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The depression I felt just hurt

Seeing my childs face everyday

Knowing he looked just like his father

Just like my lover

I can't take it anymore

I need to get away

I want to get away

I have to get away

He reminds me of what happened

What I cannot change

When I lie in my bed

I cannot help but wonder if I could have changed it

If I could have saved him

If I could of made sure that he was here

Holding me

Playing with our son

I wish I could tell him I'm sorry

To tell him I miss him

I want him back here so I could look into his eyes

His beautiful eyes

I miss him so much

I just can't help but wonder

Cry and be alone

If only I could hold you

I want you

I need you

I love you

You are my soul

My life

And the only reason I have lived this long

I cannot be around my son anymore

He is too much like you

And yet I can't get enough of him

Maybe if I leave

Will everything be better?

Will I forget about this pain?

Will I forget about you?

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