Disclaimer: This is based on The Silmarillion by JRR Tolkien. I make no money from this whatever.

Part One: The Noldor

As Seen by the Sindar of Doriath:

The Noldor are tainted, violent and we don't understand them. We bitterly resent the fact that they regard us as less than themselves, and we are returning the favor by pretending whenever possible that they don't exist. However, the sons of Finarfin are related to our king, so we tolerate them.

As Seen by the Falmari:

The Noldor are formidable but not entirely trustworthy allies. We collaborate when possible in the war against Morgoth, but that does not include co-operating when they go off the deep end and start killing people over the Silmarils. We also resent their highhandedness, and are endeavouring to teach them better manners.

As Seen by the North Sindar:

They saved our lives and rescued us from Morgoth! They are bright and shiny, as are their weapons. However, they killed our relations in Aman, are arrogant and we resent being treated as second class citizens. We will follow their leadership, but under our own terms. They will speak our language if they wish us to obey them.

As Seen by the Petty Dwarves:

Not more elves! These ones have really nasty weapons, too. They have occupied what was once our greatest mansion, curse them! And all the other elves too, and the soldiers of the enemy while we're cursing people anyway.

As Seen by the Dwarves of Belegost and Nogrod:

Finally, a group of elves who understand the wonder of making things. Perhaps they aren't so unlike us... they even understand bloodfeuds! But they are still elves, and for the most part look down their long noses at us for being short, and in their view ugly. Don't know what they're complaining about. None of them have a decent beard.

As Seen by the People of Haleth:

Too arrogant by half, especially Caranthir. We bow and scrape to nobody! Finrod's not so bad as the sons of Feanor, but we will be free or die trying.

As Seen by the People of Beor:

The Noldor are incredibly wise and wonderful, although the sons of Feanor seem like bad apples.

As Seen by the People of Hador:

The Noldor are wise and wonderful, but we wonder if being this close to them is really good for us. Beside them we feel rather small, until everything explodes and we realize that they are not nearly as powerful as we thought them. Any wrong they have done pales beside that done by Morgoth.

As Seen by the Slaves of the Enemy:

Run away! Run away! It's those flame-eyed lunatics again.

As Seen by Umaiar and Uvala:

Astonishing. They have caused far more damage than we ever thought they could, and the crazies still won't give up no matter how thoroughly we beat them.

As Seen by the Eagles of Manwe:

Such fools, but so brave. Despite their sins, we cannot remained unmoved.

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