Title: Solo at Midnight
Rating: R
Spoilers: None
Summary: The concepts of 'midnight' and 'Gibbs' are linked in her mind, now.

Author's Note: Snippet written for the Drabble Game thread on the new Gabby forum, with the prompt 'midnight', which was given to me by Jo.R/driftingatdusk. And for those who want to join us, the forum is at http (://) gabbyfans (dot) freeforums (dot) org. :) Not just fic - discussions and screencaps and speculation and squeeing, too!

She watches the digital readout on her alarm clock tick over; from 23:59 to 00:00.

Midnight again, alone in my bed. She's attempting to get a decent night's sleep so she can try to cut down on Caf-Pow!, and failing miserably.

Sighing, she turns her back on the clock and stares into the darkness, her mind returning to the man she's attempting to do this for, for the third night in a row. Too much of this stuff is bad for you, Abbs. You know it. With all the coffee he drinks, she could have laughed him out of her lab, but he's Gibbs, and for some reason, she's actually trying this.

As if I don't already know the reason why.

The concepts of 'midnight' and 'Gibbs' are linked in her mind, now. And like yesterday, and the night before it, she can't help but slip a hand down between her legs, teasing herself with the memories of his gaze, his scent, the slightly rough timbre to his voice…

By 00:20, she's breathless, flushed and deeply satisfied, but only a little sleepier. She curls around her pillow with a wordless mumble as her pulse slows, and her breathing become smooth and even once more.

There's nothing she can do to shut off her busy imagination, though. It's going to be a long night.