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WhyDoesItHaveToRainOnMyParade x

After Troy had finished his practice he went back into the house so he could have a shower due to his very sweaty state after it. While Troy was doing that I was sat in my room playing the keyboard that Jack and Lucille had gotten me "It's hard to believe that i couldn't see" I gently sang. I was singing it how it was meant be sang not how Sharpay changed it to.

"You were always right beside me." Troy sang walking into my room.

"This feelings like no other, i want you know" I say

"You missed a verse playmaker. It goes like this first." Troy said with a bit of a laugh. He then sang "Thought I was alone, with no one to hold. But you were always right beside me." He smiled when he finished that verse and said "Then it goes to the one you just sung."

"Oh yeah" I say blushing a little.

He then sang "That I've never had someone as good for me as you. No one like you."

"So lonely before i finally found..." there was a knock on the door so I had to stop.

"What I've been looking for..." Troy sang cupping my face and then kissing me. He then smiled and went to answer the front door and found it was my lawyer. "Kelsi!" He yelled up the stairs. "Your lawyer is here!'

"Coming." I call leaving my room and going to the front door. "Hi Sarah"

"Hey Kelsi!" Sarah said as Troy let her into the house. "How have you been? Your recovery going okay?"

"I've been good and so has my recovery. Other than my burns every thing's pretty much gone now" I tell her as we go into the living room.

Troy followed us ladies into the living room but didn't say anything unless he was going to be actually talked to. "That's great to hear." Sarah said as she sat down in one of our four leather recliners. "Has the Bolton family been treating you alright?"

I glanced to Troy and then back at Sarah "Like I was one of their own"

"Anything that you'd like to tell me otherwise? If not we'll go ahead with discussing your case."

"There's nothing, Go on." I say to Sarah sitting back in my seat.

"Well the good news is, you're free from your fathers custody." Sarah said smiling at me. "With the evidence provided against him and your video testimony since you were afraid to see him face to face it was all the judge needed to strip his custody of you. It was then agreed upon by the court that the Bolton family are to be your guardians until the age of eighteen. So to put it in lamens terms, you're a free woman Kelsi. You won."

"That's so great' I reply smiling.

"Yes it is. Your father has also been ordered to never have contact with you in any way or form. Whether it's in person, by phone, email, whatever. He and your brother are already looking at fifteen years in prison so it's not like they'll have that chance anyway."

"Yeah" I say still smiling. I was happy all of my drama was finally coming to a close.

"So other than that, we have nothing else to proceed with. All I can say is congratulations and to enjoy your new life. You deserve it."

"Thank you Sarah. You've just been so great through all of this"

"It's what I do Kelsi." Sarah said closing her briefcase. "We're done here then. If you need anything else, you have my number. Contact me anytime. I'll show myself out." and with one more smile my attorney left leaving us home to celebrate my victory.

I looked to Troy said "Now we've sorted out all of that when we leave here we'll be able to have a completely new start." I get up and sit on the edge of the chair he was on.

"We'll have that once we get out of this city and me out of that damn marriage."

"True" I say looking to him from the edge of the seat.

Troy pulled me down into his lap wrapping me tight into his embrace. I just held onto him when he did that.

"I love you" He whispered softly to me.

"I love you to" I respond gently.

Troy then felt his phone go off. Taking it out of his pocket he noticed it was Sharpay. "I better take this." He said with a smile. "She's probably still freaking out because she can't find you."

"Well just let her freak out" I say to him looking at the screen of his phone and pressing the reject call button.

Troy chuckled and pulled me tight getting us into an instant tickle fight. I laughed pretty hard as he did that as he did that because I was so ticklish. When I got my breath back I rested my head on his shoulder. "Welcome home Kelsi" Troy said to me softly.

"Thank you" I say softly. For the first time in my life I was content that nothing bad was going to happen.