Title: Hope of Bad Wolf

Author: Silentchild10

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters that appear in this fic. If I did then I would keep them captive somewhere so that they could be my own personal men. With the Doctor doing my homework and other more unspeakable things.

Summery: Abaddon's attack on Jack activated the time particles left from Bad Wolf's meddling. Pulling the only other instances of time particles back to Jack…including Rose.

Author's Note: Jack's defeat of Abaddon seemed to be too easy. Life is not enough to defeat the Devil. So this is my fix, on how Jack could have been helped in defeating Abaddon. This is inspired by the Doctor's explination of Huon particles, and the fact that I can't see the Doctor being able to pull all trace of Bad Wolf from Rose, but not all Time Lord from Donna. This is my attempt at making things right.

Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter

Gwen was numb. A part of her brain was screaming out. Everything occurring around her was wrong. She was driving Jack to face the monster that they had released. That she had released. A monster whose shadow killed all that it touched. But she was unable to process these thoughts, and the emotions echoed from a distance. She felt numb. This couldn't really be happening.

And than suddenly they were in the middle of a field. Jack was yelling at her to stop. Even before the car was completely stopped he was out the door. Running out into the open and away from the truck. It was all happening too fast, there had to be some other way. A way to stop this death and destruction without sacrificing Jack. The man she loved and barely knew was going to sacrifice himself. He could die because of her. But even if he didn't die permanently, this sacrifice that he was willing to make dwarfed them and made the rest of Torchwood insignificant. It showed the truth about all of them, who they were and what they were willing to sacrifice. She, Owen, Tosh, and Ianto were showing that they were willing to sacrifice Jack.

But he was yelling at the monster, and the shadow was approaching. The monster took only seconds to reach Jack. And Jack was just standing there sacrificing himself, for her. For everyone. Gwen knew, she knew that he could die and maybe he wouldn't come back. Maybe this act of sacrifice was it. For Jack, for the world, maybe this would be the end. Maybe this was her end.

Jack was screaming and she was still numb and unmoving, and there was something wrong. He wasn't dying that was true but the monster wasn't getting any weaker either. Maybe Jack's sacrifice wasn't enough. Maybe Torchwood and she had damned them, all of them to this. The world was ending and the human race wiped out, because four people were manipulated by the loss of what we loved.

Abaddon, that was what Manger had called him, and Gwen could only think: 'Abandon all hope ye who enter'. Gwen had no hope to abandon anymore, before there was the hope of reviving Rhys. But that was gone now, all that was left was the despair of the deaths she had seen, that she'd caused.

Finally time slowed, but Jack was still screaming. He was screaming and writhing while Abaddon just stood over him, waiting for all the life to finally be drained from Jack. Was it even possible, or was there really a never-ending supply of life for Abaddon to devour.

But Jack was glowing now. Was this it, all of the life being sucked from him? Was this what life was, this light that was being pulled from him?

The Earth was shaking, and Gwen was afraid now. She was no longer numb, and this was worse. The reality of what she had done, and what she had caused was worse than the numbness.

Suddenly the light wasn't being pulled from Jack, but surrounding him, like a shield and there was something being drawn into the light. Something that was shaking the ground and making the air whip around with a howl through the tree and across the grass they stood on.

It was a screaming howl that drove Gwen to her knees, hands covering her ears. Trying to hide from the noise. It was so loud and piercing. Making her entire body burn and vibrate from the force of it.

Then suddenly there was a girl, and the light had doubled. The shadow was held back, and Abaddon was being swallowed up. The light was beating back the darkness. Until finally it was over.

Gwen was running now, running toward the light and Jack. The two had fallen, collapsing like dolls. Limp. Jack was dead, Gwen was sure of that. But would he awaken, and who was the girl that had been summoned into Jack's light. What was she, that she could just appear as she had.

She was screaming, a wail that she couldn't control and didn't even realize she was making. As she reached the bodies, the rest of Torchwood was finally arriving on the scene, unnerved by what they found on this otherwise peaceful field of grass.

The other members of Torchwood she sent to secure the girl that had appeared. She was unable to fully articulate what had happened, and why the girl needed to be brought back to Torchwood. Gwen attempted to wake Jack, shaking the still dead body.

And in the distance, a new sound resounded. A sound Gwen dismissed as her ears ringing from the howling wind that had finally stopped. A wheezing howl that she had never heard before. The Tardis was landing in Cardiff.