Disclaimer : I do not own Prince of Tennis & the hot tennis princes inside, although like everyone else out there, I really wish I did.

Summary : Here's a AU (Alternate Universe) Silver-pair story, rated T for chapters to come. There was a pattern to life, he had always believed, a pattern everyone follows unconsciously without questioning it. Years ago he had thrown away the key to his heart; however, when he finally answered the knock on the door to his heart.. It was too late for him to question the lack of pattern he had to follow.

Note to all : Not too good with my summaries yet, pardon me for that.. This story's rated T for a slight bit of sweet silver pair action. I know I'm probably in no position to say this, but this fanfic is dedicated to . Purple . Chocolate . Stars . for all those many times she's brightened up my days and made me smile, even up till now. Thanks, and hope you'll enjoy!

Deep down, a part of her had always been haunted by the edge of her lavender field, which led straight to a drop into the sea. Her house sat in the middle of this lavender field, overlooking the ever-changing spread of blue. She had always knew that something bad was bound to happen eventually..

But she had never expected it to haunt her like this.

Then, he was a boy of only six years old; Too young to know consequences, too young to know he was treading along the edge of life and death. But this he, was all she had left to love.

Moonlight threw a gentle glowing blanket upon the both of them, who were out on the lavender field for an after supper walk. He had a loose bundle of lavenders held against his chest, each a different shade of violet in his arms. Far away, the clock in the house chimed, signalling that it was way past midnight.


It was dark; Too dark for both playing figures to know of the danger looming over their forms. The moon hung above them with its sad smile, but it could make no move to warn the people beneath it..

"Yes, dear?"

"Look, I picked a whole bunch of them!"

The moment he held the lavenders out, his frail, little frame shivered unconsciously in the cold autumn night air. The wind caught at his outstretched arms - she, too, threw her arms out, as though hoping to catch him before..

"No, Ryou!"


The drop led straight into the disturbed patch of cerculean beneath.