The thing with Bad Girls

Ship Harry/Bianca

Spoilers: TV series only, as I haven't gotten around to reading the books yet

Harry's PoV

I did what I had to in order to solve a quadruple homicide, it doesn't matter that I hurt Bianca.

I did what I had to in order to solve a quadruple homicide, it doesn't matter that I hurt Bianca.

I did what I had to in order to solve a quadruple homicide, it doesn't matter that I hurt Bianca.

Nope no matter how many times I say it I still don't believe it, don't get me wrong, my relationship with Bianca is full of ups and down, mainly downs, but still in a strange way she was a friend. And to be honest I don't have that many of those, and as much as I said that all debts were paid, the debts between would never be paid, and we both knew it. So, here I was, fresh off being threatened by ancient mai, again, making my way to Bianca's to apologize and to tell her that it was over, that the killer was dead and Linda was, well, avenged.

So as I pull into the parking lot i think about the three ways that could go down. A) I go up and the bouncers have orders not to let me in, which would suck, but it is better then option B, B) the bouncers let me in and every vampire in the place ambushes me before I get two words in, C) my favorite option, I get in and Bianca and I talk and settle this and go back to being, well whatever we are. I turn off the engine and walk over to the door. And of course the bounce lets me through, option A would be to easy anyway. I walk in and there she is, in the exact same place, exact same pose, as last time.

"Harry, what a surprise, I didn't think I'd see you again so soon" Bianca says as I approach, as if she is saying that all is forgotten, but here's the deal I don't just want forgotten, I want to be forgiven, even if it is only by another monster.

"Ya, well, this time it is up to me, and I'm here can we talk?"

Bianca's eyes go black "Are you gonna to accuse me of hurting Linda again?"

I shake my head, "No, the one who hurt Linda is dead, thanks in large part to the information I got out of you, I thought you should know, and I thought I should thank you, considering I was set to be next and all."

Bianca offer an almost sad smile, "So it looks like you owe me again, so are you praying for another of my people to betray me so you can make us even again?"

I stare into Bianca's eyes and growl, "Do you really think that little of me? Ya Bianca, I don't exactly trust you, can you blame me, but I do care for you, and I sure as hell don't want someone gunning for you!! Do you need me to prove it? Cause I'm willing if you are."

Bianca gasps, "A soul gaze, your willing to do a soul gaze... god Dresden, do I really mean that much to you?" Bianca shakes her head and visibly pulls herself together, "Dresden I would be honored to share a soul gaze with you, but only if you are sure, and not out here."

Am I sure? of course not, no rational human being would be, hell no rational human being would ever consider knowingly Soul Gazing with anything non-human, and even most humans, Soul Gazing literally bares your soul to another while you get to see their soul , if the have one, at its most basic level, no deception, no hiding, nothing but the rawest essence of who that person was, and here I was being asked if I wanted a soulless vampire if she'd like a free look into my soul. So of course, I responded without hesitation, "I'm sure, Bianca, I'm sure"

Bianca takes my hand and says, sounding incredibly pleased, shocked, and wistful "My dear, dear boy, you really are a treasure." she leads me up into her bedroom and pushes me back unto her bed, and smiles "You ready, Dresden?" before stradling me. I nod and we lock eyes and wham, I'm in this dark room, which is weird cause I shouldn't be seeing anything. I hear a little girl laughing, and watch as the door to the room opens and a young Bianca, 7 maybe 8 years old comes in and shh's me, and says she is hiding not to give her away. Then it stops and I'm left dazed, but even still I can hear Bianca sobing softly, I hug her close to me and whisper, "What's wrong, Bianca?"

She whispers sobbing, "God Harry, I knew you were special, but I had no idea just how special, your soul is so beautiful, it breaks whatever is left of my heart to know that I will never again have a part of it."

I pull her back to look her in the eyes, "Bianca, you will always have a part of me, granted that part is most likly completly insane, but it is yours, none the less."

Bianca takes a deep breath and asks, almost hesatently "Harry would you mind spending the night..."

I cut her off, "I don't think that, that would be such a good idea, I mean you emotions are already all over the place and"

This time she cuts me off "Harry, I'm asking you to sleep with me, just sleep with me and just for a little while, I'm not sure I could hold myself back if we went any futher, and wheither you belive me or not, you are important to me."

"Just a nap, that I can handle."

"Good, but if you want we can remark your notch on my bed another night." Bianca says with a smile that doesn't quite reach her eyes.

"Maybe another time, do you have anything I could sleep in?"

"Sure, I need to go downstairs anyway to give orders, I'll bring it with me on the way back." with that, and one last smile Bianca got up and walked out the door.

Ten minutes later, and Bianca is back, and while she looks much better it is still clear that she isn't back to herself yet, she hands me, red silk shirt and red silk pants, "Here Harry these should fit you nicely." she says with an absoultly wicked smirk, before quickly striping down the a red silk bra and red silk panties, a sight that has my body reacting in ways I wish it wouldn't as this is going to be interesting enough with out the boner from hell.

I put my, borrowed clothes in front of me, and say "I'm going to the bathroom to change"

Bianca laughes and thankfully it reaches her eyes this time, "Harry it's not like it is anything I haven't seen before, and belive me I wouldn't mind a refresher course"

"That is what worries me Bianca, you are reeling and I'm hurt, this is not the time for anything other then simple friendship, and the comfort of knowing the another is there, we go beyond that now, and we are both going to get hurt, and I really rather avoid that, so as I said I'll be back in a second, so why don't you lay down and get comfortable." I then walk off quickly and hurriedly get changed not wanting to leave Bianca alone for long but needing a break in the tension. I return to the bedroom to find Bianca under the covers, rolled on her side facing me.

"Come to bed Harry, the day may be yet young but it has been tiresome, and I could use the reminder of better times."

I climb in to bed and she lays her head next to me and curls up to me and I whisper "better times, huh?"

Bianca whispers back "of course they were, I had you completely at my mercy, my club was booming, and it had been years since I had lost anyone."

with that, less then comforting thought I drift off to sleep.

AN: ok first things first, you guys have until the 18th of may or until I post chapter 2 to figure out where the hidden referance is in this chapter and which fan fic it is referancing it is in the TV show dresden files and rated K+