Chapter 5

"Ow, ow, ow gentle please" Phoebe said after Piper placed an ice pack on her head where the lamp had struck. "Sorry Pheebs" Piper apologised; she had been lost in her thought.

The last thing she expected was for her son to show up in the middle of the night and try to end all their lives. She let phoebe take the ice pack and stood up, she didn't know what their next step was and it was better to start planning it now.

"Hey, where you going?" Phoebe asked with the ice pack still on her head. "Just to the kitchen to make us some tea" Piper answered "Tea helps me think".

Phoebe smiled at her sister. Since the death of their oldest sister Prue, Piper had taken over the role of being the eldest and the protective sister. However she was finding that role really hard to live up to especially when it was her very own son that had wanted to kill them.

"Hey, how's the head?" Paige asked taking a sit next to phoebe on the sofa. "Oh it still hurts but I think its Piper who we should be really worried about" Phoebe replied. "Yeah it must be really hard for her, having to go through this again" Paige said, "I wonder what went wrong, I mean, we have been successful in altering Wyatt's future into a good one".

Just then Leo orbed in, he had a worry look in his face. The two sisters knew instantly that something was up. "Where's Piper?" He asked. "She's in the kitchen, what's wrong Leo?" Phoebe asked. "It's Wyatt, his attempting to unbind all your powers" Leo replied. "What? He can't do that right? Paige asked, knowing fairly well the dangers of losing their powers.

"Well, he can't exactly unbind your powers from the underworld; he has to do it here" Leo explained, "the very place where you first received your powers".

"So his going to unbind our powers underneath the chandelier?" Paige asked.

Leo nodded his head; he was worried for his sisters but more worried for his son. He had also been through tough times with the sisters, but they had always pulled through, he knew that if the charmed ones were to be successful, his son would surely fall.

Somehow it was a loss for him considering both sides.

Pearl walked into the room breaking the unwanted silence. Leo immediately picked out Prues features in her, her walk, her dark hair and most of all her eyes.

"I just wanted to apologize for earlier, you were right Aunt Phoebe, using that spell was dangerous and it could have gotten all of you killed" Pearl said. Phoebe and Paige could tell from her face that she was blaming herself for the loss of the book of shadows.

"Oh pearl, honey listen it wasn't your fault, you wanted to help and how were you to know this would happen? Phoebe reasoned with her.

"Look, Wyatt is going to come here and he will have to bring the book with him in order to unbind our powers" Paige joined in. "So we can plan our next move, be ready for him this time"

Back in the underworld another demon vaporised into thin air, Evil Wyatt was taking out his anger on his demonic servants.

"Please my Lord, calm down" the seer begged, "If you keep this up there won't be any more demons left to serve you".

"I should be doing that to you" Wyatt said angrily. "Why didn't you inform that the charmed ones powers can only be unbinded at the original site of its birth?"

"Please forgive me, I thought the charmed blood in you was strong enough to power the unbinding spell from any desired location" the seer explained.

"I have only spared your life because you were right about my cousin's summoning spell" Evil Wyatt said walking towards the force field cage that kept young Wyatt captive. "But I will have to go back there, my aunts had a tough time handling me alone, I wonder..." Wyatt said letting his words trail of into thought.

"Keep a close eye on the Charmed ones, I'm going to visit an old friend"

The seer watched her master closely.

Her master had just came up with another plan.