"You are what I want,"

Amy's words rang in the Doctor's ears as he gently caressed her lips with his own, before deepening the embrace. He blindly felt behind her for the door handle, fighting down the urge to just take her against the door. She deserved better.

In his head, he thanked his amazing ship for herding her here, close to his own bedroom, where he rarely came to rest.

As soon as the door swung open, he carried her through, wrapping her legs around his waist for support as he blindly walked towards where he knew his bed was.

Stopping there, he let her down, groaning slightly when she pressed against him. Her arms slid around his waist, pulling him close as their kisses grew hotter, more urgent. Her hands slid his braces down, yanking his shirttails out of the waistband of his trousers before pressing her hands in his pectoral muscles, flexing them as he gasped, breaking from her lips.

Her hand were so hot, almost scalding his skin so the Doctor felt like there would be imprints come morning. Imprints of her, of Amy, on his body forever.

Something no regeneration would ever wipe away.

Her lips slid down his chin, nuzzling down his neck as he held her to him, her hands flexing teasingly over the spaces where his hearts beat wildly.

"Amy…" he breathed, his hands clenching on her back before he began tugging her loose red top up. With a groan of frustration, she let go of him long enough to raise her arms, so he could yank it over her head. Her long red hair fell down her shoulders, slightly curly, draping her back in silken splendour. Mesmerised by her fragile human beauty, the Doctor buried his hands in her hair, inhaling its scent before he took her lips again, drinking deeply of her, his lover.

The word impinged on his consciousness.

She was his lover, there was no going back now. No matter what happened, she would always be this to him now, and would always be his.

Now he had to give himself. It was only fair, he was not the sort of man to take but not give in return. Not with her, his Amy.

On the thought, he gentled his kiss, becoming less dominant as he slipped Amy's camisole off, stripping her bare so she trembled in the cool air of his room.

Amy shivered, as the Doctor broke from her lips and knelt down, pulling her close, his strong hands stroking the bare skin of her thighs, torturing the erogenous zones he found there. When he touched his lips to the point between her breasts, just over the spot where her heart thundered thunderously, she gasped and slid her hands into his hair, pulling him close. He nuzzled a path down her midsection, before shifting to the side and following a similar path back up, until he reached her breast. Another gasp escaped her lips when he kissed it, taking it into his mouth and suckling gently as his hand rose to comfort the other.

Lightning rods of pleasure ran through her body, as she arched and pressed herself into his hands, seeking relief from the tension slowly filling every inch of her body.

On the thought, she felt his body tense and he stood up, in a surge of harnessed power that took her breath away.

"Doctor, please…" she murmured, seeking his lips with hers, her skin aching for his touch but he dodged her lips with one of his customary smirks.

"Amy Pond. Amelia…" he breathed, leaning in as her eyes fluttered closed in anticipation, sensual tremors rushing down her spine at the way he said her name.

She squealed as she felt her feet taken out from under her, and she tumbled back onto something soft and cushioned. Her eyes snapped open.

The Doctor looked down on his Amy, in all her fiery glory, lying sprawled over his bed, the covers embossed with gold sigils of the Crest of Rassilon, the orange covers displaying his chapter.

That was part of the reason he didn't come up here often. It reminded him too much of his lost home, and his lost family.

But the sight of Amy, lying there like a goddess waiting to be worshipped, over the signs of the repressed old Time Lords, was a deliciously sinful one.

Her eyes pleaded with him, and he savoured the fragrant taste of her skin still on his lips, as he stripped off his shirt entirely, toed off his boots and knelt on the bed between her legs. Her eyes widened, burning with passion as he lowered his head, still holding himself off of her bare skin, and kissed her deeply, slowly.

Until she was burning with fever again.

Amy was overwhelmed with sensation: the feel of the velvety bedcovers against her bare legs, the touch of his cold hands on her body, his ardent lips driving her mad with longing. She slid her hands into his hair, ruffling it and playing with it as he groaned into her mouth. Pleased to have regained some control, Amy took his distraction and flipped him over, straddling his waist, as she smirked down at him triumphantly.

"Gotcha," she breathed, before she lowered her lips back to his. She drew away teasingly, as he groaned and fell back on the pillows.

"I swear, Amy, you will be the regeneration of me one of these days," he sighed as she sat up, but he had a trick up his sleeve. Seizing hold of her hips, he thrust up with his still clothed lower body, pressing himself against her. She gasped and moaned, leaning back and putting all her weight onto him, her head arched back in ecstasy.

The tension holding them was slowly becoming unbearable, as Amy cried out when he thrust again, the rough material of his trousers riding against the sensitive inner faces of her thighs, the hardest part of him pressed so tantalisingly to her core, where she wanted him most.

Through heavy lashes, she looked down on her raggedy Doctor, saw there the same yearning and the same tension as she lowered herself to him fully and kissed him, deeply, hungrily, urgently.

His hand slid into her hair, their movements becoming frenzied until with a growl, the Doctor rolled her over, pressing her beneath him into the bed. He levered himself over her, watching her intently as he rolled his hips against hers.

"If we do this, Amy, we can never go back," he warned, as their eyes locked. "Nothing will be the same."

"No, it'll be better," she replied, reaching for him. He almost capitulated, but scooted back.

"Then tonight, Amy Pond, I'll make you mine. And you will have me forever…lie back and let me love you, as you deserved to be loved," he murmured harshly, his voice an unsteady, husky growl. Amy subsided back onto the bed, lying there passively, most unlike her.

The Doctor planted a kiss at the top of her head, and trailed down her nose, to her lips where he kissed her intensely for a moment, before continuing his torturous journey down her neck, laving her pulse with his tongue briefly, the red skin heating even more under his touch before dropping lower to her collarbone. She arched into his hands, when his warm breath ghosted over her breasts, heavy and aching now, before he took the peak of one into his mouth, suckling it and driving her mad. She arched even more and screamed, but then he was gone, trailing hot, open-mouthed caresses down her midriff, over her waist and down her abdomen.

Amy froze when she felt him near a place she had let no man touch her before, but he soon did more than that.

She groaned with desire, as he caressed with his mouth the parts of her where desire throbbed hotly. She was almost sobbing, as she arched into him, his hands clamped around her hips, holding her still. She gave him her body, denying him nothing.

Hungry, she let him feast. Thirsty, she begged him to drink, her hands clenched into tight knots on the pillows as desire went higher and she cried out.

Like a conductor in an orchestra, the Doctor constructed a symphony of need and passion for her out of carnal pleasures, in which she was the main performer, her voice rising in a primal song.

When release came, her cry was echoing, as the Doctor released her hips. Blind, she knew nothing until he came to her, kissing her so she could taste herself on his tongue, warm and silky, as he claimed her mouth. Cold skin lay next to her own, telling her that he was now completely naked on top of her, and excitement began to mount again, replacing the exhaustion of the release he had just given her.

When they next broke from their kiss, desperate for air, Amy clutched him to her, her nails digging into the skin of his shoulder blades pleadingly.

"Please, Doctor, I need you," she gasped out, to which the Doctor merely replied with another scaldingly passionate embrace.

She felt him move her legs outwards, settling in-between, the hot press of his body against her throbbing core, and then he was inside her, and it was bliss and heat and light and love and desire and passion, and oh so much pleasure.

The Doctor wrenched away from Amy's lips, overwhelmed by the feel of her around him, as she twined her legs around his waist, opening herself even more to his invasion, clasping him close. Coherent thought had long dissipated, replaced by urgency and blind need, as he withdrew from her, her whimper pressed against his lips before he returned, sliding into her fully.

Amy's face was radiant with lust, burning in her eyes as the Doctor claimed her, body and soul.

He framed her face with his hands, their bodies connected and touching everywhere as the frenzy of their desire only increased desperately, and Amy felt the most curious sensation.

It was like she possessed two senses. For one, shining moment there seemed to be two dimensions to her mind. She could see everything, even though she was blind; her mind was her own and yet not her own. Her body both possessed and possessing. Images rushed through her head, strange things past, terrible times to come.

And indeed Amy felt him, like a fluttering presence in her mind that grew in intensity and strength. The feeling of being within her own body and yet out of it, of feeling her body moving against his, of the lust driving through his veins as well as hers, the blind need.

The desperate, unstatable love.

The darkness within, as deep as the light he shone with was bright. The knowledge of things to come, of things that were past, of things that could've been. And it was too much.

All Amy could feel, hear, see and think was the weight of the Doctor's body on hers, his hair-roughened skin moving against hers, hear her entreating moans, his gasps and groans, all she could see was the starbursts in her mind, and think of the man who trusted and loved her enough to share his soul with her. And for one moment, she did see his soul, both the light and dark; the burning darkness and the effervescent light. The former did not scare but entice her; the latter was something she had merely taken for granted. Never again, she vowed silently. She was deaf, dumb and blind to all else but him. In a moment when she crested the intense high, on a storm-tossed wave of emotion, she saw his soul clearly, as he, no doubt, saw hers. She shattered beneath him with a cry, no longer whole, no longer a complete being. She never would be; her heart belonged to, and resided with him now. He would always hold a part of her within him now.

He had done ever since she was a child.

As both felt their release come upon them, both felt a sense of being free, of things washing away. Amy let go of her lonely childhood, her relationship with Rory, and the half-hearted dreams of normality she had never wanted.

The Doctor let go of his past, for just one second, let go of Donna, let go of Martha, Rose, Astrid, Reinette and all the others he had failed over the years. All the women who had loved him, and left him. He let go and just let himself love without fear, just for one second, as both let go of the past.

Amy slumped into her Doctor's arms, her mind spiralling into a dark tunnel of exhaustion.

The Doctor looked down on his Amy, stroked her sweaty hair from her face and lowered his head enough to kiss her soft, bruised lips one more time before succumbing to exhaustion himself.

Their bodies still entwined as one. As they would be for the rest of eternity, body, soul, mind and heart.

Both had finally found the courage to stop running.

The End

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