Falling Slowly

It's a slow burn. Feelings grow from curiosity through to various stages of dislike and desire and hate and love. It is always in opposites and it is always intense and passion-filled. Slowly they are falling and slowly they are losing their footing where before they stood tall. Previous misconceptions are dropped and they re-evaluate themselves and each other. They pause and exchange glances. They breathe the same air.

The fire inside of them increases and the more they find out, the more powerfully their flames flicker and reach for one another and the more they try to repel. It's a process that cuts them off from the rest of the world and inserts them into their own makeshift land where anything is a possibility and yet nothing can come of it.

There's a wall between them, reaching high up into the clouds and they scramble up the vines that grow on it, moving closer and closer together. On the top, they meet and the wall dissolves, leaving them nowhere to go but down, down, down, crashing, falling to their ends. And when they hit the ground, they leave imprints that will never be erased.

They are two halves yearning for unity. They are lost and spinning and drifting aimlessly because they know where they want to go and yet fear sends them in the other direction. They are meant to be, though if that means they should be together or apart, they do not know. They are forces, equal and yet opposite, bright and yet dark and they are doomed.

Nothing will change them. For the entirety of their lives they are connected, if not consciously then spiritually. Encircled in flame, they spiral downwards together in a never ending channel that will lead to their destiny. It's a slow burn and a slow fall and it's their always.