AN: Drabble. Tony's thoughts post Obsession. Mentions of Tony/Dana and Ziva/Roy.

What Gives Her the Right?

All throughout this case Ziva has been telling me that I'm obsessed with Dana, that my feelings for her are clouding my judgment. Even when we found out Dana was dying she kept right on about how my feelings were irrelevant, and how I should put aside my silly crush. Ziva! Of all people, she should understand what I'm going through. Didn't she face this same situation with Lieutenant Sanders a few years ago?

So now I'm left wondering, what gives her the right to judge me? How is my situation any different then what she went through with Roy? When she was involved with Roy, I was nothing but supportive. I even faced my dislike of needles to give them some privacy when the doctors were trying to keep him confined to his room. Yet she treats me like this!

I could understand her concern when they thought Dana was a spy. Even if I didn't agree I could understand why she was worried. Though, even if Dana had been a spy, Ziva still didn't have a right to speak, given what happened last year with Rivkin.

Yea, I could understand her concern then, but after we found out the truth? Then she was out of line.

You know before today I wondered if Ziva might be my Ms. Right. Now I'm not so sure.

AN: There you go. Just a little piece on how I think Tony might feel towards Ziva after the way she treated him in Obsession. Hope you enjoyed it.