Naruko sat on the swing outside the Konoha Academy. It had always been a place of comfort, she never understood why, she just, went there when she needed a place to be away from things she didn't want to think about. She'd done it the day of the genin exams, she'd done it after finding out she'd never be able to have children. Now there was a situation, despite liking girls Naruko desperately wanted to have children. Flesh and blood relatives that she could love and nurture the way no one had done for her. Her mind wandered so intently she didn't notice the stealthy steps coming up on her.

Her every muscle froze in place, unable, unwilling to move as the coldness swept across her.

"Dammit Shikamaru let me go!" When the cold feeling of his shadow retreated she turned around to find both her friends standing there. Chouji of course had a bag of chips in his hand which he let Naruko take one of when she gestured towards them. People really don't give him enough credit, she thought to herself. Just because he won't let have anyone have the last chip doesn't mean he won't share.

"So... second test huh? What do you guys think?"

Shikamaru plopped onto the ground and lay down. "Asuma mentioned some Jounin give tests before final decisions. But he doesn't think that's necessary. He's not going to test us." He watched silently as his blond friend cursed up a storm.

Chouji swallowed. "Hey, no worries, You guys'll pass." Chouji always had supreme confidence in his friends, even if he did have some self-confidence issues. Naruko knew for a fact he liked a girl in their class though Chouji had always chosen not to give her name and she'd always done her best to convince him that any girl would be lucky to have him. He was like a giant teddy bear, someone you could always talk to and who would always make you feel better. In fact Naruko herself had often hunted him down when the stress from all the rumors had started to pile up. Out of the two of them Naruko definitely considered him in front place for best friend.

Naruko shook her head. "Yeah right. Sakura's just like the rest of them, and Sasuke," her mind went over what he said on the roof. "okay, he might not be as bad as we think."

Chouji and Shikamaru shared a look.

Naruko had always shown a remarkable dislike for the last of the Uchiha Clan. The two males of the group had decided that prior to them befriending her she, like most of the Kunoichi, had had a crush on the boy, and for her to give him any kind of positive acknowledgment was huge praise indeed.

The three friends continued to sit and speak for a while before finally heading home. The two boys lived close together and started to walk, though not before Chouji had taken one last look behind him as the blond girl walked away.

The latest genin from the Nara clan put his hand on the Akimichi's shoulder. "You really do need to just ask her out one of these days."

Naruko snored softly as her body moved to maintain a comfortable position. It hadn't taken her a long time to fall asleep as they waited. Sasuke had gone of by himself and started to practice while Sakura sat there, waiting, patiently. All the while her most inner self was calling for her to set up their sensei the same way the blond had done the day before.

Unfortunately, Sakura knew enough to know that the only traps she was capable of building were the examples straight out of the textbooks. And most of those were deadly.

A loud smack resounded through the clearing causing Sasuke and Sakura to turn and Naruko to bolt up from her sleep. A large red bump started to form as she watched a small orange book fly through the air. Her sensei looked down from above her where he was squatting. The look on his face revealed exactly what he wanted her to do. She jogged over and picked the book up and noticed what it was. It's volume 12! The biggest selling point to this one was it focused completely and totally on lesbians! Hell, unlike the other ones this is actually aimed at women! Naruko had 'borrowed' the Hokage's copy three years back. A light blush and a bead of blood dripping from her nose accompanied the book's return ot it's owner.

Kakashi stared at them before quickly explaining the bell test. He didn't even give them time to ask questions before he said "Go!" Sakura and Sasuke had darted into the woods while Naruko ran straight at the Jounin. Her right hand was blocked by h is open palm. He smiled at her through his mask even as his foot swept her legs out from under her. She was infuriated to see that his eyes hadn't left the book.

"A thong, really? You didn't strike me as a thong kind of girl." The page he was looking at flipped while the girl shrieked in pure fury.

"I'm gonna kill you, you fucking pervert!" The blond whipped her hand out again before pulling it back and crouching, her leg shot out connecting with a log as he vanished. "Son of a bitch whore fucking, I'm gonna kick your ass for that!" The pain was incredible since she'd held nothing back and kicked with everything she had. Her mind dimly registered the words, "Thousand years of Death" before fingers violated her.

Kakashi smiled behind his mask as he twisted his fingers adding to the pain of the technique his own sensei had hit him with so many years earlier. The girl shot forward so fast he could almost swear she was moving faster than the Hiraishin. When he looked at her, she didn't move. That was when the Uchiha chose to strike.

Naruko's mind was locked on the burning sensation that was creeping up her ass from the hole her sensei had just brutally assaulted. She stood up, her anger flaring. She turned towards the man that was supposed to be her teacher, he had humiliated her, he'd brought back every memory of what Mizuki had done, of all the lies, and Naruko latched onto them, the anger, the hatred. She watched a pink blur run towards the man while Sasuke was fighting him. Her rage greater than her humiliation, she launched herself at him, both legs outstretched. "Die masked bastard!

In that time, she noticed several things. Kakashi turned towards her watching her outstretched legs, her feet connecting solidly with his right cheek. Sasuke's right burying itself in his side, and a feminine hand snatching the two bells.

The last thing she saw is something she didn't expect. It was hard to tell because of the mask, but, Is he smiling?

Kakashi spoke. "Excellent! You pass!"

The two halted and looked over at Sakura, the only one with bells in her hand.

"It was an excellent plan you came up with, Naruko playing possum, Sasuke keeping me busy, the sudden attack from behind and Sakura diving in for the bells. Your teamwork is excellent. Congratulations team seven!"

Naruko looked confused and only one word slipped from her mouth. "Plan?"

Kakashi, had not been happy. The random factors that had been involved in the bell test had coalesced into what appeared to be a plan, and was nothing more than a good young shinobi, a pissed off kunoichi, and an opportunistic girl with quick hands.

Still, if there was the chance, even the slightest chance that they could become something more, that they could pull off that type of teamwork on purpose, there was no end to what they could accomplish. They could even surpass the Sannin.

"The purpose of the test, is to work together. The bells are supposed to divide you, but instead, you managed to get them in a combined attack that was pure accident, and yet, you did get them." Kakashi smiled. "Always remember, A ninja that doesn't follow the rules is trash. But a ninja who abandons his friends, is worse than trash. Meet me here tomorrow." Kakashi vanished.

Naruko walked quietly besides her new teammates. She wondered if she should, and decided that it didn't really matter. "Hey, you wanna go grab something to eat? I'm starving."

Sasuke looked at the girl. On the one hand, she was hot tempered and more than a little pathetic, but she tried, something Sakura most definitely did not. On the other, he was hungry. "Where?"

Sakura's eyebrow twitched as Naruko started to pull Sasuke after her. Dammit the whore's trying to steal Sasuke! She was about to scream when Naruko turned around. "Hey, Sakura, you coming?"

The pink haired kunoichi looked startled. She's, inviting me? Maybe she's not? Sakura shook her head and pushed the thought away for now. "Uh, yeah, let's go!"

She ran to catch up to the rest of team seven.

(A/N) I realize that there's a serious lack of dialogue in these chapters, In fact I'm surprised nobody's called me on it. However, I want to get the crap we know out of the way. Why have Kakashi explain the bell test for the hundred thousandth time, we all know the point of it, so why write it, As character interactions change from the way they were in the show, that's when dialogue will start showing up more.