NOTE: This was written literally years ago by my "little sister" Cathy and me. We had the free time, we had the TKR obsession, we had the total lack of English skills. When I told her about posting stories on she asked me to post these as well. Don't take them as a measurement of my abilities as an author. They're a joke.


SETTING: Skyone, 4:30PM, Winter's afternoon, Skyone kitchen

KYLE: So, Clayton, will you cook a special dinner 2nite?

CLAYTON: 4 who?

KYLE: Me and Jenny, of course.

CLAYTON: Oh, o.k.!

SETTING: Skyone, 4:35PM, same afternoon, Jenny's quarters

ERICA: Why would Kyle want to have a special meeting with just you?

JENNY: I don't know. He better not try anything.

ATTACK BEAST(over intercom): If he does, I'll run him over 4 u.

SETTING: Skyone, 4:36PM, still the same afternoon, Trek's quarters

DUKE: Oh, my god, Trek! Your room is a mess! And the smell...

(DUKE faints)

TREK: Get up, Duke. You promised to help me clean!

(DUKE groans)

SETTING: Skyone, 5:00PM, same afternoon, Situation room

KYLE: O.K. we're all here... wait, where's Duke?

TREK: He fell and hit his head. The doctor's looking at him.

ERICA: How'd he do that?

TREK: Beats me.

JENNY: Can we get down to business?

KYLE: Whatever you want, Jenny.

JENNY: Anything I want?

KYLE: What???

JENNY: I want a raise.

ERICA: If Jenny gets a raise, I want one, too.


SETTING: Skyone, 5:01PM, same hour, Skyone kitchen

KYLE: What happened in here?

CLAYTON: Your stupid romantic candles made the stove explode.

JENNY: What did you have candles 4, Kyle?

CLAYTON: Kyle, U didn't tell her?

KYLE: Shut up!

JENNY: You didn't tell me what, Kyle?

ERICA(whispering to Trek and Duke): This the most fun I've had all day.

TREK: Me, too. But I feel bad 4 Kyle. Now Jenny will never go out with him.

DUKE: Does anyone have any aspirin?

SETTING: Skyone, 6:00 PM, that evening, Skyone dining room

(KYLE is sitting alone at a table. Two tables down the others are sitting. JENNY stands up and walks over to Kyle)

JENNY: Are you eating alone?

KYLE: Yeah.

JENNY: Can I join you?

KYLE: Why would U want 2? I'm a jerk. I lied to you.

JENNY: You are a jerk, Kyle, but I still like you.


JENNY: Don't sound so surprised. I've saved your life, stood up for you, I mean, I even kissed you.

KYLE: I was hoping you'd forgotten that.

JENNY: I'm glad I didn't. You are a very nice guy, and I'd be honored if you asked me to have dinner with you.

KYLE: Will you have dinner with me, Jenny.

JENNY: Yeah.

TREK, ERICA, and DUKE: Finally!

SETTING: Skyone, 7:00PM, that same evening, Trek's quarters

ERICA: You own more video games than most kids.

TREK: Hey, give me that! There's my Final Fantasy game!

ERICA: Turn on the TV.

TREK: Why?

ERICA: The final episode of Seinfeld is on.

TREK: You promised to help me.

ERICA: I will. Just turn on the TV!

TREK: Get out of my room!

ERICA: Fine! But don't expect me to lend you my clothes anymore!

TREK: What are you talking about???

ERICA: I don't know. I'm a con artist, with no way to con U.

TREK: Get out!

SETTING: Skyone, 8:00AM, next morning, Erica's quarters

JENNY: I can't believe we're still snowed in.

ERICA: I'm out of lipstick. Can I borrow yours?

JENNY: I just bought you 10 for Christmas.

ERICA: I know. I used them all.

JENNY; Here. What should I wear on my date with Kyle?

ERICA: I don't know. You can borrow something from me.


SETTING: Skyone, 8:00PM, Evening, Kyle's quarters

KYLE: What should I wear?

DUKE: That sounds like something a woman would say.

TREK: You would know know wouldn't you, Duke?

DUKE: Shut up!

KYLE: I'm serious, guys! Help me out here!

TREK: Don't burst a blood vessel. You're freaking out. We've all lived 2gether for over a year. She's seen every outfit you own. It doesn't matter what you wear.

DUKE: He's right, Kyle. Just calm down.

KYLE: Thanks a lot for all the help. Get out.

SETTING: Skyone, 8:59PM, still the same night, Dining room

(JENNY and KYLE are sitting at a table(with no candles)

(others are standing out in the hall, spying)

TREK: I guess we all know who they're kissing at midnight.

ERICA: Jealous, Trek?

TREK: I don't feel like spending the night alone.

ERICA: I'll kiss you, Trek.

TREK: Thanks, Erica...

ERICA: You're welcome.

TREK: ...but I'd rather puke!

ERICA: Hey, Duke! Who are you kissing?

DUKE: No one.

TREK: I'll kiss you, Duke.

ERICA: You'll kiss him, but not me?

TREK: I have kissed you, Erica. On your head. Remember that day?

DUKE: You're both nuts. I'm going to sleep. If you wake me up at midnight I'll kill you.

(DUKE walks away)

TREK: You do realize we'll have to wake him up?

ERICA: I'll help. He can't kill me, I'm a woman. I don't care what he does to you.

TREK: Thanks, Erica.

ERICA: You're welcome.

TREK: I hate you, Erica.

ERICA: I love you, too, Trek.

JENNY: Kyle, why did you wait so long to ask me out?

KYLE: I don't know. I guess I was afraid.


KYLE: You could kill me 6 ways with a quarter.

JENNY: What?

KYLE: Inside joke.

JENNY: O.K. Very nice.

(They look into each other's eyes and kiss)

TREK: Oh, gross!

JENNY: God, how long have you been standing there?!

TREK: I don't know, but I'm leaving now.

SETTING: Skyone, 11:59:50PM, that night, Duke's quarter's

TREK and ERICA(whispering): 10, 9, 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1! (both blow noisemakers.)

DUKE: I'm going to kill you two!

(Trek and Erica run into hall.)

ERICA: Happy New Year, Trek.

TREK: Happy New Year.


ERICA: You're a good kisser, Trek.

TREK: Huh?

ERICA: I never noticed how cute you were before.

TREK: What kind of joke is this?

ERICA: It's no joke. (kiss) I love you.

TREK: I love you too, Erica.

DUKE: Oh, that's sweet. You better run.

SETTING: Skyone, 12:00AM, next morning, dining room

(JENNY and KYLE kiss)

JENNY: Good night, Kyle.

KYLE: Don't you mean good morning?

JENNY: (laughs) I guess I do. (kisses his cheek) Thank you for a wonderful evening, and a wonderful dinner.

KYLE: You should thank Clayton.

JENNY: (shakes head, smiles, sarcastically) Good morning, Kyle. (walks out)

SETTING: Skyone, 1:20AM, that morning, Trek's quarters

ERICA: I don't think we should tell anyone about us.

TREK: Why?

ERICA: Because, Kyle wouldn't be too happy about it.

TREK: Considering the whole thing with him and Jenny, he can't really get that mad at us.

ERICA: I guess you're right. Good night. I'm going back to my room.

TREK: It's not night.

ERICA: How could you tell? The windows are all covered with snow.

TREK: Good "night," Erica.

SETTING: Skyone, 5:00PM, New Year's Day, Situation room

JENNY: What are we supposed to do until the snow melts.

DUKE: Trek and Erica have found ways to occupy themselves.

TREK: Shut up, Duke.

KYLE: Quiet, Trek. Duke, what R U talking about?

DUKE: There's love in bloom on Skyone.

E., J., K., T.: Shut up, Duke!

SETTING: Skyone, noon, January 5, 2000, garage

TREK: Let's get going!

(ATTACK BEAST, PLATO, and KAT all drive down ramp and outside. JENNY and KYLE stay behind)

JENNY: You ready to go, Kyle?

KYLE: Yeah, Jenny.

(JENNY smiles, and he smiles back as she climbs into Domino)

KYLE(under breath): I love you.