A/N: This is something that just came to me out of nowhere. Like literally, the backstory is odd. Anyway, I've been writing on it whenever the mood strikes and now it's almost done, so I figured now was as good of a time as any to start posting.

Summary: They've been schoolmates since the first grade, but haven't noticed each other until now. Being the star that he is, he can't say no to a proposition. That is until the home life he has learned to deal with gets in the way of getting closer to her. When it comes to keeping secrets, mum's the word. Something he knows all too well about.

Inspiration: Two-Way Street by Lauren Barnholdt (really good book, but the storyline will be different – in ways – as the chance of there being a road-trip hasn't been decided yet).

Disclaimer: I don't own anything IS related. Along with almost everything else in this story, I bet. If there is the off chance that I do own something, I'll let you know. Oh wait. All the teacher names…are the names of teachers from my high school. I didn't feel like making up new names, so I'm using them. I don't think they'll mind. ;]

I hope you like it!

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Teach Me



Dear Quincy,

I've resorted to writing you a letter like I'm some petulant child that won't give up. All because you won't even talk to me. How ironic. That would have been me six months ago.

And yes, I know what petulant means, Fucker.

Look, I'd appreciate it if you would just stop ignoring me and tell me what's wrong. The silent treatment isn't fair. I didn't do anything wrong.

If anything, this is all your fault. You just couldn't leave well enough alone. You didn't listen to Sadie and Kwest. You just did whatever you wanted because you're Tommy Quincy – "the best thing that's ever happened to planet Earth."

And yes, Mrs. Robertese did say that freshman year.

You know what?! Forget it. I hope you fall off your pedestal, you fucking jackass.

- J


To: heyjude[at]gmail[dot]com

Subject: hey jude (that never stops being funny…)


Remember that night at Frisco's?! How could you not…I know - that was very presumptuous of me. The thing is – I don't know how to say this, but

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