Chapter Five: My Ex Best Friend, is Best Friends with the Evil Queen of My Life

So I'd finished mopping, I'd dusted my self off figured that those experiences were over rated. Decided that Jesus was busy, there's a lot of suffering in the world you know, maybe the world should become a Budha? I was now determined to find my almost ex bestfriend Susan, and see what up with her. Because something was defineteley up. I floated down to school. I didn't have to do school anymore, and that the only reason I wasn't sad that I was dead. Don't get me wrong I wasn't mopping anymore, but it stil panged me not to be alive anymore. I entered the school and there I saw, my bestfriend talking to the head cheerleader Courtney aka the evil queen of my life (well if I still had a life, but you know what I mean), it was a pitiful site to see. They weren't arguing they were talking like friends laughing and giggling. It wasn't fake I could tell. What they were saying disturbed me, crushed me, it devasted me, knowing that they'd never be able to apologize. What exactly did they say, here's a recap of there conversation..

"Hey Susan," Courtney said.

"Oh hey," Susan said.

"Aren't you glad that you get to be a cheerleader now, I mean you poor thing, you've never even given a guy a blowjob, and now your closer to doing it." (okay let me say barf, and do not do this at home it is inappropriate, and unsanitary)

"yeah I know right, I can't wait till my boyfriend massages my boobs (okay eww, I know it feels good (Ive heard) but really you can't wait?) yeah I felt like Fern was really holding me back, I mean I didn't get to be a bitch, wear clothes that made me look sexy, I mean before I was wearing turtlenecks,and pencil skirts with TIGHTS! (okay you were just wearing t-shirts and jeans way over exadiration), now I'm wearing mini,mini skirts,and skimpy tanktops that really show my boobs (wow what happens when its winter going to cuddle with your boyfriend's man parts?), and now all the guys are all over, I'm popular, I'm confident,and I have attidutude, all because Susan's dead"

(that really struck me right there, she was great full that I was DEAD?)

"I was your bestfriend your entire life, and you just bail on me like that after I died, first you run away after I've been shot, and aren't even there to try to keep me alive, you just keep running, you weren't even there during my last moments of life! You weren't at my funeral, even if you didn't want to be my friend anymore you could've come to my funeral to show that you were sad that I died. I mean you used to feel bad when someone got a PAPER CUT! And now your just bailing on me like that, you FREAKING BITCH." I scream, with extreme rage, and hatred, they don't even notice.

"yeah I know right, and now you might actually get to have sex, no annoying 'friends' trying to stop you," Courtney says.

"Maybe be I was trying the LOWER THE TEEN PREGNANCEY RATE!" I shout. "you know protection DOESN'T always work!"

"yeah I know I can't wait until I feel Luke inisde of me." susan said (okay eww mental picture)

"It feels Fing amazing trust me," Courtney says.

"I bet it does but can me please change the subject to something that's aprropriate for a five year old," I beg them sarcastically, of course they ignore the command.

They soon start talking about what it feels like to do it (have sex:for all you dumb people don't know what that means.. not saying that your dumb if you don't know... never mind) I leave puking theoretically all the way the mental images staining my mind, I don't know if I can bare spying on Susan again I might end up being scarred for life, and that's bad considering it's the afterlife.

Now you know what happened they mocked my death, almost scarred me for the after life, and plain disturbed me. I mean girls who talk about the joy of sex, and how to get guys to touch your boobs all the time are mentally disturbed. And really I mean mentally disturbed where are there goals in life, I mean you've got to take a break from sex sometimes... They must have a disease.. no they definetley HAVE A DISEASE! I could wait to bare the torchers of Susan's life tommorow... screw my curiosity! Oh well for everything there is a price you have to pay this is my price, as well as dying, and never being able to experience the other pleasures of life, and, and well you get the idea. I'm sorry I keep rambling I guess I don't know how to end this so, I'll just say this bye for now, bye for now , but remember the story is far from over.

now your getting a better idea of what's happening to Susan, if you want to know why this is happening keep reading the story, also sorry I haven't updated for a couple days I had stupid homework, and studying for tests, review they make my day