Birthday Party, Akatsuki Style

By SasoriHasNoOrgans and SalomeSensei

Itachi frowned at the little piece of paper in his hands, then crumbled it and threw it to the ground.

"What's that?" asked Tobi, pointing.

"It's a birthday party invitation," growled Itachi.

"Really? Cool! Whose party are we invited to?"

"We're not invited. And it's Sasuke's party."

"Sasuke? Ah, yeah, I always forget this time of year is his—Wait! What? We're not invited?!" He cried into his hands.

"I know, right," snapped Itachi, sounding a lot like a thirteen year-old girl.

Deidara came up, chuckling. He'd overheard the conversation. Stupid Uchiha family. "I have an idea," he said quietly.

"What?" asked Tobi,

"Whatever," said Itachi.

Deidara folded his arms across his chest. "Let's throw Sasuke a party ourselves…Akatsuki style."

"Oh yeah," said Kisame, rubbing his hands together. "I'm in."

"Definitely," added Pein.

"What'll we do?" asked Tobi.

Why he was the leader when he never had any good plans, no one knew.

"Let's have a pool party," said Kisame. "Toss Sasuke in and I'll be the shark in the water hunting for Uchiha prey."

Itachi rolled his eyes.

"I know," said Deidara. "We'll start with pool volleyball. Only this ball will be a Deidara art special!" He'd start working on the clay immediately.

Pein chimed in. "And we can play pin the tail on the Sasuke." He laughed. "You know how much I love piercings."

Tobi finally had an idea. "I'll bake a cake!" he exclaimed.

Everyone groaned.

"Your cooking is always deadly," said Zetsu. "I'm in." If he was lucky, he'd be eating the corpse of Sasuke at this party.

Last, Itachi thought he could make the pool water boil with his Amaterasu. He smirked evilly.

The End