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Random Desert of Hueco Mundo

In the endless desert, a group of warriors dressed in white ran across a sand sea shrouded in darkness, lit only by the stars in the sky. Leading them was a slim built man with sky blue hair who scouted the area with a look of distaste.

"Do you see him yet, Grimmjow?" a woman with short, fiery hair to his left called out as she scanned the darkness surrounding them with a look of both fear and excitement.

"Shut up woman!" Grimmjow roared, causing the girl to jump a little and smile devilishly.

The third member of the group was a man with short black hair stayed silent as he moved forward into the darkness, staring straight ahead.

The group came to a halt as the stars disappeared from the sky, making the desert a pitch black void.

The woman licked her lips as she looked around with wide eyes into the emptiness. "I know this might sound dumb, but it kinda turns me on when he does this." She spoke out softly, causing Grimmjow to stare at her with disgust.

"I swear, if you pull your usual crap, I'll skin ya alive when we get back." He said as he turned away and pulled out his sword. "Keep to the plan for once." He grumbled once before launching himself into the darkness.

"Geez, like he's one to talk." The woman grumbled as she checked her wrist, where a skull shaped watch displayed the time. "The main force should be ready soon so we need to start I guess." She then stuck her hand out into the air before her, where a spark of brilliant red flame appeared, spreading out to form a zanpakuto that was as tall as her and without a guard. Grabbing the sword from the air before her, she looked over at the man next to her. "You remember what to do Ryuuji?" The man nodded once before disappearing into a different direction.

The girl took a few seconds as she looked around. She checked her outfit. She wore a modified uniform that consisted of a pair of high cut shorts and thigh length boots, along with a tight fitting, long sleeve jacket that left a bit of her chest exposed. She looked forward as if checking her appearance in a mirror. Turning to the side and striking a flirtatious pose, she blew a kiss to her fake mirror, readied her blade, and ran out into the night. "Time to catch a winner Saki!" she thought to herself.

Off in the distance, the flames of battle began to rage.

Soul Society

"Captain, we received a letter from the 3rd seat. He said it was urgent." An unknown shinigami said nervously as he handed over the letter, then quickly leaving the presence of his captain. The captain looked at the letter for a moment. It wasn't too often that Anyone in Soul Society sent actually letters, especially ones signed with a crude drawing of a rabbit.

"Let's go" the captain called out to his lieutenant, letting the letter vaporize in the presence of his rising reiatsu. "We just got invited to a party."

Hueco Mundo

"Damnit woman, start attacking like you mean it!" Grimmjow roared as he lifted himself from a mound of sand. He was now in his ressureccion and was covered in deep cuts and bruised all over. He grimaced as he looked up and saw Saki, who was only fighting for show.

Saki, who was up in the air fighting, could barely hold in her excitement as she rushed in for attack after attack. "Shut up you dirty alley cat!" She scolded as swung her Zanpakuto, which was now wreathed in flames. She was countered and knocked back easily by her enemy, which was human like figure that was more of a shadow than an solid being.

On the ground below, Ryuuji was breathing heavily while attempting to stop the bleeding from a deep gash across his chest, which was healing at a noticeable rate. He had been caught off guard by the opponent while searching, and had woken up to find his allies fighting around him. He had watched Grimmjow had fight for nearly twenty minutes before being sent being sent flying into his current position.

Saki had appeared just in time, but was not fighting an offensive battle. Every time she came close to hitting the enemy, she would purposefully miss the target, or make the blow too weak to do any lasting damage. Ryuuji looked down at a small watch that hung around his neck. It was almost time.

He heard a thud as Saki landed next to him, rubbing her butt from the impact. "No fair! I can't fight him seriously at all." She pouted. The shadow landed before her, holding her flaming sword in its hand. It held the blade in his hand for a moment before shattering it into pieces of flame that floated in the air briefly before dying out. The shadow bent down and reached for Saki, and as its hand neared, the shadows broke away, revealing a young man in black shihakusho with slighty shaggy, spiky orange hair.

"Lord Ichigo." Ryuuji said politely as he started to get to his feet. His eyes widened when Ichigo appeared in from of him placing a hand on his shoulder. He barely had time to blink before His surrounding changed from a dark desert, to a well lit white room with a lovely woman sitting before him. "Hello Miss Orihime." said, quickly recovering from his surprise.

Back in the desert, Saki had watched as Ichigo and Ryuuji had vanished, with only Ichigo returning barely a second later, filling the air with a thundering boom from his extraordinarily fast movement. He looked over at her with a soft smile. "Good work Saki, but you really need to stop holding back against me." He told her, clearly pointing out her failure. She adopted a wounded look and stared at him with a look like a wounded puppy.

"B-but what if I accidentally put a scratch on that face of yours, or cut your clothes, or even trimming of a bit of your hair by mistake!" She pouted as she reached up for him. He gave her a look like she was slightly mad. "No way," he told her, making her put more effort into her wounded look. "I know what you're planning, and it ain't happening. Sll of you already got Rukia mad at me."

"She won't find out!" She whimpered, as she quit and began to stand. The watch on her wrist began beeping off as a timer triggered. Ichigo looked in the opposite direction, dropping his guard long enough to be tackled by Saki, who now straddled him, laughing at her success. "Ok, ok." Ichigo grumbled, laying on the sand, watching as she leaned forward, closed her eyes, and gave him a passionate kiss. When she opened her eyes, she was back in her room, sitting on a bed all by herself. She let out a soft giggle and let herself fall backwards onto her bed.

"I don't know why I have to be the one." Ichigo grumbled as he appeared back in the desert, finding a Grimmjow with a victorious look in his eyes and a malicious grin on his face.

"You're in deep shit now lover boy." He cackled. Pointing a clawed finger at Ichigo, who gave him a look of hate.

"If you tell anyone, I'll show Lily this." Ichigo said emotionlessly, reaching into the shadows and drawing out a picture, which caused all the color to drain from Grimmjow's face. In the picture was a child Grimmjow in ressureccion, a product of Urahara and Ryo's experients. Both of them knew that if some of the others saw this, especially Lilynette, Grimmjow would probably never be able to be taken seriously again. Ichigo sure couldn't take anything about him seriously when he saw the photo.

Grimmjow rushed forward and cut the photo in half, then destroying the remains with a few bala. Looking pleased with himself he look up at Ichigo, who was holding five more copies, now in larger size. "FINE! You win damnit, but if you ever show those I promise I'll tell her everything." Grimmjow said darkly before walking away a little and opening a Garganta, disappearing. Ichgio pushed the photo's back into the shadows before opening a Garganta of his own, but instead of stepping into it, he stepped back. He reached for Zangetsu and was instantly surrounded in a black reiatsu, which disappeared just as quickly to reveal his Bankai. He barely had time to raise his sword as the air around him began to tremor, and a man launched himself from the Garganta, colliding blades with Ichigo and pushing him onto the defensive, laughing all the while.

Ichigo took a chance to separate from the man, dashing backwards a few meters before stopping. Already in front of him, grinning like the devil himself, stood Kenpachi Zaraki, no eye-patch, no bells, and 100% ready for a fight to the death.

"Glad you could make it Zaraki." Ichigo said with calm determination ,going in for an attack on the strongest fighter in Soul Society as his body began to exude pure black reiatsu.

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