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At twelve, Dwayne came back, carrying a tray full of hospital food, a turkey sandwich, an apple and a bottle of water.

"Thanks Dwayne" I said, sitting up properly, as he pulled up a chair to the bed.

"my pleasure" he said pecking me on cheek, but he didn't pull his head back, instead he moved his head so that his lips were almost touching my ear.

"I brought this for us to share, I had to hide it because the doctor was giving me evils when I came back" he whispered, pulling a small bag of chocolate buttons from behind his back.

"Yipee!" I squealed, clapping my hands and jumping up and down.

Dwayne laughed and pushed me back against the pillow "calm down, we don't want the doctor to hear you"

"Fine, fine, now hand me that sandwich, I'm starving!" I said, grabbing the block of white bread and meat. I must have lost so much weight being in the coma. My stomach was completely flat and my wrists looked like they would snap at any moment. At least the tubes had been taken away.

Now I only had the bandages to remind me of my suicidal moment.

"wow" Dwayne gasped as I devoured the food he had brought me

"god I must look like such a pig" I said, finally stopping for a second to look at the crumbs, apple core and empty bottle left on the tray after only a few minutes.

"no of course you don't, you haven't eaten properly in ages and anyway I like the fact that you actually eat" he said, smirking.

"Still got room for a little sweetness" Dwayne laughed, waving the packet in front of my eyes.

"oh you bet" I said snatching it out of his hand.

Dwayne grinned as I tore open the packet, I popped one quickly into my mouth and then slowly pulled one out and held in front of his lips.

"Do you want it Dwayne?" I said as sexily as I could "oh yes"

I smiled as he opened up his mouth, slowly I placed it on his tongue.

Dwayne closed his lips quickly around my fingers, his tongue stroked them slightly, before letting me withdrew them.

"your such a tease" he whispered, feeding me one, I smirked and licked the button and his finger, before taking it into my mouth. Dwayne made a quiet moaning sound.

I couldn't help myself, I leant forward and kissed his lips, tasting the chocolate lingering in his mouth. "your so amazing Dwayne Hoover" I murmered.

Dwayne grinned and kissed my forehead " and your beautiful and funny and clever and absoultely fucking perfect."

"language" I teased, popping in another chocolate button into my mouth, he smiled and took a second one.

Dwayne stayed with me for hours, he even fell asleep with his head resting on my shoulder.

Andrew came visit quickly earlier on, before going back to England.

He said he understood and he didn't hate me, he was just happy I was alive. Although when he saw Dwayne sitting next to my bed, practically on the bed with me. He got all protective, but I think he likes Dwayne. They had a conversation about literature, while I almost fell asleep from boredom.

Not surprisingly my mother and Ameythst hadn't come to visit us yet, I don't think they wanted to see me, until they had to. When I was able to leave the hospital and go home.

Fathers not gonna be there, he's going to court after getting out of hospital, for rape and assault. I might get let off for hurting him, because I was defending Amber. Although this does mean I'm going to have to go to court and tell the judge all about what my father did. Which I am not looking forward to, at all.

"I'm going to miss you so much!" Dwayne groaned.

He was helping me pack, I was well enough to go home and school was going to start soon so Dwayne had to return to his home and family. I was putting away all the items I'd brought when I was running away, while Dwayne was dealing with my clothes, well the small amount that my mum had brought over to the hospital.

"I'm gonna miss you too" I said, placing my camera(by the way Dwayne was the only one who saw it, he said it was so sweet and he almost cried, I mean he was in tears, like a baby, bless his gorgeous heart.) in one of the bags provided.

I suddenly felt Dwayne wrap his arms around my waist and place his chin on my shoulder, I would miss this more then anything, just the feel of him around me, it would be months before I saw him again, I bet.

I felt the tears welling up, when for some reason I heard Dwayne laughing into my hair.

"What's so funny?" I said angrily

Dwayne turned me round to face him, he was grinning, a real toothy grin, from ear to ear. This pissed me off slightly, but mostly I was confused, I thought we were having a lovey dovey moment.

"So, what the hell are you laughing at?" I said, poking him in the chest.

"Because this whole time, I've been holding onto these" he brought his hand up in front of my face, so that I could stare straight at them.

My mouth dropped wide open

"Dwayne give them back" I snarled as he made the silk purple polka dot pants, dance around my head.

Dwayne winked as he slipped the knickers into one of his pockets.

"Dwayne give them back, now!"

"You want them, come get them" he whispered, jumping back so that he was out of reaching distance.

I lunged at Dwayne, but he started skipping around the room, so I had to run after him, looking like an idiot. He slid underneath the bed and over the table.

I finally got so angry, that I suddenly leaped off the sofa I was standing on, onto Dwayne's back. I tackled him to the floor, my hands searching around inside his many pockets, feeling around for my underwear.

Suddenly my leg pushed against Dwayne's groin, as I froze, Dwayne let out a moan, he almost collapsed backwards. I had to push him onto the bed quickly so that he wouldn't crack his head on the floor.

I pulled my knickers out and slipped them into the clothes bag.

I went to sit down next to him, he was lying down slightly, his legs hanging off the bed

"woah" he gasped, turning to face me

"urmm, yeah" that was all I could say. Of course I know one day I'll be more sexual with Dwayne, sometimes I think I want it right there and then, but for some reason I was scared and since I'd never done anything like that before, I was sure I'd be rubbish at it and make a fool of myself.

"Are you ok?" he said sitting up properly. He was holding me like a baby in only seconds. I curled up and leant against him, enjoying the safety and warmth that I felt.

"Yeah, I guess"

Dwayne turned my head slowly, just starring at me, the corners of his mouth turned down. "No your not, what's the matter, is it because of the knickers? Or because of what happened on the floor? Or something else? Please tell me"

"I can't, it's too embarrassing"

"Fine, but you know you can always talk to me, about anything."

I finally looked at Dwayne and I could see that he clearly meant what he said, I was the luckiest person ever to have him as my boyfriend.

"I know, I love you"

"I love you too" he said, nuzzling the top of my head as I kissed his neck in the exact spot I knew he liked.

"Now how about we get back to work?"

I nodded and jumped off his lap, walking back to the suitcase and returning to the job.

I know that one day I will go further with Dwayne, but right now I'm happy with the way things are.