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WhyDoesItHaveToRainOnMyParade xx

I was sat in the front row of my class. We were watching this video on abuse. I tugged slightly to make sure that the bruises I had were completely covered over. As the video continued on I couldn't take any more of it. I collected together my things and just left the room leaving everyone pretty shocked.

Troy was sat in the row behind me more or less bored. Though payed attention and listened to what was happening in the video as he knew all to well that Physical abuse was a serious subject. He was a little shocked when I left the room.

"I'll take care of it Mrs. Neighton." He said getting up and going out to the hallway. The class was quiet as they watched him leave but he thought nothing of it as he went to mei. Sure, we weren't exactly friends but we did at least say hi to each other on occasion. When he found in me in the hallway he was shocked to see me sitting on the floor crying. "What's up playmaker? What's with the tears?"

I sniffled and tried to cover my tears. We weren't exactly friend so I wasn't to comfortable around him.

"Hey, hey...relax Kelsi. I know we may not know each other, but I am willing to listen and talk if you need a shoulder to lean on." Troy told her gently.

"It's nothing" I reply wiping away my tears. My sweater sleeve moved up a bit so I instantly tugged it back down.

Troy found my reaction kind of odd but thought nothing of it at the moment. "Listen, do you want to go somewhere and talk? I'm willing to listen if you give me the chance."

I looked up to Troy a little and responded "Ok"

"We'll only talk about what you want to Kelsi." He said extending his hand to mine. "I promise I won't force anything out of you that you're uncomfortable with."

I reached out and took his outstretch hand. "Alright" I say gently.

"I know of someplace private where we can talk. Will you be willing to trust me enough to come along?" I ask helping her to her feet.

When he said that to me I nodded a little.

Troy released his hand from mine and led me upstairs and outside to the rooftop garden. "I never bring anyone up here." Troy said looking at the view of the city that surrounded us. "Other than maybe my girlfriend but she's so busy with her scholastic club that I don't see her much other than maybe during lunch or sometimes after school."

"It's really nice up here" I said looking all around me at the view we had.

"It's quite peaceful too. It's the one place where I can just get away from everything."

"It feels really peaceful" I said looking to him. Being up here just made all my worries and everything just sort of melt away.

"I have to say it is." Troy said when he saw me stand next to him but at a slight distance. "So anyway...what happened down there Kelsi? What happened to make you break down like that?"

"Just.." I was trying to work out what it was that I should say "some stuff getting a little to much."

"Anything that you feel comfortable telling me about?" Troy asked. He saw me rubbing my arms nervously but didn't say another word. The situation was uncomfortable enough as it was.

"Not really" I admitted. I still nervous so rubbed one of the bruise on my arm over my sweater.

"No problem. Like I said, I didn't bring you up here to force stuff out of you." Troy said with a sigh going to the bench and sitting down. "But to me, it seemed like something in that video we watched bugged you."

"Maybe a little" I admit going over to the bench and sitting on it with him.

"I don't want to admit it to anyone, not even my girlfriend. But that video we watched...is a true story about a friend of mine...who...sadly...never made it. She never made it past age nine."

I looked to Troy and then back down at my arm. I thought how I could have easily been that girl from the video. I had been abused my whole life "Troy.." I gently say "I need some help"

"Sure Kelsi." Troy said looking to me. "What's on your mind?"

I reached for the edge of sweater and pulled it over my head. When I had I tugged the top I had on underneath down a little but whatever I did it reveled a huge bruise on my shoulder.

"Holy moly..." Troy said looking at the ugly black and blue mark that was on my shoulder. "How did that happen? And what's wrong with your..." and that's when the realization hit him.

"He hurts me" I admit looking down at the bruise on my shoulder.

"Who doesn't Kelsi?" Troy asked, stunned.

"My dad and brother" I admit to him. I was scared so I had began shaking a little. My dad has always been the one that hurt me but now my brother was back from college he had started to follow in my dad footsteps.

"For how long?" I was asked.

"My dad for as long as I can remember but my brother since he came back from college during the summer." I admitted to Troy. It sort of felt good to talk about it. Something we didn't know though was that we were being watched.

"The thing is I know your brother. We used to hang all the time before he left for college. I never thought...he'd do anything like that to anyone."

"Me either but he changed at college." I say tears forming in the corner of my eyes

"The thing is Kelsi..." Troy said with a sigh. "You have to be willing to accept any help that can be given to you. You have to be willing to tell someone so that this will stop happening to you."

"Ok" I respond gently "I'll talk to someone about it." I then paused for just a moment "Could you not say anything to our classmates until i'm ready to talk about it to them?"

"You can trust that I'll hold onto your secret. But for the love of god Kelsi, don't wait to tell someone. The longer you keep yourself stuck in this situation the worse it's going to get. Don't let that happen to you. If you ever, and I mean ever, need me, let me know. I'll be here for you." Troy told me gently.

"Thank you" I say to Troy brushing a few stray tears off my cheeks.

"You're welcome. Come on. We had better get back to class."

"I guess we should" I respond. I picked up my sweater that I had put to the side and slipped it on not wanting anyone else to see the bruises I had.

Troy smiled holding out his hand for me. "Come on." He said gently. "We'll go back together."

"Ok" I respond taking his out reached hand.