The House of Feanor on the House of Fingolfin

Some of that lot went back for a second helping of bravery when brains were being handed out. And can you say stubborn? Sigh. Good to have at your back in a fight, though.

On Fingolfin:

Feanor on Fingolfin:

Pathetic fool of a half-Vanya. Let him go whining back to the cages of the Valar, if he can't stomach what's needed to avenge our father!

Maedhros on Fingolfin:

I offered the crown to him for a reason. He never swore the Oath, and he has more common sense than my brothers and I put together. His folk will never follow me now, no matter what I do. It was the only good option I had.

Maglor on Fingolfin:

I'm fine with him being High King, but I'm glad we don't have to live next door to him. Caranthir would kill someone, or someone would kill him.

Celegorm on Fingolfin:

Father was right that his half-brother sought power at his expense. Fingolfin shouldn't be High King. Father will be furious.

Caranthir on Fingolfin:

He picked a really stupid-sounding Sindar name. Should have stuck with Golfin. As to his ruling over me… I'm going to move as far away as possible, and trade with the dwarves instead. That'll show him.

Curufin on Fingolfin:

You did WHAT, brother?! I'm not bowing to that stuck up half-Vanya as King. You're obviously still broken in mind, we'll have to have Maglor be regent for you… what do you mean it's already settled?

Amrod on all of the House of Fingolfin:

Amrod was not in Beleriand long enough for his opinions to develop a Beleriandic spin.

Amras on Fingolfin:

I suppose there could be worse High Kings. I'm going hunting now. I'll be back with supper.

On Fingon:

Feanor on Fingon:

Probably the best of Fingolfin's kids, but he's still a bad influence on Maedhros. Can't believe he blames me for the people he killed at Alqualonde. That was your own decision, you fool.

Maedhros on Fingon:

I owe you my life and more. If I could give up my life to save yours, I would. Why did you have to die when our plans failed? It should have been me. I wish it were me.

Maglor on Fingon:

Thank you! Thank you for bringing my brother back alive from that hell. (Embraces Fingon and weeps all over him) I am such a failure.

Celegorm on Fingon:

Thank you for saving my brother's life. But that doesn't mean your father should rule over us!

Caranthir on Fingon:

I told you we should have gone after Maedhros ourselves, Maglor! Now look what's happened. We're bowing to bleeding Uncle Fingolfin!

Curufin on Fingon:

"I suppose Maedhros now owes you a life-debt." How awkward. "I am glad to have my brother back, even if he isn't in one piece. Was there really no way for you to detach his bonds?" I would have found a way if I had been there. "But thank you for rescuing him. Let's hope he lives."

Amras on Fingon:

Fingon did what! How? Is Maedhros all right? Damn it Maglor, I told you we should have at least tried to rescue him. Fingon is awesome, I don't care what Father said. Father should have gone back for him and never have burnt the ships.

Celebrimbor on Fingon:

I wish he and Maedhros didn't try to defeat the Enemy in open battle. They weren't strong enough, and now the situation is massively worse. I wonder how Maedhros is – he must be taking Fingon's death really hard.

On Turgon:

Feanor on Turgon:

Go home, you whiny little prat.

Maedhros on Turgon:

Where were you during the Dagor Bragollach? As for the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, the one time you decide to come out of hiding and help out is the time we lost anyway. You are High King in name only – even Orodreth is more use than you are these days.

Maglor on Turgon:

Hmm. I do believe I was a better High King than you. I am sorry for your loss of your wife, but walling yourself in doesn't wall the world out.

Celegorm on Turgon:

Stiff-necked, prissy, stick-in-the-mud. Why are you even here?

Caranthir on Turgon:

Prissy little Valar-lover, should have stayed at home… I can't believe you're supposed to be our High King. What a load of rubbish.

Curufin on Turgon:

I always said Maedhros should never have given away the crown to Fingolfin's house, and Turgon the negligent High King just proves me right.

Amras on Turgon:

I can understand the desire to ignore the rest of the world, but Turgon really did take it to extremes.

Celebrimbor on Turgon:

He was quite a decent gold and silversmith, from what I hear. I wish I had been able to see Gondolin.

On Aredhel:

Feanor on Aredhel:

I'm glad Celegorm decided not to propose marriage to her. She's surprisingly decent when you consider her parentage, but that would have been messy. Half-cousins are a bit close to be marrying, too.

Maedhros on Aredhel:

I wish you had married my brother. It couldn't possibly have had worse results than what you did do.

Maglor on Arethel:

I would have enjoyed having you as a sister-in-law, though Feanor and Fingolfin's reactions would have made everyone run for cover. Can you imagine those two trying to agree on how to organize the wedding?

Celegorm on Aredhel:

If I ever get my hands on that bleeding dark elf, I'll kill him! You were never meant to live in a cage, wild-bird. You should have come live with us when Turgon decided to hide.

Caranthir on Aredhel:

Brother, you should have married her. It would be an improvement.

Curufin on Aredhel:

I wonder if Eol ever caught up with Aredhel, and if they made up when he did. He seems an odd choice for her as a spouse. She has ever been a wild and free spirit.

Amras on Aredhel:

She should never have gone to Turgon's city. She's as restless as I am.

Celebrimbor on Aredhel:

Eol should not have treated her like a jewel, and locked her up in his stronghold like that. That never ends well.

On Argon:

Was not in Beleriand long enough, or his personality described enough, for me to write.

On Idril:

Feanor on Idril:

Who? Oh, Turgon's daughter. No opinion.

Maedhros on Idril:

I never had the opportunity to get to know her, but she sounds very impressive indeed.

Maglor on Idril:

I do not know her. I would like to, but I doubt that she would wish to know me.

Celegorm on Idril:

Don't know, don't care.

Caranthir on Idril

Who is… oh yeah, Turgon's little girl. Really don't care.

Curufin on Idril:

Wasn't she Turgon's child? I know next to nothing of her.

Amras on Idril:

I'm impressed she managed to get out of that one alive, let alone bringing others out with her.

Celebrimbor on Idril:

I'm impressed that she managed to get so many civilians out of Gondolin when it fell. I wish Finduilas had had her wisdom and strength of character as well as beauty.

On Maeglin:

Feanor on Maeglin:


Maedhros on Maeglin:

You are a vile disgrace to the House of Finwe! You betrayed your own folk to Morgoth so you could rape your cousin. I couldn't believe my ears when I heard – and you successfully hid your betrayal, so you can't even have had obvious marks on you from torture. I know what Morgoth is, and I understand those he breaks in a way most never can, but you I do not understand. I hope I never will.

Maglor on Maeglin:

I'm glad I never knew you. You are an elf I would not feel guilty about kinslaying.

Celegorm on Maeglin:

Huh. Kind of a shame I won't get to know her kid, if he's gone and hidden away with Turgon.

Caranthir on Maeglin

Hard to believe Aredhel got married to some dark elf in a hole in the woods, and had a baby. Ewww. You should have locked up Eol until she was well out of range, Curufin! I hope she got away.

Curufin on Maeglin:

Never met him. I wonder who he took after more, my cousin or that dark elf. I hear Eol was quite the smith.

Amras on Maeglin:

The kid did what!? Dear Eru.

Celebrimbor on Maeglin:

What a vile person. I wish he'd told somebody the secret of how to make galvorn, though. Another skill needlessly lost due to excessive secrecy.

On Earendil:

Feanor on Earendil:


Maedhros on Earendil:

I have your sons. No, I haven't hurt them. What sort of monster do you think I am? That was Celegorm's servants who did that to your wife's brothers. I had them executed for that, by the way. The servants, not the children. I suppose I need to make that clear. I spent weeks looking for those children, but I never found them. Anyway. You have a Silmaril. Want to trade it for your sons?

Maglor on Earendil:

I seem to have stolen your children. I'm sorry? They're lovely, by the way. I'm keeping them. You obviously don't want them badly enough, or you would have traded the Silmaril for them.

Celegorm on Earendil, Elros and Elrond:


Caranthir on Earendil

Never heard of them. Has Maeglin or Idril been having children behind the walls of Turgon's city? Eh, doesn't matter to me.

Curufin on Earendil

Who is he? Maeglin's son, I assume. I cannot give an opinion, since I know nothing of them. But it is good to hear that someone in the family other than Orodreth has been having children.

Amras on Earendil:

Why ships? Of all the things in the world one could be obsessed with, why ships?

Celebrimbor on Earendil:

I do not understand why he is obsessed with the sea. Still, better him than me.

On Elrond and Elros:

Feanor on Elrond, and Elros:


Maedhros on Elros and Elrond:

They have turned out surprisingly well, all things considered. I would give them my blessing, but, since I'm cursed, that is probably a bad idea. They'll have to take my love and good wishes instead.

Maglor on Elros:

I am proud of you, son. You are a better person than I.

Maglor on Elrond:

Son of my heart, you have your whole life ahead of you. I suspect you will be a great elf. I know you will be a good one.

Celegorm on Elros and Elrond:


Caranthir on Elrond and Elros

Never heard of them. Has Maeglin or Idril been having children behind the walls of Turgon's city? Eh, doesn't matter to me.

Curufin on Elros and Elrond

Who are they? Maeglin's children, I assume. I cannot give an opinion, since I know nothing of them. Though I am glad to know that someone in this family is having children.

Amras on Elrond and Elros:

Elwing's children? They're not to be killed. Maedhros was very clear on that.

Celebrimbor on Elrond and Elros:

I'm not sure how to treat them now they're at Gil-galad's court. Two more of my family's victims… though at least these ones are still alive and seem well enough.