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A Darker Side

Quick Summary-The fight against Aizen and his espada has still yet to show signs of a victor as both sides have suffered defeats. The remainder of Aizen's present forces include the espada Coyote Stark and Tia Halibel, who are both near death, and ex-captains Ichimaru Gin and Sousuke Aizen himself, who are currently in combat with Ichigo and Isshin Kurosaki. On Soul Societies side there are many heavy injuries and no confirmed deaths, and all able captains and lieutenants are currently busy treating their wounded comrades while their remaining forces attempt to make their escape from Hueco Mundo to aid them. Now as the fight looks like it is coming to a close, Ichigo attempts to defeat Gin so he can help his father finish the war.

Chapter 1: Death

Fake Karakura Town- Ichigo vs Gin

"I have to beat this guy before he gets a good hit on me with his bankai" Ichigo thought to himself as he blocked Gins bankai, Kamishini no Yari, which he had been trying unsuccessfully to aim at Ichigo's heart with for the past several minutes. After Gin had told him the speed at which his zanpakuto extended and retracted at, Ichigo had been completely on the defensive.

"Ya really are a scary kid, ya know that Kurosaki? Most folks woulda been dead by now." Gin said to him, the grin never fading off his face.

They had only been fighting for around 7-8 minutes, but Gin had already cut the town in half when he released his bankai as he showed off its incredible length to distract him. Ichigo couldn't help but wonder if anyone had been hit by the attack. Most of the buildings kept standing while others had or currently were sliding off their bases after being cut.

Ichigo would often feel a rush of wind, or notice a new cut in his robes, as the Gin attempted to impale him with his swords unparraleled speed. He had been successful in stabbing Ichigo 4 times, leaving leaving small cuts near the outsides of his chest and arms, which bleed slightly, but Ichigo had also put a few gashes on Gins face and arms as well. The battle was one solely of speed, their swords appeared to be blurrs as the two Shinigami tried to stab, slash, and cut the other down.

Ichigo quickly swings upward and pushes Gin into the air and then jumps after him, he begins moving around him at his fastest speed, creating Afterimages of himself to seemingly surround his enemy from all angles. He's used this tactic before but now he has a new idea for it.

"Ya'll hafta be faster than that ta beat me kid" Gin yells at him as he observes the movements of Ichigo's after images, watching for and blocking the oncoming attacks."He's right, I need more speed. I hope this works." Ichigo thought to himself as he puts his hand up to his face, he quickly brings it back down, forming his new hollow mask, as he says to Gin, "I'm sorry, but we need to finish this."

Ichigo's speed increases with the boost of his vizard abilities and he dissapears from Gin's sight, the ex-captain still grinning. Suddenly the area is filled with Ichigo's hollowfied voice, "getsuga tenshou", immediately the waves of black reiatsu come flying from every direction. After a few seconds, he starts to jump in to attack the ex-captain directly.

As Gin begins to be overwhelmed by the attacks he notices one of the many Ichigos jump in to attack, and Gin aims his sword. As his sword extends, he feels a sharp pain in his chest and he looks down. A black blade surrounded by black reiatsu is protruding through his chest. "You're pretty scary, ya know that kid?" he says at he realizes he's beaten.

"H..hey kid," Gin says as he looks back at the shinigami, while blood begins to come out of his mouth, "Ya know Ra....Rangiku right?", Ichigo nods, as he removes his mask. "Good. . . . . . . . . tell her that sh. . . .that she was the reason I could . . . .always . . . . keep smilin" the last words are barely audible but Ichigo hears them,"I'll tell her." Gins grin lessens a little as his head dips down, and Ichigo removes his blade, and the captain falls to the ground. Before he walks away, Ichigo looks upon the Gins face. The former captain of squad 3 kept his smile, even in death.

Ichigo looked in the distance to observe his father's fight with Aizen. It looked pretty even from a distance, but he'd have to get close to know for sure. Ichigo sat down on the edge of the building and closed his eyes

Ichigos Inner World

Ichigo opens his eyes again, this time to view his inner world. He looks around for a minute, he can't see Zangetsu but he wasn't looking for him anyway. He was looking for his hollow, or the 'horse', as the hollow last referred to himself. He couldn't see him but he knew he was here. He had to be back, it was the only explaination for what happened in his fight against Ulquiorra.

"Come on out, I know your here." and as he finished a laughter filled the area, followed by a voice Ichigo hadn't heard in a while "Yo king, you woulda been dead back on top of that dome if I didn't decide to save your ass. Don't you think you should thank me?"

"Yea, thanks a lot, you stabbed Ishida and you probably would have killed him If I didn't take over back then. But i'm not worried about that, you know why i'm here." Ichigo said as he still looked for the hollow.

Suddenly, he felt a almost impossibly strong reiatsu flare behind him so he turned around. Ichigo's eyes widened as he saw his hollow. He looked just like what Orihime described to him while she healed him after his fight with Ulquiorra. He had a sinister looking skull mask with horns. His wrists, ankles and neck had tufts of red fur, and his hair was longer, goin down to his back, only his hair was white instead of orange. His hands and feet had claws, and the upper half of his robes were gone, revealing a hole in his chest with dark tatoo-ish marks around it, making it look like some kind of dark sun. Ichigo was stunned, and it was obvious.

"Suprised at the new look king. We've gained enough power for me to finally reach my full form." his hollow said as he waived his hands over himself and his reiatsu flared once again, shaking the building they were on. "But besides that, I'm here to fulfill my promise. I told you I'd teach you how to really use my powers if you grew stronger, but I have to warn you." the hollows eyes narrowed to slits as he spoke

"If you do this, you'll be changed for good. None of the other vizards have this power, probably to scared to even try. Since you managed to stay king I'll let you know when the time is right, you can choose then. Until then I'll loan you a new power. It's nothing special but it will help a little." he walked forward, and stopped when he was in front of Ichigo. He stuck his hand inches in front of Ichigo's face, and whispered "Don't give in king." and he then shoved Ichigo off the building, and Ichigo returned back to the real world.

Back in the Fake Karakura Town

Ichigo's eyes shot open as he thought about what his hollow said. "A new power that even Shinji and the others don't have? Maybe this is what I need to beat Aizen. . . . . .but if its him offering then I shouldn't do it. I only have one more chance. I have to win." He decided to quickly check on the others reiatsu. Everyone was still alive, except the espada's pressense was now gone. "Good, maybe they're dead like the others. That means all thats left now is Aizen."

Ichigo then stood up and looked again to his fathers fight with Aizen. His dad was still fighting, but Ichigo could tell Aizen was winning. "I'll just have to do this with what I have." he takes one more look at where the espadas last were, then quickly focuses on Aizen, and shunpo's towards the fight.

As Ichigo nears the fight, he sees Aizen jump onto the top of the nearest building as he raises his hand and shouts, "Hado 63: Raikoho" and a large blast of yellow lightning shoots at Isshin who manages to counter in time, "Bakudo 81: Danku" and a barrier appears just in time to block Aizen's attack, but he quickly follows up with a counter attack, "Hado 88: Hiryugekizoku shintenraiho," releasing a massive blue beam of energy at Isshin, breaking the barrier but fading away before it hits Ishhin, but Aizen is already behind him, "Bakudo 63: Hyapprankan" binding Isshin in what seems to be glowing chains of gold. Sensing Ichigo, Aizen kicks Isshin into another building as he feels young Kurosaki closing in.

Aizen has a small smile on his face as he turns to face the new opponent. Ichigo kicks off of the closest building and goes into a side ways spin throught the air as he lifts his hand to his face to re form his hollow mask. As he finishes the spin he releases a powerful downward slash, causing the roof of the building to cave in as the two opponents meet blades.

As Ichigo brings his sword down, he yells "GETSUGA TENSHOU" in his hollowfied voice, releasing a gigantic black wave of energy upon Aizen, slashing the tower down the middle. Ichigo immediately kicks off into the air and fires off 2 more getsugas before landing and observing the large cloud of dust and debris..

Ichigo looks around, looking and feeling for his opponent, when he suddenly feels a strong reiatsu right behind him. Ichigo turns just in time to block Aizen, clothes now tattered and torn but otherwise unharmed, as he pushes back Ichigo with a powerful attack, pushing Ichigo back.

"Guess its time to try it" and he raises his hand and focuses his hollow power into it, causing a red orb to appear in his hand. When he sees it, Aizen quickly points his index finger at Ichigo and mutters "Hado 4: Byakurai" and the concentrated bolt of lightning shoots through the center of Ichog's chest just before he releases his cero. Ichigo's eyes widen in shock as it fades away

Aizen slowly lowers his hand as he looks at Ichigo, a small smile on his face. "I thought you would do better than this. Now Their last hope has failed them and I am free to retreat and reform a new army." a new army." he watches the life slowly fade out of Ichigo's eyes. "you have a few more minutes before you fade away, I'll leave you to die in peace." And with that Aizen fades Away

A minute passes and all Ichigo can do is stare at the sky in wonder. "If only I was stronger. Just one more chance. I'll do anything, go to any length, to kill Aizen."as he lies on the ground he can hear the voice of someone yelling at him. "Ichi. . don't. . . di . . . tay . . .ali. ." He feels wet drops hit his face. He uses the last of his strength to look over and sees a black space against the blue sky, and two people, one in all white, the other in all black, sitting over him, crying. And then it all goes black

The Void

Ichigo sat in the black nothingness, his wounds were gone, his body felt whole and free of pain. He wondered if death was so bad. Then he heard him. "Its time to make your decision king. You'll have one more chance. You won't belong to human, shinigami or hollows. Your power will corrupt you and those around you if you don't learn to control it." Ichigo thought about it for a few seconds, and then said," If it gives me the power to beat, Aizen, I'll do anything". His hollow began laughing as he felt the pain returning to his body, the light started to come back.

"First sensible thing you ever said, king"

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