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Chapter One


My alarm clock went off precisely at 6:00 in the morning. I rolled over to slam my hand down on the offender. I groaned into my pillow, and I debated whether or not I should forego work today. The night before had been rough, I couldn't muster up the energy this morning. I knew better than to go out drinking with my best friend Alice on a Sunday night. It had trouble written all over it, but of course, that little pixie could persuade anybody to do just about anything. That was why she made one hell of a Detective.

We were both Detectives for the Narcotics Division in Seattle, Washington. We met in Police boot camp about 10 years ago and instantly sparked a friendship. When I first laid eyes on Alice, she was bouncing towards me with this big ass smile. I just remember thinking that she was this tiny little thing who was hyper as hell. She claimed me that first day, and never let go, or so that's what she tells people.

When we graduated from the Police Academy, we decided to move in together. It was the only thing that made sense for us. It was tough on the both of us on being so far away from home. I was originally from Phoenix, Arizona, and Alice was from Biloxi, Mississippi. We didn't know exactly why we both chose Seattle of all places but Alice said it was because we were just destined to be friends. Whatever, I chopped it up to just being a coincidence and called it a day.

So, when we both got hired into the same police department, and even the same unit, Alice said she wasn't a bit surprised. But when it came to patrolling the streets, we had different partners, and Alice was pissed. She literally complained for the entire five years of the job and people knew not to separate us when we were promoted to Detectives. I was nervous of our pairing at first, but we worked well together. Alice and I were often doing undercover work or sting operations and we'd always land the bad guy. We were known as the 'Ball Crushers'. I fucking hated that name but Alice relished in it. She proposed one time to get shirts made up with 'Ball Crushers' embroidered on it. It was funny to see her back pedal when she seen the pulsing vein in my head. She was a handful at times but, god knows, I couldn't live without her.

So, it was no surprise to me when she nearly somersaulted into my room about a minute after my alarm had went off.

How the fuck does she have so much energy this morning?

I was convinced she was a damn android.

"Bella! Wake up, beautiful." Alice's voice was high pitched and annoyingly cheerful.

"What the hell, Alice? Leave me alone!" I mumbled from under my pillow.

Suddenly, my covers were being yanked from me and that damn woman was now jumping on my bed.

What is she, five?

I refused to give into her and kept my pillow securely over my head. Why was she so excited about work? It was Monday, all that meant was stacks of paperwork from this weekend.

"Bella, come on, girl. It's a big day today," her voice came out winded.

She grabbed my pillow from me; I missed its shelter instantly. Now I was seething. I sat up abruptly and glowered at my so-called best friend. She gave me a wide grin and hopped back down to the floor. She was no taller than 4'11", but her personality made up for her shortness. Her jet black hair was a pixie cut and styled into a spiky do. Her deep hazel eyes stared at me from under her long lashes. Sometimes she was so pretty it hurt.

"Alice, I swear if you weren't my best friend…"

"You would take your 9mm and shoot me, yes I know." She rolled her eyes as she interrupted my threat.

Continuing to glare at Alice, I realized my scowl wasn't fazing her in the least. I sighed in resigning defeat. "Did you at least make some coffee?"

"Of course." She sang as she danced out of my room. "You got twenty minutes, Bells."

I laid back down, staring at the ceiling. I had a fierce headache, I just knew today was going to be hell. I covered my face with my arms and moaned.

Never, ever again will I drink so heavily on a work night. I don't care what Alice conjures up. I am too old to be acting like a teenager.

After about five aspirin and twenty million cups of coffee later, I was starting to feel somewhat better. I didn't have time to fully recover this morning because Alice was rushing me out of the house as soon as I got out of the shower. She was insisting we had to be at work early. If I wasn't so damn exhausted, I might have put up a little more of a fight.

Her sudden need to be employee of the month was confusing the hell out of me, but what threw me for a loop was the chaotic activity in the department when we arrived. This was very surprising, considering that Monday mornings were usually slow. Not today, it was filled with people shouting and rushing around like bees.

I glanced over at Alice with a questioning look and she just gave me a knowing smile. Something was definitely up, I was completely clueless.

Stupid Jager Bombers!

As soon as I got to my desk I started to search for something to give me a clue as to what the hell was going on. It was so like me to totally fucking space shit like this.

I frantically searched my desk, pushing piles of paperwork aside.

Damn, who the hell put this shit on my desk?

I kept a fairly neat desk--most times—but, now it seemed like a tornado came through here.


As if he heard his own name, I looked up to see the big bear of a man standing over me. He peered down at me with his innocent blue eyes. He was a large guy who towered over everyone. He probably could be a bouncer at some seedy night club. His curly hair was dark brown and his dimples could kill anyone within a ten mile radius. It was impossible to stay mad at him; he was just so damn cute.

"Morning, Swan," he greeted, giving me one of his sly smiles.

"McCarty, why does my desk look like yours?"

He gave a big hearty laugh. "Because it is mine." He looked at me with a perplexed expression as my face flushed crimson red. "Are you okay? You seem out of it today."

I stepped back from his disaster of a desk, and my shoulders slumped. "I know."

He patted me gently on the back as he steered me towards my tidy desk. I put my purse in my drawer and immediately started to search for that all knowing memo. I knew we had to have one, with everyone running around the office frantically on a Monday morning; it was obvious that something big was happening today. It was sad that I was so dense these days that I couldn't even be trusted find my own desk.

I was in the middle of my search when I heard our Captain, Carlisle Cullen, calling for everybody's attention. I stood up and focused on the most attractive boss in history. He was a little over six feet tall with blond hair and movie star looks. He was in his forties, but damn did he age well. It was hard to not drool over the man. When Alice and I caught our first glimpse of him, we giggled like school girls. We still giggled and gossiped about our Captain, but there was no way in hell we would ever let him see us do it. We still had to keep things professional.

I turned and noticed that Alice was now standing next to me. The smile on her face was overwhelming.

Okay, what the fuck? What was going on?

I nudged her with my elbow and she looked up at me. I gave her the look like I was fucking clueless, she just shook her head. She didn't even attempt to answer my unspoken question; she turned her attention back to Captain Cullen.

"Okay, listen up people," Captain Cullen commenced. "As you may have heard, there is a big drug ring in Seattle, run by Aro Volturi. He has been hard to pin down for some time, and we have yet to find any conclusive evidence to put him away for good. We now believe that he is selling to juveniles. He is using these juveniles to sell the drugs to the other juveniles. We want to set up a task force to stop this monster once and for all."

Holy shit, now I remember.

It was the reason we went out to celebrate last night. We had all gotten word that the FBI was coming in to set up an undercover task force. It was a huge deal and good for any Detective's career. How the hell I had spaced on something as big as this was beyond me.

I glanced over at Alice and she was bouncing all over the place. She really needed to chill out, but I secretly wanted to join her.

"The FBI has been following this case for some time and they sent one of their top agents to lead us in this high profile case. I would like you to all meet Agent Rosalie Hale," Captain Cullen said.

The most beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes on came out of Captain Cullen's office. She was around 5'7" and extremely leggy. Her curves were ridiculous and her long, golden blond hair framed her flawless face. The black pencil skirt and white blouse she was wearing was most likely to be designer. I felt painfully plain compared to her.

Who is this goddess?

She scanned the room briefly, looking at all our faces. She stopped her icy blue eyes on me for just a fraction of a second. I tried to smile in response, but I'm sure it came out as a grimace. She wasn't daunted in the least and returned to smile at Carlisle.

"Thank you, Captain Cullen," she said.

He nodded and gestured that the floor was hers.

"Thank you all for being punctual this morning and I am glad to be here. I think we can accomplish something great here, but we have to act fast. We have to take this vile creature off the streets; he is a menace to our society. I have been working on this case for awhile and it is very important to me. I have followed Mr. Volturi from State to State. He has eluded us every time.

"It saddens me that he now is taking this route to infect our kids. Our objective, for this case, is to send three Detectives and have these Detectives pose as High School students. We want them to infiltrate the drug ring to get enough evidence to put this evil man in jail for good." She paused and locked eyes with mine. "Do we have any volunteers?"

I gulped involuntarily. She intimated the hell out of me and this was the first anyone has been able to intimidate me. I was usually pretty tough, and didn't let people get to me. Agent Hale was so sure of herself and I was positive she could kick my ass. I didn't like that feeling.

Alice raised her hand and waved it in front of my face. At first, I thought she was trying to get my attention, but no, she was just that excited. Agent Hale looked over at my overzealous best friend and a small smile graced her face.

"You." She pointed to Alice. "What's your name?"

"Alice Brandon," Alice chimed.

Agent Hale looked over Alice appraisingly. "You will do."

"Thank you, Agent Hale…" Alice paused and looked down at Agent Hale shoes. "Are those Jimmy Choo's by chance?"

Agent Hale gave Alice an even wider smile and nodded. Leave it to Alice to sniff out designer. I was fully aware of her clothes, but the shoes, I wouldn't have guessed. It just didn't make sense to me to spend five hundred dollars or more on shoes. Those six inch heels that Agent Hale was wearing, I would break those suckers in a matter of minutes. It was just asking for trouble for me to wear heels. I was one of those uncoordinated people that tripped every five minutes, it was like clockwork.

"Okay, leaves two more people," Agent Hale said, interrupting my musings. "What about you?"

I looked up at her like a deer caught in the head lights. She was looking at me expectantly, I froze instantly.

What the fuck is wrong with me?

It was apparent that I was unprepared and as much as that was true, I didn't want Agent Hale to see it. It was obvious that I needed to get my shit together and fast. Things weren't looking good for me right now and I was more than qualified for this job. I wanted to be a part of this task force. If I didn't get my act together, I was going to blow my chances of that happening.

"Yes," I squeaked.

"What's your name?" Her tone was curt.

"Detective Bella Swan."

"Hmmm," she said, lightly tapping her finger to her chin.

It was looking like I had fucked up my chances royally. She probably saw me as this inexperienced detective. I wanted to go home and cry my failure away.

"You're in," she suddenly told me.

I wanted to jump up and down with Alice, but I needed to keep some of my cool points intact--that's if I still had any.

Agent Hale continued to scan the room and her eyes fell on something that was behind me. Her eyes widened and she gave a small smile. Her demeanor changed rather abruptly. She was sticking out her hip with her hand rested on the crook of her neck. It looked like she was also pushing out her ample chest.

"What about you, big guy?" Agent Hale asked.

Everyone all turned and looked at Emmett. It was all making sense now. She was flirting with Emmett and she wasn't secretive about it either. If I didn't want this job so badly, I would have called her out on her unprofessionalism.

Emmett was looking at Agent Hale with lust filled eyes.

What is this love connection? They have to be kidding me right now with this shit.

I had to stop myself from scoffing at this spectacle.

"What about me, Agent Hale?" Emmett retorted.

"You think you could handle it?" she asked.

"Oh, I can handle anything." He gave her a devious smile.

I rolled my eyes at Emmett's lame attempt at flirting. Did they realize that everyone in our unit was watching them? Did they know that our Captain was watching them?

"Great!" Agent Hale said as she clapped her hands and finally broke eye contact with Emmett. "Since that's settled, let's get started."

For the rest of that week, we were elbows deep in paperwork. Agent Hale was a very smart woman and I was starting to admire her. She didn't talk much about her personal life, but I did learn a few things; for instance, she had a twin brother. His name was Jasper and he was actually a math teacher at Roosevelt High School, where we were going undercover. She talked about him fondly and I could see she really loved him.

Agent Hale was also quite fond of Emmett. The whole week, I had to endure their constant flirting. I wanted to take my pencil quite a few times and burst my ear drums for some relief. Alice was all for them hooking up. She said that they were cute. I didn't think so, but Emmett was like a brother to me and no one was good enough for my brother.

By Friday night, we were enrolled in school and Agent Hale went over, in detail, about our respective roles that we would be playing. I was going to be the classic nerd, so to speak. It was funny that Agent Hale chose that for me because I knew how to play that role; I was that girl in high school. I never dated and spent most of my time doing my homework. I had a 4.0 average, graduating at the top of my class.

Alice's role was close to her personality as well. She was going to try out for the cheerleading squad and Emmett, her 'brother', was going to try out for the football team. I was instructed not to talk to Alice or Emmett. It was deep cover and that included stiff rules. Alice, of course, pouted to me for the rest of the week.

How did I get so lucky to have that honor?

By the time Monday morning rolled around, I was excited, that was until I found myself just staring into my closet for a good twenty minutes.

What did I wear ten years ago? What does a 'nerd' wear?

I should have gone shopping, but we were busy all week. We had to register, get our schedules in order.

I was a tad disappointed when I didn't have Jasper Hale for my math teacher. I wanted to meet Agent Hale's brother so I could thank him for giving his sister a heads up about the whole drug trafficking in his school. Alice ended up having him for math, but I knew she would never say anything to him. Mr. Hale wasn't allowed to know who we were. The way Agent Hale explained it; he didn't even know there was a police undercover in the school. He was in the dark like everyone else at that school, which was why it would work. The fewer people who knew we were there, the fewer chances for it getting out.

Glancing over at the clock, I saw that it was ten till seven. I was going to be late if I didn't find something to wear. I was getting close to just putting on whatever I touched when Alice busted through the door with garments draped over her arms. She threw the clothes on my bed and smiled.

"You don't have to thank me," she said.

I just stood there in my bra and panties, while watching her whirl right back out of my room like a tornado. I approached the pile cautiously and pulled out a blue sweater. It was very simple in design, but also something that trendy people wouldn't wear. It was perfect. I sifted through the rest of the pile and pulled out some jeans. Alice was a genius, I smiled at that knowledge.

"Thanks, Alice!" I said loud enough for her to hear.

I heard her sigh in annoyance from the kitchen. I laughed quietly to myself as I hurried up and got dressed for school.

An hour later, and seven cups of coffee in me, I pulled into the school parking lot. I was driving my old beater I had from high school. It was a 1955 Chevrolet truck. Its fenders were now rusted from the harsh, wet and cold winters. It was as loud as ever, I made a mental note to have my friend, Jacob, take a look at it soon.

I cut the engine and immediately felt that all eyes were on me. The blood rushed to my face and I was acutely aware of how easy it was going to be to fall into that old Bella again. I took a calming breath as I got out of the truck. Making as little eye contact as possible, I made my way to the front office.

The front office was easy to find and the secretary was nice. She gave me my locker combo, my class schedule, and a map of the school. I had thanked her and then made my way to my first class.

My first class was math with Mr. Banner. He was a very energetic guy and was so enthusiastic about numbers. Don't get me wrong, I was good at math, but I didn't orgasm every time I solved an equation. He was an interesting teacher; he reminded me of Alice.

My second period class was World History. This class just seemed to drag on forever. There were more than a few times I wished that this place didn't have metal detectors so I could have brought my 9MM and just end this unending misery.

By the time third period came along, I was reminded of how long and torturous school really was. When I visited my locker to get my English book, I noticed that Alice was entertaining the popular crowd. I smiled at her with longing. It had only been, at the most, four hours since we talked, but she was my crack. I wasn't used to going so long without her chatter in my ear, I missed it.

I looked around for Emmett, but he wasn't anywhere to be found. I wasn't too worried about it; I knew I would hear him at lunch. I grabbed my English book and shoved it into my rust colored backpack. As I turned to head in the direction of my third period class, I overheard some juveniles talking about my English class. Well, it wasn't the class per say, it was mostly about my teacher Mr. Masen.

"Oh my god, Brooke. You have Mr. Masen? I'm so jealous. I wanted him so bad this year, but my grades weren't high enough to be in his class. I hate you!" girl one spitted.

"Oh, I know. He is so hot! Did you know that he is single!?" Girl one must have looked surprised because Brooke laughed. "I know it's so shocking. I bet girls come on to him all the time!"

I chuckled lightly at their blathering of the hot teacher. It was only natural for girls to fawn over their male teachers. The older, sophisticated, and charming man was bound to have a few admirers. I had a few crushes of my own growing up. Most of them were in Police Academy. Alice had come close quite a few times to crossing the line with our instructors, not me though. I had my ethics and principles and that was something I would never do.

I entered the class, noticing that the majority were girls. They had all occupied the front of the class and the only seats left were in the back. I flopped down in a seat that was close to the door. It didn't matter; it wasn't like I was there to actually learn. I settled in my seat, putting my books on the desk. I lined up my pencils in a strategic row. I was meticulous in many ways and my supplies were no exception.

Finally settled, I looked up and scoped out this hot teacher the girls had just been raving about. He was turned away from me, he writing stuff on the blackboard. I noticed the shade of his hair was an odd but pretty color. It was auburn—no--not auburn, it was more copper colored. He was wearing black slacks, which shaped his ass quite nicely. That was definitely a plus. His blue dress shirt was tucked in and his sleeves were rolled up to his elbows.

So far so good, I thought.

The bell rang, signaling the beginning of class and Mr. Masen finally turned to face his fans.

Holy fucking shit!

I sat back in my seat, gawking at this god-like creature in front of me.

He was beyond the most gorgeous man I had ever seen; his jaw was sharp and chiseled. His eyes were seductive without trying to be and holy hell his lips were full and damn near kissable. He had his hair styled into a messy do that I envisioned running my hands through. Mr. Masen couldn't be any older than me, but he had a boyish quality about him. His body was lean and muscular in all the right places. I just couldn't take my eyes off of him. I was instantly drawn to him and never felt this way before. My stomach started to tighten in response to this man. He gave the class a crooked smile, which caused me to groan.

I am so fucked!

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