NOTE: The last of Amber and Cathy's tkr scripts. This one was never finished. And, no, it wasn't meant to be good. We have actually been working on a REAL tkr story, one that would be seriously and well-written. But whatever. For now, here's the beginning of the fourth and final "TKR Script".


by Amber and Cathy

(all five cars are sitting in front of the FLAG building)


(building on fire)

DANTE: Well, that can't be good.

ERICA: Yeah, who's gonna pay us now!

TREK (sarcastically): That's good, Erica. Not selfish at all.

JENNY: Hey! Who's that?!

(a group of people dressed in suits come and kidnap the team; they leave the cars behind)

NARRATOR: Ten years ago all it took was one man and one car to get the job done. Now, the foundation for law and government has assembled five highly skilled operatives and paired them with state-of-the-art vehicles to defeat a new breed of outlaws. They are... Team Knight Rider. (theme song)

Setting: A dark room

(the five members of the team are sitting on the floor, with their hands tied in front of them, gagged)

(Kyle spits out his gag)

KYLE: Everyone okay?

(they all mumble behind the gags)

(Others spit out gags)

JENNY: We're all fine, Kyle.

DUKE (whispers to Trek): Yeah, Kyle thinks Jenny's fine. Pass it along.

TREK (whispers to Erica): Kyle thinks Jenny's fine. Pass it along.

ERICA (whispers to Jenny): Kyle thinks Jenny's fine. Pass it along.

JENNY (to Kyle): Kyle, do you think I'm fine?

KYLE: No, I think you are super hot! Wait. Did I say that out loud?

TREK: Yeah, ya did. Haha.

KYLE: Okay, back to business.

DUKE: Alright. How do we get out of here?

ERICA: Um, how 'bout through the door?

TREK: What door?

ERICA: The one you're leaning against.

TREK: Oh. Woah!

(The door opens and he falls backwards)

(everyone steps over Trek and out the door)

JENNY: It's bright outside.

ERICA: Ya think?

KYLE: There are the cars. Let's go.

(they go.)

Setting: The Situation Room

Some Day in 1999 or maybe 2000

KYLE: Um, we're getting some budget cuts.

TREK: Meaning?

KYLE: Well, we have to spend less money. That means we have to fire Clayton and make our own food. It also means Jenny and Erica have to share a room. Me and Duke have to share, too. Nobody has to share with Trek 'cause it would smell too bad to breathe.

TREK: Great. Like anyone could eat Erica's food. She'll get make-up in it. Ew!

ERICA: Boy Genius here can barely make T.V. dinners, and he's complaining about me?

KYLE: Meeting adjourned.

(everyone leaves)

Setting: Jenny and Erica's Room

(Jenny is putting on a little tan eyeshadow; Erica is putting on a ton of blue-ish purple eyeshadow)

JENNY: So, Erica, what are you wearing today?

ERICA: Um, clothes?

JENNY: Hey, I wish we didn't have to share a room either, but at least I'm being nice.

ERICA: So, you don't want to share a room with me? Fine.

JENNY: It's not that I don't want to share a room, I just like my privacy.

ERICA: What do you do when you're alone? Write love letters to Kyle?

JENNY: Yes. Whoops. No, of course not...

ERICA: I'm going to go to breakfast. Ciao.

Setting: Breakfast

The next morning (and we were wrong; it's 2001)

TREK: Alright. Dippy eggs shaped like UFO's, and pancakes shaped like trucks.

ERICA: Hey! My UFO is deformed!

TREK: No, it's not.

ERICA: What do you mean? It is shaped like a blob instead of a spaceship.

TREK: No. I just didn't make yours special. it is just a egg.

NOTE: Well, folks, that's all there ever was or ever will be. Formatting these tonight has been a blast...Makes me want to call Cathy.

And, one last time: These weren't meant to be good!