The Orcs

As seen by the Noldor:

The orcs were created from elves? Eeew! That can't be right, let's blame the mortals instead.

As seen by the Sindar:

What are these? Avari turned to evil? Well, I just hope none of them are long-lost relatives, because when they attack us we kill them.

As seen by the Laiquendi:

They are evil and have deadly weapons, but they are also so noisy that they are really easy to avoid.

As seen by the Dwarves of Belegost and Nogrod:

We solemnly swear bloodfeud this day on these vile creatures known as orcs, for they did waylay us, murder our kin and steal our trade goods...

As seen by the Petty Dwarves:

More people out to get us!

As seen by the Edain:

The downside of being befriended by the elves is inheriting their quarrels... but orcs are nasty enough that we would have made enemies of them anyway. We would have to become everything we hate before we could get along with them.

As seen by the Ents:

Hewers of woods and defilers of what is clean! Those burarum-lalla-rumba-burarum... six hours pass as Treebeard expostulates on the subject of orcs.

As seen by the Eagles:

Cruel, ugly creatures that serve the enemy. Our mandate is to watch, not to interfere, but it is hard when we see them harrying decent folk and know that we could help. Sometimes we break our mandate...

Poor orcs, nobody likes them... even their own side.

As seen by the Easterlings:

Our esteemed but rather smelly allies. We can't help wishing they would go elsewhere.

As seen by the Umaiar and UVala:

Useful, but rather limited. If you want anything done right, you had better do it yourself.

They don't even like each other.

As seen by other Orcs:

You filthy snaga. I'll kill you for this, you slavering thief!