"I wanna apologize for earlier."

Miku…was apologizing to Neru? Len vaguely wondered if this was all just a really bad dream, but snapped out of it when he heard Neru's voice.

"It's gonna take more than that for me to forgive you."

Len saw a flash of anger pass in Miku's eye before she unexpectedly bowed and said, "I'm really, truly sorry, Neru."

At this point, Len was completely confused. He'd never seen Miku act like this when she was mad, and he'd never seen her act so kind to Neru, someone he knew she didn't get along with.

"That's more like it." Neru said in the same, proud tone. "Now, what do you want?"

"I…want to confirm your Friday reservation at the club—"

"How do you know I'm making a reservation?"

"I…" Miku gritted her teeth. "Work there. That's how."

Len was surprised. He didn't know that Miku had a job at a club…but then again, he didn't take the time to listen to her. Right then, Neru made a high pitched, proud laugh that made both Miku and Len want to strangle her. "So, does that mean if I get that place, you'll be working for me?"

Miku was taken aback. She hadn't thought of it that way and, of course, it would take only Neru to think of something like that. Neru took Miku's silence as a yes and laughed again.

"That's perfect. Yes, the Friday's the day." Neru made a slightly disgusted face as she said, "Make sure you tell your boyfriend that."

Miku opened her mouth to deny that Kaito was her boyfriend when Neru turned to Len excitedly and asked, "So, you're coming to the party, right?"

Miku turned to leave, but not before she heard Len say, "Yeah."

So he'd come….she'd probably just try to avoid him or treat him like any other customer at the club.

'He probably just let her stay so he can fuck her!'

Len's words repeated in her mind over and over again, creating a hollow hole in her heart. No matter what anyone else said about her, Miku always expected Len to be there for her. To at least stand by her side when everyone else was against her and to make her feel like nobody else mattered in the world anyways, as long as they were together.

*Maybe you shouldn't keep such expectations on people….who knew it would hurt so much when they fell?* She thought, feeling her eyes water up. She brushed them away quickly and the bell rang, signaling the students to change into their uniforms and head home.

After she tried to ignore the glares and whispers that were directed at her in the locker room, she hurried outside and wished to get home as soon as possible. She wondered where Kaito would be to pick her up and pulled out the cell phone given to her by the blue haired man when she heard her name being called.

"Miku! Wait up!"

This was one of the few times in the day where her name wasn't being followed by something nasty or hurtful so she turned around with a big smile. Her smile quickly evaporated when she saw who it was; Len was walking over to her with an apologetic smile, as of that smile could erase what he said about her.

'He probably just let her stay so he can fuck her!'

The words flashed in her head and she turned away, as if she didn't hear anything.

*Did I do the wrong thing? I should at least listen to what he has to say…* She thought guiltily.

"Miku, wait!" Len shouted again, this time with a frown. He wanted to take everything he said and make everything right again. Of course, she'll still be a little steamed, but that's okay…he'd take her to the Corner Café after school and buy her favorite caramel dessert, just like they always used to do…

*No.* Miku thought firmly, walking away more confidently. *He became like everyone else! He's even hanging out with Neru…he's going to her party, darn it!*

A wave of jealousy engulfed Miku and she tried to ignore Len, who just appeared by her side. The blond boy became disheartened, and a little annoyed.

*Why won't she look at me?*

Len turned himself to face Miku, gently placing his hands on her shoulder causing him to block her way and forcing her to look at him.

"What? Forgot something to say?" Miku asked coldly.

Len bit his lip, feeling guilty. He bore his sad, green eyes into Miku's furious blue ones and honestly said, "I'm sorry…I didn't know …"

"Yeah, you and everyone else…" she muttered. She looked into his eyes, starting to melt under the sincerity of his words. She twirled a bit of her teal hair on her finger and looked away, becoming slightly mad at herself.

*Geez, Miku, why are you such a softie?* she thought, looking back into Len's eyes and Len smiled slightly, feeling that Miku was giving in, just like he'd hoped. Just then, her phone chimed happily in her hand, entering the air around them like an unwelcome intruder. Miku didn't even look at who was calling before she backed away from Len and said, "I've…got to go."

Len's smiled faded, and he stared at Miku's retreating back. *I wonder what's it gonna take…*

Miku bit her lip and saw who was called. She sighed and reluctantly answered the phone. "Yeah, Kaito?"

"Miku? Where are you? I'm waaaaiting!" Judging by his tone, Miku could tell that Kaito was extremely happy, especially since he was able to finalize an event at his club. The event being Neru's birthday party, in which lots of money was going to be earned from. Miku hated the thought of working for Neru; she would've never apologized to Neru or offer her a place at the club if it wasn't for Kaito…

~Flashback— During Lunch~

Miku ran- ran as fast as she could to get away from that place. She didn't notice who she was passing; not even a certain blue haired man…She didn't know that Len, of all people would be the one to turn against her; in fact, she thought he'd be the last one…

As tears streaked down her face, she stopped by the girls bathroom door, breaking down. She slid down the wall slowly, thinking about all those people…all those whispers…those lies…

"Miku!" Miku looked back and saw Meiko and Rin rushing to her, with tense expressions.

"Oh, Miku…" Rin crouched down and hugged her while Meiko patted her back.

"Miku…?" All three of the girls looked up to see Kaito looking at them, with a sorry expression on his face. At once, Miku cleared her tears and stood up to face him.

"Yeah?" she asked. He took a step toward her and intimately looked into her eyes. He snaked his hand into hers and asked, "What happened?"

"Nothing…" Miku replied, with a trace of a blush. Even though she hated the guy, he was still undeniably charming….

*Snap out of it, Miku!* the girl shook her head and looked Kaito straight in the eye. "I'm serious, it's nothing."

"I'm not believing you." Kaito looked up at Rin and Meiko. "What happened?"

"Well—" Rin started, but Meiko pushed her slightly with her elbow.

"I think you should ask her yourself." Meiko said with a broad grin. Miku automatically wanted to tell her that it wasn't what she was thinking, but Meiko left, dragging and unsure Rin by the hand away. She winked and mouthed, "Tell us all about it later!"

"Don't leave me here…!" she tried to mouth back, but her friends weren't paying attention. *That Meiko…* Miku thought, annoyed.

She turned to Kaito. "It's nothing, don't worry about me…"

"I have to. You can't be going out like this." Kaito handed her a handkerchief. Miku took it, but instead of using it, she eyed Kaito suspiciously. He didn't seem to notice because he said, "You look better when you smile..."

Miku tried to hide the blush that lit her face with the handkerchief and Kaito stood patiently, holding Miku as gently as he could. It was moments like these where Miku believed that there might actually be some good in Kaito…he just needed to stop being so obsessed with his business…

It was all too good to be true, Miku realized, when Kaito said, "Miku… I need you do me a favor."

Miku sighed and asked, "What is it?"

"A student at this school made a reservation at the club and I want you to confirm the date with her."

Miku raised her eyebrow suspiciously. "Why don't you just call her and ask?"

"Her phone's busy every time I try…besides, I think it'll be better if you just talk to her. It'll clear up any concerns."

"Fine…what's her name?"

"Um…" Kaito checked his phone. "Ms. Akita Neru."

"Neru? I can't talk to her!" Miku said incredulously.

"Why not?"

"We got into an argument earlier." Miku spat. Miku still slightly regretted Rin having to stop her from hitting Neru.

"Then straighten it up." Kaito said simply, as if it were the easiest thing in the world. "We can't lose that reservation; she's going to put so much money on it…"

Miku looked at him defiantly. "No."


"I won't. Do you know what she said to me? I'm not about to go and apologize to her!"

"I don't care what she said to you." Kaito's grip tightened on Miku as she watched him become the true person she came to know. "I'm not gonna lose so much money just because you couldn't solve a stupid, childish argument!"

Right then, the bell rang, and Miku could hear students approaching the hall already. Kaito's grip started to cause tears to sting Miku's eyes and she looked down, letter her bangs hide her eyes. "Fine. Let go of me."

Kaito did, and Miku tried to get away from there as possible, tears streaking down her face.

~End Flashback~

"…So, what do you think? Are you up for it?"

Kaito's voice broke Miku out of her thought and she said, "Huh?"

"Haven't you been listening?" Kaito asked. "Don't you wanna go out today? I've canceled your performance today so we can go!"

"Um…." Miku started.

"Great! Hurry up and get here, then! We'll go home first, okay?" He hung up.

Miku bit her lip. She didn't want to go; all she wanted to do was stay home and relax. But, then again, she wouldn't have to perform today…

Miku looked up and closed her eyes, letting the autumn wind flow around her, causing her teal hair to flow behind her.

*I wonder if…things can ever get better…*

Len was quiet as he entered his house with Rin, who was chatting on the phone with Meiko.

"Ohmaigosh, seriously? That's awesome, Meiko! I knew you'd get the part!" Rin said cheerfully. She looked at her brother and told him, "Meiko's got a part in the play! Wanna go to her rehearsals sometime?"

Len looked at her and mumbled. "Sure, whatever."

Rin's face fell and she watched her brother walk sullenly up the stairs to his room. "Uh, yeah, Meiko…Hey, I'll call you back after a sec, okay? Okay, bye!"

She set her cell down and went up the stairs after Len. "What's wrong?"

Len shook his head. "Nothing."

"Oh, don't lie. It's all over your face." Rin said, crossing her arms. That meant she was all business and Len knew she wouldn't leave until she got it out of him.

"Miku." He muttered.

Rin sighed. "Well, it is kind of your fault…"

"I know, Rin. I went to say sorry to her but she barely even wanted to look at me." Len said sadly.

To her brother's surprise, Rin smiled. "Don't worry, I know just the thing to patch up things between you guys."


Rin nodded. "I do. Now, don't frown! You know you always look like a sad puppy when you do that!"

She left, going back to her cell to chat with Meiko. Feeling a little bit more hopeful, Len crashed onto the bed and stared at the ceiling.

*Maybe…things can get better!*

~Author's Note!

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