Edward had said yes, after enough silence that insecure Bella tried to make an appearance. We agreed that we would finish school first; we had just over twelve months of clinical work. Two days later, we said goodbye to Charlie, who insisted his future son-in-law be allowed to stay with the two of us on the reservation. Seth was in school at the local community college and agreed to stay for two days to watch over everyone; by 9:00 AM, he was out like a light on the couch. Edward informed me that Embry and Collin were outside, "bored out their minds. They are begging Sam to go home."

Sam let them go home at 11:00. Someone had told Charlie about Edward's telepathy, and he begrudgingly apologized.

"I thought about shooting you once or twice and beating you with my night stick; maiming you."

Edward assured Charlie that he understood and allowed, "If you really want to, you can. It's not like it will hurt, although a shot gun stings a little."

"How do you know?"


Charlie sat bewildered and assured him that it wasn't necessary, "but something to think about."

"I want you to visit more often."

"I will visit; I will be in Baltimore within three months."

We drove to Seattle and talked of plans and names and places to go. It was like we were falling in love with each other all over again, without the tension straining us.

"Does this mean we are getting naked soon?"

"How do you feel about a little thing called the mile high club?"

"It has been a month; before your strike, the longest was two weeks, and I tore the bed apart, which I hadn't done in years. I don't think American Airlines would enjoy a hole in the side of their plane."

"When is our flight?"

"We have plenty of time; five hours. I thought you might want lunch before takeoff."

We were just entering the town of Forks when my brilliance clicked.

We stopped at a sandwich shop, but I wouldn't let Edward out of the car. I went in and got a meal to go.

"You despise eating in a car."

"I won't be eating in the car."

"Did you want to go to the park?


"We can run to the house. It should still be warm enough."


"Forks High cafeteria?"

I shook my head.

"Side of the road?"

"Take the 101 south until I tell you to turn."

We opened the trunk to find a warmer shirt for me, but found a blanket with a note attached.

Alice called and said you would need this. I never want to know for what, and I don't want the blanket back. -C

"Tell me, Miss Isabella, how long have you been scheming this?"

He had us in the meadow in minutes. It was just how we had left it, just a bit more overgrown.

The blanket and our clothes were destroyed, as were several spots of grass. Flowers were mangled and thrown haphazardly everywhere around us. One of Edward's hands was stained with dirt, and I was covered with grass and flowers. I was so worn that turning my head took determination.

"I'm so doing that again. No sex for you for a month every now and again."

"You will truly be the death of me."

He tried to make me eat, but I refused.

"Have you ever been to an amusement park, watched a kid stuff a corndog, and then ride a rollercoaster?"

"I'm much smoother than any rollercoaster."

"And ten times faster."

"Only just. Now eat."


I ate my bag of chips.

I stayed near the door while Edward checked in our rental. The blanket and clothing were thrown away. The workers were curious, but only one braved to ask what had happened; Edward answered while I blushed.

"My fiancé found the reason not to deny me of her body for a month."

I walked outside and left Edward standing.

"You know they could have taken that as you being an abusive boyfriend."

"Fiancé. They didn't, but they are still curious. Rough sex to them is fast and hard, not clothes shredding."

"Maybe you should go back and tell them we were role-playing. You were Hercules or He-man."

"I'll show you He-man."

Alice was at our house when we arrived, squealing in delight. She prattled on about finally coming true, colors, bridesmaids dresses, and hairdos. I blocked her out at tiaras.

Edwards and Rosalie's grades dropped just a bit.

"We can't graduate with honors; too much newspaper coverage."

"Will you go to graduation?"

"Yes, unless Alice sees a reason why we shouldn't, then we will be in the audience."

I didn't lose any more pens or spill copious amounts of coffee. I let Rose and Edward help me study, but school was still brutal. We were taught at the local teaching hospital; thankfully, there was a parking garage and covered ambulance bay.

In the end, we all walked across the stage and received our diplomas. Everyone in the huge auditorium heard Emmett and Jasper cheer us on.

We didn't apply for internships. Rosalie was happy to have completed med school, and Edward and I started planning a wedding. I would apply to internships in a few years.

Alice, of course, tried to take over, but I knew by then how to put my foot down to her.

We settled on an outdoor, barefoot on the beach ceremony at twilight. The world's best meteorologist came in handy to pin down the date.

The plan had been to get married in Baltimore, then relocate and start baby planning. Edward convinced me to use a sperm bank rather than adoption.

"I want someone who is half you."

The wedding was perfect. Six hundred twenty candles lit up the beach-Alice and Jasper fought with the fire marshal over the amount of candles-and 1987 Gardenia petals covered the sand. I wore a Grecian dress, and Edward had an untucked shirt and no jacket. Some of the pack had come, and Angela came. No one else from Forks had been invited. We said traditional vows, and at exactly 1901, were pronounced husband and wife. Edward ate a piece of red velvet cake and drank champagne. At 9:10 PM we were assaulted with dried lavender as we ran to our car.

We returned to Isle Esme for the honeymoon.

Carlisle had put me on birth control for my period after Edward had a meltdown over the pain I was experiencing with it. I had stopped taking it two weeks before the wedding. Carlisle informed me that it would take a couple months for my body to be ready for baby making after stopping it.

We had the perfect honeymoon. We had the sperm bank information with us and started looking into potential donors.

"No albinos. You're already pale enough for him or her," Edward said.

"No red heads. Red hair will clash with you hair."

"What about biracial?"

"I like the kids with white mothers who don't know what to do with their hair and it goes everywhere; kind of like yours, but with kink," I told him.

"Alice would never allow you to do that to a child."

We talked about home schooling, but Edward wanted our child or children to have as normal upbringing as possible. He didn't want to have our child hidden from society.

"What happens when he goes to school and looks your age?"

"We'll make it work; we have plenty of time to figure everything out. Will you be self-conscious when you truly look older than I?"

"I'll be a cougar, and then I will do botox and face lifts."

"No Heidi Montag."

"I promise not to go further than what looks completely natural."

Two weeks later, I came down with what I thought was food poisoning. It turned into the flu. We had planned to stay on the island for six weeks, but when my flu symptoms worsened and couldn't be controlled, we returned after four.