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Chapter 12

Dean snarled, eyes black as he saw the demon waltz in like she owned the place. He wanted to cower away from her as he felt her power but he wouldn't, he'd done that enough in hell!

"Hello boys!" Lilith smirked as she entered the house, the traps and wards not stopping her for a second. "Dean it's so good to see you! You're such a naughty boy leaving before I let you." She scolded and Sam whimpered, clinging to Dean, terrified she would somehow take Dean away from him. "And dear Sammy! You should still be asleep. Things are going to get bad now for you." She told him and Sam managed to glare at her. "Silly little boy. Dean's going to come home with me now."

"No." Dean denied, holding Sam close as he moved further back.

"Yes you will, you still have so much to learn. Don't be a bad boy Dean, come home with me." Lilith called, her power wrapping around him and Dean whimpered, struggling mentally against her. But Dean was nowhere near old enough or powerful enough and his grip on Sam slowly began to go lax. "Come here Dean, let's go home." She called and Dean stumbled to his feet, letting Sam go completely as he started to walk towards Lilith.

"Dean!" Sam called out in terror. Dean was leaving him. Why was Dean going to her?

"Good boy Dean." Lilith clapped in joy as Dean stood beside her.

Sam looked around for help but Bobby was still out cold on the other side of the room. "Dean please. No leave. Need you." Sam begged but Dean didn't seem to hear him. Lilith smiled and walked towards Sam even as he tried to push away, still unable to walk unaided.

"Shh Sammy, it's alright. In a few minutes you'll be asleep again. I'll even let you be with Dean in your dreams; they'll be so good you'll never want to wake up." She grasped Sam's face and he struggled weakly.

"No." He yelled, fighting against her but his eyelids began to feel heavy; the world feeling like it was fading away. "N….no….De….an." Sam mumbled as his head began to drop forward, his eyes starting to go glassy as she forced him back into his own mind. He couldn't feel his body anymore as a hazy image of a smiling Dean began to appear before him. He knew it wasn't real and tried to fight, tried to wake up. "Dean!" He managed a final cry as Lilith began to fade away and then he hit the ground.

Dean cradled Sam to his chest, shaking him gently as Sam stared through him. Not this, not again. "Come on Sam, don't do this. Sammy wake up!" Dean yelled, ignoring the pissed off demon as she walked back towards them. "Need you, please Sam. Love you." Dean kissed the unresponsive lips, running a hand through Sam's hair, trying to wake him. What had he done? This was his fault? He'd given into the bitch and now Sammy was gone again. Sam's near silent final plea had been what had broken through, had freed him from her power. But he didn't know if he could fight her off all the time without Sam. She looked rather pissed but since he'd thrown her through a wall he figured that was normal….and now he owed Bobby a new wall. "Sammy." He pleaded as he felt her reach for him again but this time he could block her…..this wasn't just him it was…..Sam? "Sammy." He whispered in relief and hazel eyes slowly focused, a shaking hand coming up to clutch at Dean's shoulder.

"No…..leave." Sam mumbled softly and Dean smiled in relief, kissing him briefly.

"No!" Lilith shrieked, actually stomping her foot like a toddler. Dean snarled at her, holding Sam close, feeling his brother exhaustion and the way Sam was still limp in his arms. Sam may have managed to come back to him but it had cost him dearly. Dean managed to get up, Sam held securely in his arms as he glared at her. It was incredible, he could feel Sam's powers mixing with his, making them stronger. Together they could match her. He felt Sam's mental agreement and then they attacked her.

Lilith screamed under their assault, feeling them killing her and she was terrified. How could they do this to her? It wasn't possible! She gasped and fell to the floor, convulsing but she would not go alone! She lashed out at Dean, latching onto him and pulling even as her soul was torn apart. As she died she thrust Dean back down to hell.

Sam yelped as he was dropped, Dean's body going rigid, mouth opening as his demonic form was expelled. Sam watched in horror and screamed when something forced Dean's soul down through the floor only to vanish. Sam moaned in pain but dragged himself to Dean's empty body, shaking it as tears fell from his eyes. "Dean come back. Dean please." Sam begged and then started screaming and shaking.

Bobby groaned and looked around, there was a wall missing. Hearing screams he staggered up and then froze as he found Sam trying to shake awake the body Dean had been using, the very dead body. Whatever had happened….Dean was gone.

Dean screamed as he was forced from the body, he could feel himself being dragged down, dragged back and it terrified him. Lilith was dead, Sam was safe and Dean would never see him again. They'd never let him escape again. Not unless he fully gave in and forgot Sam, was truly one of them. Dean's very soul cried out in grief as he felt Hell approaching but then everything went white and Dean screamed, coughing as he huddled on the….ground. He coughed and choked as he looked around. It looked like….earth? But how? He snarled and backed away as he saw a stranger, covering his eyes in pain.

"My apologies Dean, it should be painless to look now." A male voice called and Dean cautiously uncovered his eyes to see a man standing nearby. The man was shorter than Sam with short dark hair and intense blue eyes.

"Who…what…." Dean stammered as he slowly staggered to his feet.

"I am Castiel, an Angel of the Lord. I intercepted you and brought you back to earth." He explained and Dean stared at him.

"Angel….why? I'm a demon, shouldn't you want me gone?" Dean asked suspiciously.

"Demon or not you are a good man Dean Winchester. Despite centuries in hell you managed to stay true to yourself and are still capable of love. You also managed to defeat Lilith at great personal risk. For this you have been given a gift." Castiel stated, motioning for Dean to look at himself. Dean did and froze in shock. His hands…..they looked like they did in Sam's memories.

"What….how…Bobby said…."

"Your body was salted and burnt as befitted a hunter. Recreating it was not difficult. I cannot make you human again, not even an archangel can do that. However I did bind you to the body, you cannot be exorcised and sent to Hell by any demon or human." Castiel explained and Dean stared in awe.

"I….thank you."

"You are welcome. You must return now, your brother needs you." With that Castiel reached out and touched his head and Dean blinked, finding himself back at Bobby's.

He stared in shock at the sight of Sam lying on the ground, clinging to the body Dean had been using, hazel eyes staring at nothing even as Bobby tried to rouse him. "Bobby?" Dean called cautiously.

Bobby turned and grabbed his shotgun, levelling it at him. "Don't you dare!" Bobby snarled and Dean staggered back a step.

"Bobby no, it's me."

"Dean's gone." Bobby snapped and Dean could see the pain in Bobby's eyes.

"I'm here Bobby." Dean let his eyes flash black briefly. "Sammy needs me Bobby." Dean pleaded and Bobby hesitated. "It's really me, I'll explain later. Please." Bobby sighed but let him passed, still watching warily.

Dean sat down and pulled the unresponsive Sam into his arms, cradling him close. He ran his fingers through Sam's hair, gently kissing him but Sam remained utterly limp in his embrace. "Come on Sammy, come back to me little brother. I'm right here, we're safe. She's dead Sammy, we did it. Lilith can't hurt us anymore." Dean called, trying to reach him. He just sat and talked to Sam for hours but eventually took a deep breath and reached for him mentally, brushing Sam's mind gently. Still getting no response he stood with Sam cradled lovingly in his arms. "Im…I'm gonna get Sammy comfortable in bed." Dean whispered and Bobby nodded, shotgun gone. No one but Dean treated Sam like that.

Dean carried Sam up to their room, tenderly stripping him off and then settling him into bed. Dean got in beside him and just held him close, talking quietly and telling Sam about the crazy angel that had saved him. He stayed like that all night, occasionally managing to get Sam to at least drink a little water, even when Sam's eyes closed in sleep.

"Nggg…." The soft sound had Dean's heart skipping a beat as he shifted to peer down into Sam's face. Sam's eyes had opened a little while earlier but they were still blank.

"Sam? That's it, you can do it. Please Sammy, don't leave me." Dean called and Sam's head lolled on the pillow, eyes rolling in their sockets. "That's it Sam, you're getting there. Just focus on my voice, I'm right here." Dean encouraged and slowly the haze seemed to slowly lift from Sam's eyes. "Sam? Can you see me?" Dean whispered shakily, stroking Sam's cheek.

"Mmmmghhhhhhhhh….." Sam was making noise, that had to be good.

"Yeah Sammy, I'm here, you're safe. We did it Sam, Lilith's dead." Dean told him and Sam blinked.

"N….De….." It was barely audible but Dean relaxed a little as Sam tried to talk.

"Yeah Sammy, I'm here." Dean assured him and Sam's head lolled form side to side. "Sammy, it's me." Dean promised.

"N…real….sle….ep…ing." Sam's words were garbled and Dean frowned as he tried to work it out.

"You don't think I'm real? Why…..Sam this is me. As Lilith was dying she tried to send me back to…..back there. But it was stopped, I didn't go back. There was this man; he was an angel Sammy, a real angel. He said they had a gift for me, for killing Lilith and stuff. This is my body, right Sam, this is the old me?" Dean asked and Sam stared groggily at him. A trembling hand slowly moved to touch him, Sam staring at him. "It's okay Sammy, where in our room at Bobby's. You scared me, the angel sent me back and you were just lying there, like when you were in the hospital. Thought I'd lost you." Dean admitted.

"De…..re'…l?" Sam whimpered and Dean nodded.

"I'm here Sammy, I'm real." Dean promised and a few tears slid from Sam's eyes. Dean gently pulled Sam into his arms, sitting them up against the headboard. He gently ran his fingers through Sam's hair, kissing him and Sam relaxed briefly until someone knocked on the door and Sam tensed. Dean kissed him and called out, smiling as Bobby walked in.

"How's…..Sam? You with us kid?" Bobby asked hopefully and Sam nodded reaching out weakly and Bobby moved quickly to the bed, hugging him tightly. "Thought we'd lost you again kiddo." Bobby admitted.

"R…real…..this real." Sam stuttered and they both nodded at him.

"It's real Sammy, you're safe." Dean told him again and Sam started crying, reaching weakly for Dean who held him close, kissing his face softly.

"So Sam's awake again thankfully and you…..look like yourself again how?" Bobby asked and Dean looked up at him.

"I could feel myself being dragged back and then there was this….white light, it hurt it was so bright. I was on the ground and there was this man there, an angel. He said that this was a gift, for killing Lilith." Dean admitted and Bobby stared at him in shock.

"Well it's good to have you looking like yourself again." Bobby told him. "I'll leave you two to talk." Bobby said and then headed downstairs to figure out what to do about his missing wall.

Dean smiled as Sam's shaking hands moved to gently touch his face and then down his neck and chest. "Like this better?" He asked and Sam smiled.

"M….mm…missed bbbut ss…still….lloved." Sam speech was a lot more slurred and broken than it had been recently but Dean guessed that was because of what Lilith had been doing to him. Sam tilted his head and Dean lent in to kiss him, Sam responding eagerly. "F…free." Sam whispered and Dean nodded.

"Yeah Sammy, we're free now. No more worry about demons coming after us." Dean agreed, kissing him again, Sam clinging to him weakly, moaning softly. Dean gently stroked Sam's sides and stomach as they kissed and Sam shivered, trying to get closer to him. "Shh Sammy." Dean whispered, gently laying Sam flat on the bed. Sam stared at him, smiling softly.

"Y….yo….ok'y?" Sam asked and Dean nodded. For once he felt no nervousness or anything about them being intimate was it being in his body that gave him the extra confidence? Or the fact they were no longer being hunted?

"Sam can I….." Dean trailed off, not sure how to ask but Sam just smiled and nodded. Dean smiled back and slipped his hands under Sam's shirt, exploring slowly. He slowly stripped Sam off and Sam helped as much as he could to get Dean out of his clothes, weak fingers gently exploring the familiar body, awed to find all the scars he remembered were gone. Dean touched Sam and Sam gasped, arching up as much as he could, wanting more. Dean kissed him again and Sam tried to return the touches but his arms were shaking badly. "Shh, I'll look after you Sammy, you just lie back and enjoy." Dean whispered.

"Y…you..?" Sam asked and Dean smiled.

"I'll be fine." Dean said, a finger moving lower and Sam gasped but then nodded when he saw the question in Dean's eyes. Dean looked around and grinned when he found the lotion, it would do. Sam shifted on the bed, spreading his legs out to give Dean better access. He was shocked to find his hand shaking as he went to prepare Sam and Sam just reached out to place a hand on Dean, petting gently to help sooth him and Dean smiled taking a deep breath to calm down. A few memories started pushing forward but Dean kissed Sam, using the taste of Sam to push them back. This was not going to be like what happened to him in Hell, he would never hurt Sam and Sam would never hurt him.

"Tru't..lo…ove.." Sam whispered, smiling tenderly and Dean nodded, coating his fingers and then kissing Sam again as he went to work preparing him.

By the time he slowly pressed inside Sam was well stretched so it didn't hurt. Sam tried to move, to meet Dean's thrusts but was too weak and Dean stared at him sadly but Sam just smiled at him. Dean stroked and touched Sam with one hand as he continued to thrust, wanting Sam to come first and he did, gasping and shaking as Dean paused in his thrusts, not sure if he should pull out since Sam was done but Sam's hands moved weakly to his hips, holding him in place and Dean started moving again. Dean managed to roll to the side so he didn't squish Sam when he was done, pulling Sam into his arms.

"G…g..ood?" Sam asked and Dean laughed, kissing the back of his neck.

"Better than good Sammy. You okay?" He asked and Sam nodded lazily.


"Then go to sleep little brother, I've got you." Dean whispered, pulling the blankets up. Sam smiled sleepily and then his eyes drifted shut. Dean held Sam as he slept, happy that he had managed all that without a major flashback. He hated that Sam had taken another hit to his recovery but they had time now to work on helping Sam get better. Dean would do whatever he had to help Sam heal, it was his fault, if he hadn't given into Lilith she wouldn't have gotten near Sammy. But he knew Sam didn't blame him, even if he thought he deserved it. Sam was so forgiving with him, he'd nearly strangled him before and Sam didn't leave him. He didn't deserve Sam but somehow he was lucky enough to have him.

The End.