You're running from River, I'm running too…

The Doctor stared at the white dress hanging like a wraith on the wardrobe door.

It was a very pretty dress, beautiful even, but it was a wedding dress…

He really should say something he supposed, but for the first time in nine hundred years he was floored. Completely and utterly floored, on the finest mahogany floor in all of Time and Space.

"Well…" he began, but trailed off.

"Yeah," the red head beside him nodded, a sheepish expression on her face. He glanced across at her, noting her wide eyes searching his, the pupil ever so slightly dilated, her fiery hair arranged around her shoulders.

"Blimey…" he continued, still mentally floored. After all this time, she hadn't bothered to tell him she was getting married?

Mind you he did leave her for about two years, what else did he expect her to do? Sit around, pining for him?

Nah, not his Amy.

The Doctor mentally winced, reminding himself to stop calling her that. It would do no good to go there again, not after Rose.

"I know," Amy murmured in agreement with his previous statement. "This is the night we left, yeah?"

The Doctor checked his watch, just to make sure.

Not that he needed to make sure, he was the Doctor, he could land the old girl anywhere and in any time just fine.

Well, most of the time. Well, sometimes.

"We've been gone five minutes," he told her, at which Amy turned to her bedside table and picked up a small red velvet box and snapped it open. Nestled inside was a small diamond engagement ring.

"I'm getting married in the morning," she muttered, her eyes trained on his face as she showed him the ring. The words sank in, as the Doctor took the box from her and held it up to his face, inspecting the diamond winking merrily up at him.

Could diamonds even wink merrily? Biologically speaking they couldn't they didn't have eyes or emotions so they couldn't be merry, although there was those diamonds on that planet in the Ritsa Cluster….

He would have to show Amy some time.

Forcing his head out of his usual tangents, the Doctor refocused on something that was niggling away at him.

"Why did you leave it here?" he asked, tearing his eyes from Amy's to tap the diamond gently with his index finger.

"Why did I leave my engagement ring off when I ran off with a strange man the night before my wedding?" Amy asked, a slight tinge of incredulity to her tone, as the Doctor looked back at her.


"Hmmm…you really are an alien, aren't you?" she finished, with a slight pout as she leaned close, her softly spoken words falling into the Doctor's ear. Ignoring his usual biological response, the Doctor watched her intently, as he wondered where she was going with this.

Was she trying to say she was leaving him?

"Who's the lucky fella?" he asked, trying to remain po-faced as he contemplated Amy leaving. Silence in the Tardis once more, no-one to share the wonders of the Universe with, on-one to laugh or to run with or to hug when things went well.

"You've met him," Amy's reply jolted him out of his mental wanderings, as he hastily refocused on her.

Surprise came, as he scrambled back through his memory, trying to remember who he had met that could be engaged to Amy.

"Oh the good-looking one? Or the other one…" he trailed off as Amy glared at him. She snatched her engagement ring back off him and snapped it closed.

"The other one," she muttered through gritted teeth.

"Oh well he was good too," the Doctor murmured hastily, wondering if he was going to get slapped.

"Thanks," Amy muttered, looking down, her long red hair hanging, hiding her face from him. The sight of Amy's long neck, exposed by the fall of her hair distracted him for a moment, before her next words jolted him out of it. "So…do you comfort a lot of people the night before their wedding?"

"Why would you need comforting?" he asked, his mind not quite catching up to his body, which was responding oddly. His hearts thumped with the rhythm of a quickstep, while his hands felt slightly moist and a jolt of some unfamiliar electricity shot through his body.

"I nearly died!" Amy replied tartly, slowly inching closer to the Doctor, but he was oblivious. "I was alone in the dark and I nearly died…and it made me think-"

"Ah yes well that's natural, I think sometimes. Well lots of times," the Doctor babbled, eying the way Amy was looking at him now. There was a certain glint in her eye he wasn't sure if he liked.

Or rather feared he liked too much.

"About what I want," Amy continued, "About who I want. Y'know what I mean?"

"Yes…" the Doctor began awkwardly, but really the silly human was talking in riddles. "No."

"About who I want…" Amy tried again, placing more emphasis on the word 'who'. The Doctor still didn't get it.

"Oh right yeah," he replied, pretending to play along. "No, still not getting it."

Amy closed her eyes, digging deep for patience as she fondly imagined strangling her Doctor for all his inability to get what she going on about. It seemed all males, Gallifreyan or Human, were clueless when it came to women.

"Doctor, in a word, in one very simple word that even you can understand…" she sighed, as she simultaneously slid nearer, her hands rising to his face when she closed her eyes.

The Doctor's eyes widened, as he finally cottoned on.

She wanted him?

Oh dear oh dear oh dear….

He slid back, pushing her away and escaping over the end of the brass bedstead. "No…you're getting married in the morning," he protested, backing away quickly as her eyes snapped open and she rose from the bed, determined and in full seductress mode.

He wished he could tell she needn't have bothered, she was quite irresistible at the best of times.

"Morning's a long way away," she said firmly, pushing him against the hard wood of the Tardis doors, her hands already rising to his braces and pushing them down.

The Doctor swallowed a hard lump in his throat at her wild beauty, her fiery hair flying as she pushed him back, her quick hands, such quick little hands, pushing down his braces and starting on his shirt buttons.

"What are we gonna do about that?" she asked him sultrily, sending him a little pouting smile which stretched the boundaries of his control. He fought to remember all the reasons he knew this was wrong and would never work.

He was an alien, she was human, he was 907 and she was 21, she was getting married, he was too dangerous etc…

But all those reasons were quickly fleeing the Doctor's mind as she pressed her slender form against his. Another jolt of that unfamiliar energy had the Doctor sliding from beneath her grip, readjusting his braces and escaping only to find himself trapped against her bed frame.

"Amy, listen to me," he tried reasoning with her as she spun around, a seductive smirk on her freckled face as she came at him again. She pulled herself against him, her hand sliding down his neck. The weight of her hot hands against his cold skin was intoxicating-wait a minute there old boy, slow down! "I am 907 years old, do you understand what that means?"

"It's been awhile?" Amy returned cheekily, returning to her previous preoccupation with undressing him.

"Ye-no, no, no I am 907 and look at me. I don't get older I just change, you get older, I don't and this can't ever work!" he finished babbling, partially shocked at her audacity. It's been awhile, the cheek!

As her grip slackened for a minute, the Doctor seized his chance to push her away and turn her around, but his momentum slammed him against the Tardis doors again.

He mentally groaned. Just great

Amy turned around, and he noticed for the first time the flush of blood under her skin, making her bright hair stand out even more. The loosely flowing jumper she wore did nothing to hide the very attractive body she possessed, let alone the short skirt that exposed her long legs. Long legs he had seen up close and personal the day she hit him over the head with a cricket bat and handcuffed him to her radiator.

She pouted, and he fought even harder to ignore how very kissable they were. Like two rose petals…

Could lips even be, biologically speaking, like rose petals? Sometimes they were more like two sardines, painted red and-no, no man concentrate!

Too late. When the Doctor looked up, Amy's words dimly penetrated his consciousness as she came towards him.

"Oh, you are sweet Doctor, but I really wasn't suggesting anything quite so…long-term," she murmured, her voice dropping suggestively as she pressed herself to him again, slid her hands up his neck and pulled his lips to hers.

Dear Rassilon, her lips were the softest, warmest lips he had kissed in a long time. Ok, maybe not that long a time, not very long indeed, but anyway she was so soft, and warm and eager, her hot little hands sliding down his chest as she kissed him heatedly.

Thought scattered in his brain, as he held his hands up in midair loosely, torn between pushing her away and hauling her closer. He wanted so badly to feel her against him, without the barrier of clothes but he had to resist.

This couldn't work, ever. He would never take that risk again, even if he understood how she felt.

Oh little Amelia Pond, his Amy, he knew the desire to celebrate life in its most primal form when one had just escaped death, knew it deep within, beneath the repressed Time Lord conditioning of his psyche.

It was the desire to reaffirm life, and the fact one is still here, after seemingly insurmountable odds, but he couldn't allow it.

No matter how much torture her hands and lips and body were putting him through.

However, to his horror, he found he had weakened enough to lower his hands to her shoulders and pull her closer, so the concealed swell of her breast pressed against his double-heartbeat for one second, while their kiss turned urgent before he shoved her away.

"But you're human, you're Amy, you're getting married in the morning!" he spluttered, sucking in oxygen like he'd never had a respiratory bypass system. With a soft smile, she reached for him again, deaf to his objections but then the truth of his own words hit the Doctor.

In the morning…

The cracks, the crack in her wall, following Amy through time and space, the fact she couldn't remember the Daleks and the planets in the sky…

It was all connected. Whatever explosion caused the cracks in time, it would happen here, tonight.

Or tomorrow morning.

"In the morning!" he repeated, the proverbial penny dropping. Amy halted her attack, staring at him oddly.

"Doctor…?" she breathed, watching him intently.

"It's you, it's all about you," he continued, gazing at her like he had never seen her before. Or was seeing her truly for the first time.

Smiling sultrily, she leaned in close and brushed his lips with her own.

"Hold that thought," she whispered, before rushing to her bed and lying down provocatively. The Doctor ignored her inviting pose with a struggle, and leaned his hands on the brass bedstead.

"Amy Pond," his voice saying her name was like a revelation in itself. "Mad, impossible Amy Pond, I don't know why and I have no idea quite how, but quite possibly the most important thing in the history of the Universe is that I get you sorted out right now!"

Amy sighed heavily and lay back amongst her cushions, like a dish waiting to be devoured. "That's what I've been trying to tell you!" she muttered condescendingly, like an adult to a small, dim-witted child.

The Doctor marched forward and pulled her up, fighting down his primitive feelings as he towed her towards the Tardis. "Come on!"

Her squeal of surprise sent shockwaves of desire through him, as his quick mind conjured an image where she was crying out for quite another reason. He mentally winced and promised his subconscious a pep talk later. Re: no more erotic images about companions, period.

As he pushed the Tardis doors open, Amy spun around with a breathless, anticipatory smile and pulled him close.

"Oh, Doctor," she sighed, tilting her lips invitingly. The Doctor frowned and pushed her in, determined nothing else would weaken his control.

As he pushed Amy in, he glanced back at the clock on her bedside table.

11:59, on the 6/25. Nope, now 12:00 on the 6/26.

River's voice echoed in his head.

And for those of us who can't read the base code of the Universe?

Amy's time…

26 06 2010

The Doctor closed the Tardis doors and rushed to the console, completely ignoring the expectant red-head beside him. He began flipping switches and buttons, preparing to take them far from Leadworth.

"Doctor…" she began, reaching for him, desire rising in her tone, but he moved away.

"No, Amy, no," he breathed, already rushing around the other side of the console. At his tone, Amy stopped, suddenly unsure.

"Doctor, what's wrong?" she asked, leaning on the edge of the console as the Doctor paused, sighing.

"Amy, we can't do…this for a number of very good reasons. One, you don't want me, not really. You nearly died today, and I am sorry, I am so sorry, and it's natural but we can't. you'd only hate yourself in the morning. Two, I am hundreds of years older than you, old enough to be your 100X great-grandfather, and three, you have a fiancé waiting for you. I won't tear anyone else away from someone who loves them," he finished, speaking almost to himself now as he lost himself in the past. Amy, on the other hand, was less peaceful.

"Doctor, you don't understand-" she started but he cut across her, holding his hand up for silence as he looked her in the eye, his own blazing.

"I DO understand, Amelia Pond. More than you know. We are going to find your fiancé, and we are going to sort this out," he said firmly, already turning away. His next words sent Amy into a rage. "You're acting out of desire-addled madness, because you almost died today, nothing more."

"Don't tell me how I feel, Doctor," she snarled, stepping forward angrily, her eyes on fire. "Don't you dare tell me how I feel. How about what I want? Huh?"

"What you want is irrelevant right now, Amy Pond because you are not in your right mind," he retorted, in that tone she hated most of all.

"I am in my right mind, thank you very much, Doctor! I am sick of people telling me I'm not in my 'right mind', or that I'm delusional! And I'll tell you what I want, I want you now, tonight, and I want you because I…" she trailed off, the words stuck in her throat. Inhaling deeply, she noticed the Doctor's fists had clenched on the controls as he stared at them unseeingly. She fought for the strength to continue. "Is this because of River? Because of what you'll share with her one day, or is it because of your past?"

"You know nothing," the Doctor forced out, his fists now clenched painfully tight. He turned to face her, his anger burning in his eyes as he took a menacing step towards her. Amy did not step back. "Why, hm? Why leave your fiancé behind to come with me? Why did you take off your engagement ring and hide your betrothal? Why, Amy!"

Shaken by the anger she saw in his eyes, she stood her ground nonetheless and let her own anger give her strength.

"Because I don't love him!" she shouted, and then froze. She hadn't meant to say that, but now it was like a floodgate had been opened. "Because of YOU!"

"Me? What have I done?" the Doctor demanded, his breath inwardly taken away by the sight of her angry beauty. She was stunning, alight, on fire with her inner flame and passion. Oh Rassilon, he wanted her now.

"You ruined me! After you came back again and then left me for two whole years, I thought hey he's not coming back, perhaps you should move on but every time I tried to let Rory in, you were there! I was always measuring him against you, against your impossible standard, always thinking he wasn't good enough, always knowing he thought I was as insane as the rest of them did! All because of you!" she cried, tears beginning to well but she fought them back. Her fists clenched, she glared at her raggedy Doctor, her desire transmuted to something closer to need and rage combined, all-consuming and powerful.

But still she resisted, as did he.

The Doctor's anger licked at the bulwarks of his control, as he stood so close to her, within reaching distance, as his body now demanded her lustily. The things she had said only stoked it higher, especially if it was as she had claimed, and he had ruined her.

But he couldn't do it. If he did, if he opened his heart to her, his soul to her and lost himself in her, if only for one night, she would be taken from him. They always were…

"I don't want you, Amy," he murmured quietly now, trying to hurt her enough to drive her away. But she didn't flinch. Her jaw tilted defiantly.

"Then why did you kiss me back?" she asked, crossing her arms as he stepped closer unconsciously, her body exerting a hypnotic pull on him.

"Call it an animalistic reaction, nothing more," he replied coldly, hiding all he felt within. Amy heard his tone, searched his eyes as his words stung, but she knew he was lying.

"Coward," she breathed, as his eyes widened in surprise, then narrowed as he stepped closer.

Amy felt like a shadow had fallen over them, as her senses narrowed down to just him, the anger in his eyes betraying him as he suddenly reached across and hauled her into his arms. She had a split-second to inhale oxygen, then he was there, his cold tongue surging in, taking possession of her mouth greedily, angrily, as his hands slid down her body and crushed her to him, holding her against the solid weight of him.

Completely disorientated, Amy gave in for one moment to his domination, sliding her hands into his ample brown hair, their kiss a thousand times more incendiary than the ones they had shared in her bedroom.

Then pride rose up, and she fought against him, but his alien strength stopped her as he pushed her around and up against the console, pressing her back until she had no escape.

Oh his kiss felt so wonderful, so mesmerising and seductive as he kissed her thoroughly, her head spinning but she wasn't going to make it easy for him. Her mind had given in, but she could still decide when and where.

He needed to be taken down a peg or two, instead of her saying yes Doctor, no Doctor, three bags full Doctor.

Calling on all her strength, she pushed him away, so he stumbled against the railing of the main platform.

Both were panting heavily, their hearts beating a staccato beat. The Doctor could sense her human warmth, calling to him, infecting his blood. She'd stepped over a line now, and there was no going back.

"Oh you humans are rich!" he sneered bitterly. "First you try to seduce me, and when I push you away for good reason, you sulk. And now you're getting what you want, you're pushing me away. You're running away."

Amy sucked in a huge breath, brushing her dishevelled hair out of her face as she straightened from the console and began to back away from him.

It was like watching a snake. One blink and you were caught.

His eyes told her that, told her not to run. Almost begged her not to.

"I'm not the one running, Doctor," she called tauntingly. "You are. You're running from your past, you're running from River and now…you're running from me."

And with that last triumphant remark, she turned tail and ran into the depths of the Tardis.

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