've told you that. Meet me back in here when you're ready."

"Yes, ma'am." He was thoroughly chastised. He hated taking out his piercings; he felt like he was inaccurately representing himself when they weren't in. Like he was inaccurately representing his true self. But he went into the bathroom and changed into his ridiculous uniform and took out the only things that left him any individuality. After putting in the spacers, he walked back to Mrs. Cope's office, wondering if he would get to spend any time with the girl at the desk. Maybe, if he was lucky, Bella Swan would be sick one day and he'd be left to spend the day with her instead. Or maybe he could annoy Bella so much that she would ask someone else train him. Yeah, that sounded much better. He would make things so difficult for her that she wouldn't have any other choice but to stop working with him.

He met up with Mrs. Cope and they made their way back to the main floor. She was walking back towards the reception area and he was hoping to get another look at the girl at the reception desk again. When they reached the desk, he was disappointed to see that no one was there.

"Bella?" Mrs. Cope called. "Honey, are you back there?"

"Just a minute, Mrs. Cope." The voice came from the door that was behind the desk. Edward got excited when his girl came out of the room first, carrying pamphlets.

Shit, that's Bella Swan. Edward realized, I insulted her to her face. How the hell was I supposed to know that a nerd would look like that? Where were her braces? Her bulky sweater? Shit, I fucked up royally.

"Oh good. I was going to ask you to replenish them. You're always on top of things."

He was hoping with some prompting she'd be on top of him soon.

"Edward Cullen, I'd like to introduce you to Bella Swan. Bella, this is Dr. Cullen's son, Edward. Now, Bella will show you around the hospital. You get a half hour break for lunch. Any questions or concerns that she can't handle, let me know. Please stop by my office before you leave so I can sign your papers."

"Oh sure thing, Mrs. Cope."

"All right, well if you two will be okay, I'm going to go make some rounds. Bella, just let me know when you'll be taking a break."

"I will, Mrs. Cope." Bella shouldn't be happy with this situation, but the look on his face when he realized who she was and what he'd said was priceless. Maybe she would have some fun training him after all. Mrs. Cope walked away and Bella looked directly at Edward but didn't say a word.

"Umm, it's nice to meet you, Bella. I've, uh, heard a lot about you." She was making him uncomfortable. There wasn't a girl alive that had ever made Edward Cullen uncomfortable. Not even freshmen year when he lost his virginity to the captain of the cheer leading squad, and she was a senior. He knew he'd have to apologize or at least acknowledge what he'd said.

"Listen, I'm sorry about before…" She held up her hand to stop him. What. The. Fuck?

"Don't even bother, Edward. I know you don't want to be here, and now I know you don't want to be working with me. Here's something you don't know- I don't want to train you. It's a waste of my time. No doubt at your school you're some rebel without a cause type that everyone either falls over or is afraid of. News flash, this isn't school and I don't give two shits about who you are or what you did to get here. For some God awful reason your father asked for me specifically and since I'm counting on him for a letter of recommendation come application time you will not ruin this for me. Or I'll make sure that your one hundred hours of community service becomes two hundred. Do I make myself clear?"

Bella was angry, and she never got angry. Being the child of hippies, she was usually a pacifist but this guy really pushed her buttons, and he'd barely said twenty words to her. Things were not looking good at this point.

Who the hell did this girl think she was? And why was it so hot that she told me off?

Because she's right, most of his peers were either afraid of him or falling over him. She should've been in the category where they fall over him! So he made a little mistake, big deal. He'd tried to apologize. But God damn, if that rant of hers didn't make him want to kiss that snarky mouth…

"Look, Bella, we got off on the wrong foot. I shouldn't have made assumptions about you before meeting you. It's just my dad was going on and on about you and how smart you are and responsible and I got this picture in my head and…I am so sorry." Edward flashed her what the other girl's called "The Panty Dropper" smile. He was sure it would work. By the end of the day she'd be eating out of the palm of his hands.

She returned his smile and gently laid her hand on his forearm. His very hard, very muscular forearm. She let out a breathy moan as she stroked his arm.

"I accept your apology, Edward." She leaned in closer to his face, her eyes flicking between his lips and eyes. "But I'm not one of your tarts. Those tricks don't work here."

With that, she walked past him. "C'mon, Cullen, let's get this tour started."

He followed her through the lobby and they silently rode the elevator to the third floor. As soon as the doors opened, the medicinal smell assaulted Edward's nostrils. It was a good thing he had a strong stomach. There was a noticeable change in Bella as they walked onto the unit. The sign said "Acute Care" and all the nurses stopped to say hello to her as she walked by. She would politely introduce him and they were all so excited to finally meet Dr. Cullen's son. Edward felt like a side show freak; he imagined that they were all wondering how someone as good as Dr. Carlisle Cullen had such a bad seed for a son, but the praise they had for Bella seemed never ending. Giving a quick tour of the floor, she said she just had to make one stop in to see a patient. Knowing that she was trying to tell him to stay put, he ignored her and trailed behind to the patient's room. She heard his footsteps and let out an annoyed huff, loud enough so he'd hear. Edward paid no mind and entered the room alongside her.

"Good morning, Mrs. Ben!" Sitting in the bed was the smallest woman he had ever seen. She couldn't have been more than four feet tall, and she looked like she was deep in her nineties, not that he would know the difference, her face lit up when she saw Bella and Edward found himself smiling along.

"Bella! Sweetheart, how are you? And who's your young man?"

"Oh this is Edward, but he's not my young man. He's a new volunteer. Edward, this is my favorite patient, Mrs. Ben."

He walked to her bedside and held out his hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you, ma'am."

"You too, Edward. My, you two make a handsome couple. Reminds me of when I met Mr. Ben." She really was adorable.

"Okay, Mrs. Ben. I still have a few more places to take Edward. You take care and I'll be back later for the card game."

They said their goodbyes and Bella continued the tour. After visiting the five different units and being introduced to, about a hundred different people they returned to the reception desk. Two hours had passed since Edward first walked through the revolving doors; he had three more left. She had taught him how to work the phone and began to go over the simplest computer program known to man.

Edward tried to get to know Bella a little but she always steered the conversation in another direction. He would watch her when he didn't think she was looking, as she helped visitors or the other volunteers, and he could see how much she enjoyed being here. It wasn't a concept he could grasp. What teenager wanted to volunteer their weekends? It'd be different if it was a job and there was money involved.

I should still be sleeping, although if I was home sleeping, I wouldn't have met Bella.

She was quickly becoming an obsession for him. The only logical answer was that it was because she refused to pay him any attention. Edward could admit that he was, in fact, an attention whore. Why wouldn't she look at him? Even when she was going over the computer system she barely looked at him.

Bella knew that it was best all around to just talk to Edward only when she needed to. So she shot down all his attempts at trying to get to know her. She meant when she said that it wasn't worth her time. It's not like he was going to learn anything by volunteering here. Bella was positive that he would leave here today, change his clothes and go right back to being the boy he was when he walked into the hospital this morning. He was a lost cause if there ever was one, and she wasn't being sucked into that.

"Edward, do you have any questions about the computer?" She began playing with her lip again and he was staring at it intently.

"Uh no, my grandmother wouldn't have a problem using it, and she's like seventy." He wished she'd stop tugging on that lip, it was driving him crazy. This is the only explanation he has for reaching over and pulling her hand away. She flinched back from his touch and that made him angry.

"What's your problem? I was only trying to get you to stop doing that."

"You have no right to do that, Edward. I don't know what you're used to, but I'm not in the habit of letting delinquent teenage boys touch me. Since you have a handle on the phones and the computer, I'm going to go do rounds on the units."

She was gone for the next three hours. Mrs. Cope came down to the desk to let him know he was allowed to leave. He went back upstairs to change and collect the paper that Mrs. Cope had to sign for the court.

"Here are your papers, Edward, I added some information about the hospital that you may want to look over. Bella tells me that you did very well, and she was impressed that you were able to grasp the computer and phones so quickly."

That bitch! She was making fun of me. No one made fun of me. Ever.

"Yeah well, she's a great teacher. I'll see you next weekend, Mrs. Cope."

"Have a good day, Edward."

"You too, ma'am." Edward went to find his father's office to say goodbye, and then he left his new prison until next week.

Later that night, as Edward was out with his friends, drinking at a party, Bella was in her room getting ready to go out with her best friend, Alice. The girls had been inseparable since kindergarten and were more like sisters than friends. That's why it was no surprise when Alice walked, unannounced, into Bella's room.

"B, shake your ass, girl. We're late, Angela and Rosalie are waiting."

"Gimme a break, Rosalie Hale has not been on time a day in her life. I just have a few last touches and I'll be ready."

Bella walked into the bathroom and opened the small plastic jar that held her jewelry. After cleaning them thoroughly, she took out the spacer in her tongue and replaced it with the pink gem ball ring Alice had bought her for her birthday. Once her nose ring and lip ring were in place, she was ready.

"Wow, B, you look hot. And don't think I'm not going to ask about what happened at the hospital today."

"Later, sweets, let's go get the other two." She made a quick adjustment to her top, making sure it displayed her tattoos and followed Alice out the door.

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