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"Mom I don't want to go. My life is here in Florida not in Mass. I don't know anyone there. Plus it's the middle of the semester, Its going to be impossible to catch up."

"Honey, I know you don t want to go, but it will be good for you to get away, and besides your father and I are trying to save our marriage, and honestly that's going to be a lot easier if your not around to worry about. Besides who know maybe you'll like it there."

I could tell the conversation was over, I didn't have any choice in the matter. Unfortunately, I couldn't get away from my sports either because that's the only reason I get to go to Spenser. My double talent in soccer and swimming. Apparently they needed some real help in bout those areas. They had promising teams they just needed someone to lead them. And apparently that someone was me.

When I arrived at Spenser it was pouring down rain. Big surprise there, it rained a lot here I herd. My stuff had been brought in a couple days before, so all I had to do was get the key for my room and my schedule for my classes. One good thing about coming in late was that everyone already had roommates so I got a room all to myself. I wasn't a real people person, at least not outside sports.

I walked into the office, not exactly sure where I was going. The school is flippin huge. It was so much better than what the brochures made it out to be. I was super nervous about this though. I wasn't going to do good at a new school, its super hard for me to make new friends.

"Excuse me" I said to the lady at the front desk. "My names Sam and Im supposed to be enrolled here, but im not exactly sure where Im supposed to be."

"Oh, your in the right place, If you could just wait a minuet I will get you your key and schedule." she smiled at me sweetly but I could tell that she felt sorry for me coming in to the year late. "Here you go, your boxes should already be in your room. If you have any problems or questions than we will be more than happy to help you."

"Thank you so much.. Um…which way is it to the dorms?" I hated this, I hated not knowing what I was doing or where I was going. I was definitely going to be pissed at my parents for a long time.

Once I finally got to my dorm I was exhausted. I was beginning to wish I did have a roommate so that I would know what I was doing. It took me four hours to get all my stuff put where I liked it. I decided to get on my computer to check my email, and to tell my mom I had made it and I was settled in. About ten minuets after I turned my computer on there was a knock on my door. "Tyler, Reid. Come on open the door, this crap is heavy."

I was completely confused, but apparently I wasn't the only one who didn't know where things were. I opened my door to face a guy with wavy brown hair and huge mussels. I was hot. As soon as he saw me he dropped everything he was holding. I bent down to help him. "Um .. I think you have the wrong room."

"Yeah I would say so, unless my friends changed into pretty girls."

I blushed and hid my face so that he wouldn't see. "Yeah that's highly unlikely." I said standing up with the two litter of soda in my hand. "So are you guys having a party or something?"

"Not exactly. Its more of a boys night. We eat a lot. My name Pouge by the way. Are you new? I don't remember you, and I can usually remember a pretty face."

I blushed again. "Um.. Yeah, I just got here."

"Cool, well I'll see you around." than he walked down the hall and took a left.

Well there goes my chance of ever seeing him again. I didn't even tell him my name. I rolled my eyes at myself, than looked down to realized I still had the soda in my hand. I ran down the hall to try and catch him but he was gone. 'He wont even notice, there was so much food there' I walked back to my room and shut the door behind me.

Monday came to fast for me. I hadn't even looked at my schedule to see what my classes where. Eventually I figured out where everything was though. The showers were down the hall, the café was in between the dorms and the school building. I had to go back to the office though to get my uniforms which I forgot to pick up before.

I was standing beside my locker before school started and I could feel someone watching me. I turned around to see three boys staring at me. I hadn't seen them around in the café that weekend, but that didn't mean anything a lot of people didn't go to the café on the weekend. I turned back around and looked down at my schedule to see what my first class was. Unfortunately it was chemistry, my worst subject was science, what a perfect way to start of at my new school.

I walked into the class after the first bell had rung, I walked up to the teacher and introduced myself, he made me stand in the front of the room and wait till the class was seated so that he knew where to put me. I noticed the guy from the other night, Pouge, I think he said his name was. It was just my luck that he was the only one that didn't have a partner, I wondered how that worked, if I was the girls in this class I would have partnered with him first.

Mr. Smith took me over to where Pouge was sitting, he smiled at me. "Now Mr. Parry, you have to let Mrs. Green do some of the work, not everyone is as great at chemistry as you, you have to let her learn." Then he walked off.

I blushed, he made it seem like I wasn't smart. I sat down in the seat next to Pouge. Before the class could start someone walked into class and handed the teacher a note. "If you'll excuse me for a minuet class, I have a request in the office, now don't kill each other while I'm gone." and with that he walked out.

"So, I never caught your name" Pouge said turning to me.

Why was he talking to me, he had to have other friends in this class to talk to, so why did he want to talk to me. I noticed how I was getting death glares from some of the girls. "Um.. Its Sam."

"Nice to meet you Sam" he said extending his hand toward me. I shook his hand. "So did you end up drinking the soda I accidentally left with you?"

"Um.. No I didn't it wasn't really mine to drink. I figured you would come back for it. Why didn't you come back for it?" I was surprised at myself for actually talking to him. But, I guess it was always easy for me to talk once someone started the conversation.

"Well you see I would have but honestly I couldn't remember which room it was. I was a little trashed, I'm afraid to admit. See my girlfriend had just broke up with me so…"

"Wow she's stupid" I blushed again, I couldn't believe I had just said that.

He looked at me with question in his eyes. Thankfully the teacher walked back in right then so that we had to stop talking. The class when by painfully slow, I could feel him look at me every once in a while, thankfully we didn't have to do in partner work. After what felt like an eternity the bell rang. I jumped up wanting to get out of there as fast as possible.

I turned to Pouge, smiled and said "I'll see you around later." than was gone before he could say anything. Once I was out of the class I pulled out my schedule to see what my next class was. Spanish, well that's great, I already spoke fluent Spanish, not that i was Spanish but my parents had made sure I knew it from when I was in elementary school. The class went by really fast, I found out that people don't talk to new kids normally. Honestly that was just fine by me. By the time lunch rolled around I was ready for the day to be over. Thankfully I hadn't had anymore classes with Pouge, but I did have a class with one of the boys that had been staring at me in the hallway. The boy was shorter than Pouge with brown short hair, he didn't say anything to me and he didn't stare either, I'm pretty sure his name was Tyler.

Lunch was the worst part of the day, the awkwardness of having to stand there trying to decide where to sit. I wasn't looking forward to this at all. I grabbed a tray and started grabbing food. "Hey Sam"

I turned to see Pouge in line behind me. I smiled "hey" I went to the register to pay.

"So, do you have someone to sit with?" Pouge asked.

"Um.. Of course I do…." I didn't really want to sit with him but I didn't want to sit my myself either.

"Great, than you can sit with me and my boys" he knew I had lied but he didn't say anything about it, what a gentleman. "Come on you'll love them." He lead the way to a table. I smiled to myself as I recognized the guys at the table as the ones that had been staring at me in the hallway. "Hey guys this is Sam." they said a collective hi. Pogue sat and motioned for me to do the same. "So this is Tyler" he motioned to the guy who was in my other class. "Caleb" who was also brown headed. "And last but not least,"

"Reid" the guy introduced himself cutting Pogue off.

I smiled at all of them "hey" this was going to be awkward they aren't going to know what to talk about. I thought it would be best if I didn't say much so that they could talk about whatever they wanted. I slowly picked at my food.

"Not hungry?" I looked up into the most beautiful pair of blue eyes, it was Reid. Of, course none of them were ugly, in fact I think they were the most attractive guys at the school. It was funny how no other girls were sitting with them, I swear I think the girls here were stupid or something. At any other school the table would be surrounded with girls.

"Um… Not really. I kind of lost my appetite from nerves."

" What do you have to be nervous about?" Pogue asked, jumping into the conversation. Actually all the boys were listing. Apparently I was interesting, that was new for me.

"Um… this." I said motioning to them

"Why do you have to be nervous because of us?" Caleb asked confused.

"I'm not really a people person, I'm shy, I usually just keep to myself most of the time" I was looking down at the table.

"There's not need to be like that around us we don't bite…. Much" Reid said winking.

I blushed again. " Thanks I'll keep that in mind."

"Well we should get to our next class we don't want to be late." Caleb said " What is your next class Sam?"

"Um.. Im not sure let me look, Um.. Its English"

"Awesome, you get to go to class with me and Reid" Caleb said.

I was actually happy to know someone in class, I didn't have to sit by myself or force myself on others. English is my favorite class, I love to read so I knew this class was going to be a breeze for me. Caleb and Reid were giving me weird looks when I could answer the questions about the book they were reading. 1984 by George Orwell, I loved that book. I was sitting between the two guys taking the same test they were and I know they were coping off me. That wasn't anything new for me, people always copied off me in English.

"Im going to love sitting next to you in this class. I might actually pass English this year." Reid whispered in my ear, making me shiver, I don't know why but that always turned me on. I didn't say anything I just finished with my test.

After that class the boys had to go to shop, or something like that, but I didn't actually have a last class, instead this time was used for soccer. I was even more nervous with this because I wasn't sure how the girls would take to me coming in to take over pretty much. I was actually really surprised with how they acted. They were actually thrilled to have me on the team. Apparently the coach had been talking me up, which im not so sure was a good thing because I didn't want to disappoint them. But all of them were eagar to learn how to work better as a team. I was actually looking forward to playing.

"Hey, Sam what are you doing once class ends?" Kim asked me. "A bunch of us usually hang around to get more practice in. It would be great if you would stick around and help us out."

"I so wish I could but actually I have swimming practice." I really did wish I could stay with them instead, I wasn't looking forward to swimming again. It had been a long time since I had swam. However I did have the fastest high school girls time in the free style.

"Wait, you swim too?" Taylor one of the other girls asked

"Um… yeah I do. Why is there something wrong with that?" I was really worried now.

"Well not really, its just that the swim team doesn't really like the girls soccer team, I'm not sure why its just always been like that. I mean the coaches get a long great, but for some reason the swimmers just don't like us." Cait answered

"Green" coach yelled at me. "What are you still doing here. The bell rang 10 miniutes ago. I have an agreement with the swimming coach, he knows your coming from practice, but seriously you can't be this late or hes going to have both our heads. Now get going"

"I'll see you guys later." I said taking off for what I hoped was the pool.

When I walked into the pool area, everyone was staring at me, I hated this kind of attention.

"Green, get changed and we will talk about your lateness later." coach yelled.

'Crap, my first day and I'm already in trouble' I ran to the locker room changed into my suit and ran out to join the team. I could feel eyes on me and I could swear I herd whistles, but coach shut them up fast. I was looking at the ground , blushing the whole way there. I was so preoccupied I didn't even notice Pogue and his friends where there. Once coach was done talking they took turns running their races.

"Hey, Sam"

I looked up surprised to see Pogue and his friends. "Hey" I said standing. I knew they were all staring at me in my two piece. I hated swimming for that reason, I'm so self conscious.

"You didn't mention you were on the swim team." Pogue said.

"Yeah, may I remind you I don't remember you mentioning it either." I retorted

"But in our defense were not used to having to tell people about ourselves, our business is pretty much known around the whole school." Reid explained

"Well I'm sorry that I'm not up to date on every single person here. I mean its not like I have only been here for three days or anything."

"Green, your in, free style." I rolled my eyes.

"Good luck" Caleb said slapping me on the back. Kari is really fast.

"Thanks" I said and walked to my spot. When the whistle blew I hit my stride with no problem even though it had been months since I had even been in the pool. I hated water so as long as I was pushing myself to win I didn't have to think about anything else. I was so far ahead of all of them. I won with no problem. As soon as I was done I got out of the water quickly.

"Holy shit." Reid stated, they were all dumbfounded.

"What?" I blushed embraced for being noticed.

"I think I'm going to take my luck back and save it for someone who really needs it" Caleb said jokingly.

"Green, good run. I'm glad to see that your as good as they said you were. However, that doesn't excuse lateness."

"Sorry coach, its just that I was at soccer practice and I lost track of time it won't happen again." I hated being called out like this. I was definitely going to make sure to leave practice on time now.

"Oh, that's right I forgot about the soccer and how we had come to that agreement. But that didn't include being late to practice. I will let it slide this time and I'm glad to hear you say it won't happen again. Make sure it doesn't." and then he walked away.

I had forgotten till this minuet what the girls had said about the swimmers not liking the soccer players. I was afraid to find out the guys reactions. I turned around to face them.

"So you guys up for Nicky's tonight?" Pogue asked

"Hell yeah, you know it." Reid answered

They didn't mention it. I was so surprised because I knew they had herd coach. They were great guys. Pretending they didn't hear a thing. I cant help but wonder if it's not because they like me/want to sleep with me. A lot of the guys at this school seem to be that way. "So what exactly is Nicky's?"

"It's the local bar. Everyone goes there to hang out. Well anyone that's cool that is." Reid answered.

"Oh that's cool. Well I hope you guys have fun." I was hoping they weren't going to invite me, that really wasn't my scene. I didn't really do that stuff. A lot of the kids at my old school called me a pansy and said I was to good and innocent. But I never let it get to me, I knew what I wanted and I knew that wasn't it. " I'll catch you guys tomorrow." and with that I walked into the girls dressing room to change. When I was finished changing I headed out back to my dorm. I was almost to my room when I herd my name.

"Hey, Sam." Pogue was jogging to catch up with me. "So you want to come with us to Nicky's?"

"Um.. Not really, I have a lot of stuff to do." I was hopping he was going to fall for that.

"Right… sure you do. So what's the real reason you don't want to go?"

I didn't answer at first. Not sure exactly what to say. I walked to my dorm, him following. I opened my door. "Hold on a second." Than I went in and grabbed the soda he had left. I handed him the soda. "It's not really my scene. I don't really go to places like that, I'm not really comfortable with the whole setting." I looked down at the floor afraid of what he would say.

"That's cool. Well it wont be as fun without you. But, I understand and respect your feelings, I just don't agree with them. We just might have to change your opinion one day." He smiled and winked at me. "See you tomorrow." Than he walked off down the hall the way he had exited before.

I went into my room, wondering if I was the stupidest girl in the world for not going with them. But I wasn't about to change myself for a bunch of guys. The night by a little slower than I wished but I was ready when it was time to go to sleep.