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100 Hours: 18.5 Hours…and counting

"Edward Fucking Cullen!" she screamed through pants. "You are never touching me again!"

Bella lay in the labor bed, feet in stir-ups, her business opened to everyone in the room but she had eyes for only one person. The term "if looks could kill" was made for moments like this one. Edward swore she was shooting laser beams at him and was seconds away from being dropped to the ground.

"Baby girl, just breathe," he told her, trying to stay calm.

"Breathe? There's a fucking person coming out of me and you want me to breathe! Get the hell out of here!"

He knew she didn't really mean but he started to walk toward the door.

"Wait!" she called, now crying. "Where are you going? Don't leave me."

Edward walked back to the bed, but not before looking over to Dr. Gerandy and rolling his eyes. This was the fifth time they did this.

"Baby, I wouldn't ever leave you," he said placing a kiss on her forehead.

"I'm so tired. Can't I just stop for awhile? Please?"

"Bella, you need to keep pushing, the baby is starting to crown," Dr. Gerandy told her. "I'm sorry, but you can't stop right now." She fucking hated that sadist.

Bella yelled through another contraction and wondered how the hell she ended up here.

Oh right, she thought. Celebratory unprotected sex.

She had just received a promotion and Edward had taken her out to celebrate. They had a little too much wine and add the fact that it had been almost a week since they had last had sex, all rational thought flew out the window. He was on her as soon as they made it into the house. Pressing her against the door, he devoured her mouth while pushing her dress up to her hips.

"Baby girl, I need you so bad."

"I know me too but we don't have to rush," she said trying to slow him down.

"But I want to fuck you," he practically whined. "It's been forever."

"A few days is hardly forever," she told him as he slipped his fingers into the band of her thong and pulled it off.

"It's been six days, Bella. That's unfuckingacceptable," he said.

Before she could give him a snarky reply, he ran a finger up and down her wet slit. He was right of course, six days was not acceptable. She pushed her hips toward his fingers, hoping he'd go deeper but he wanted to tease his wife. Edward continued to just run his finger between her lips then brought his finger to his mouth and licked her juices from it. When her legs had started to shake, he threw her over his shoulder and carried her to their bedroom. Bella's bare ass was next to his face and he gave it a good slap, loving the moan that escaped from her mouth.

Putting her down on the bed, he quickly disposed of her dress while she reached up and started to undo the buttons on his shirt. She was lying there in nothing but a red lace bra and Edward thought she'd never looked more beautiful. He took his clothes off and picked up her foot kissing each toe before moving to her ankle, then calf, then knee. When he made it to her thigh, he gave the skin there a nip with his teeth before spreading her legs. Edward loved the way she opened her body to him. His amazement of her total trust in him had always awed him.

Bella moaned loudly when his tongue finally touched her sensitive flesh. She dug her hands into his hair and tugged hard when he sucked her clit into his mouth.

"Edward, please. Fuck me with your mouth," she begged.

He prided himself on being a good husband and always did what his wife said. This was quite possibly the easiest thing she had ever asked of him. Edward's tongue plunged inside her and she cried out at the feeling. His finger played with her clit while he fucked her with his tongue. She was talking but it was completely incoherent, her hips were bucking against his mouth and she came, her juices flowing onto his tongue. He swallowed, savoring her flavor before climbing up her body and entering her body with one push of his hips.

"I missed you," he said, looking deep into her eyes.

"I've been right here."

"Okay, I missed this, getting to be with you," he told her.

"Me too. I love feeling so connected to you."

"Aww, my baby girl is so sensitive."

"I thought you wanted to fuck me?" she asked.

He laughed. "I do but you always distract me."

There were no distractions after that. Edward took her with an abandon he hadn't known since he started med school. He needed her so much right then and she gave herself over to him. When he finished, he collapsed on top of her, not wanting to break contact.

"Are you okay, kitten?" she asked as she stroked his back.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Are you okay? I wasn't too rough was I?"

"No, it was fucking hot the way you just controlled my body. I could feel your need. It was so intense."

"I love you, wife."

"I love you too, husband," she said, smiling at him.

Two hours later, she was awoken by Edward kissing her. He rolled on top of her, hitching her leg over his hip to get closer to her. Wordlessly, he entered her and slowly made love to her. Edward's movements were slow and steady as he worshipped her with his body.

Bella had never felt more connected to him than she did at that moment. Something deep inside of her came alive, she thought her heart would burst from the feeling. They came together and this time he lay at her side, holding her close. There was something tugging at the back of her mind but she was so content she let it go before they fell into a peaceful sleep.

Five weeks later, after Bella had thrown up for the third straight morning in a row, Edward bought a home pregnancy test. They sat in silence while waiting for the little stick to tell them whether or not their world would be changing. When two lines appeared, indicating that yes, their lives would be changing, they let out the breaths they'd been holding and felt the weight of that little stick settle on their shoulders.

"We can do this," Edward said with conviction.

"Of course we can. Look at everything we've already accomplished."

"Right. I mean how hard can it really be?" he asked.

"Well, from what I hear you have the easy job. I'm the one that's going to get fat and have to push a person out of my vagina. So…yay for you."

"I'll be right there with you baby girl, every step of the way," he promised.

And he was. If any man experienced sympathetic pregnancy, it was Edward. They had gained ten pounds together and he craved the strangest food. Bella eventually made him start working out; there was no need for them to both get fat. He had backaches when she did and took turns massaging the kinks. He was present for every doctor's appointment and read any book he could – when he wasn't studying. Since she was due in July, she decided she wanted to deliver in Forks, Edward would be finished with school and they could spend some time with their parents.

Bella thoughts came back to the present, Edward was right there, encouraging her through the most painful and beautiful experience of her life.

"Okay, Bella just a few more pushes, you're doing great," Dr. Gerandy told her.

"You're almost there baby girl," Edward said as he leaned into her ear. "I love you so fucking much. You are the strongest woman I know. You're going to be the greatest mother ever."

Edward had given her the strength she needed to keep going. Reaching deep down within herself, she grabbed on to the energy she had left and gave it her all. Three more pushes later and she heard the most beautiful sound, her baby's cry.

"Congratulations, it's a girl!"

Edward kissed his wife before the nurse handed the little bundle to Bella.

"She's perfect," Bella said in awe, counting her daughter's fingers and toes.

"Just like her Momma," Edward said, gently kissing the baby's head.

"Do we have a name for this angel?" the nurse asked.

"Amelia Rae Cullen," Bella told her.

"Where's my granddaughter?" Charlie asked as the parents came into the room after everything was cleaned up.

"Right here," Bella said meeting her father's eyes. He had tears in them and that set Bella off which of course meant that Renee and Esme also started to cry.

The six of them oohed and ahhed over Amelia, as she was passed to her grandparents.

There was a soft knock on the door and Carlisle went to see who it was.

"Guys, there's someone here who wants to say hi."

Mrs. Cope walked in after him with a huge smile on her face. She had kept in contact with them over the years and was so happy when she heard they were expecting.

"Mrs. Cope!" Bella smiled at her old boss.

"Bella, you can call me Shelly. Now, where is the baby?" she asked, her eyes scanning the room.

"You did so good, baby," Edward told her.

"Thanks, but you gave me what I needed to keep going."

"I hope she turns out just like you."

"Do you really? Think about that for a second," she said, knowing there was no way he'd want his daughter to be just like her.

"She's not allowed to date until she's at least thirty. Maybe we should become Mormons. The girls have to be covered right?"

"I hardly think we need to worry about that right now. I think our biggest concern will be actually getting to see our daughter with the four of them," she said pointing to the grandparents.

"Hey, it was your idea to have her here."

"I know, but they're hogging her," she said.

"Okay folks, time to get out. My wife needs rest and she wants to spend time with Amelia," Edward said with authority.

Begrudgingly, they listened and Edward handed their daughter back to Bella. The nurse came in then to show Bella how to breast feed. Edward was mesmerized watching his wife and daughter. If he thought she was beautiful while carrying Amelia then she was a goddess as she gave her nourishment from her own body.

"How does it feel?" he asked.

"Weird, but really good. Like my body has this purpose now."

"I thought its purpose was pleasing me?" he joked.

"You're such an ass."

"Hey, no swearing in front of my angel."

"Seriously? How long do you think you could go without swearing in front of her?" she asked.

"Longer than you did so I already won," he said as he got on the bed with his girls. He wrapped his arm around Bella and she snuggled into him as Amelia continued to feed.

"She really is perfect, and I'm not just saying that because she's mine," Bella told him.

"I have never seen a cuter baby or a more beautiful new mom," he said kissing her cheek.

"You know we can't have sex for like six weeks, right?"

"Don't remind me. I don't know why I have to be punished."

"It's our revenge for making us get fat, hormonal and the whole getting-the-baby-out-of-your-body thing," she said as she laughed.

"Well, we could do other things."

"Edward Anthony Cullen, you can't seriously think I'm even considering any of that right now. I just had a baby! I'm tired, I'm in pain and I look disgusting."

"You look beautiful," he said.

"You're delusional."

"I'm in love."

"You're such a chick," she said but kissed him anyway.

"So I guess its time to add to the ink," he said.

"Yeah, I talked to Caius the other day and he said he'd fit us in whenever we were ready."

After they were married, Bella added a "C" to her initial tattoo and Edward got the same swan that she had. Now that the baby was born they had planned on getting matching tattoo's honoring their child. Amelia had fallen asleep and Bella fixed the patient gown so that she wasn't hanging out.

"I want to taste it," he told her.

"You can, but not right now."

He held her closer and watched as her eyes drifted closed. Edward looked at his girls and smiled at his luck. He was never happier that Bella gave him a chance all those years ago than he was right now. Placing a kiss on Amelia and Bella's foreheads, he closed his eyes and fell asleep with a smile on his face and the loves of his life in his arms.

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