Chapter 1: The Viper's Snare

Anna was standing on the V mother ship, staring down at the busy city down below. Her mind was contemplating a new addition to her plan, always calculating and manipulating, she was sure it was flawless. Tyler the young human that her daughter, Lisa had chosen was indeed necessary and useful to their cause. They had scanned him to ensure he was compatible, that her plan would work and her daughter had not chosen poorly.

She was proud of her daughter for she had chosen well. Tyler turned out to be a perfect candidate and his genetics were perfect for them, but what was also interesting was to discover that his genetics were inherited from his mother and by simply judging the small genetics her son carried; Erica Evans carried more of the special genes.

Anna smiled evilly because she had no doubt that Erica was a rare genetic phenomenon that the human doctors would have no idea about. After all it made perfect sense; Tyler's genes had to come from somewhere. It was unfortunate that Erica wasn't male because that would make their plans a lot easier, but Anna was confident that she could find a use for Erica.

All she needed to do was to get Erica aboard her ship and then she would be able to do whatever she wanted with such a unique specimen to the human race. She knew that luring her on to the ship would be difficult and that Erica would be most unwilling and she would have to ensure that Tyler never discovered her intentions. For he would most definitely revolt and that would cause unnecessary problems.

She smiled to herself again when she had her plan all figured out and exactly how to lure Erica Evans into her clutches. She knew the people she would have to use, who to manipulate and deceive all the humans. Anna was glad that making Erica Evans disappear from her human life would be easy and that by pushing the right buttons; make sure no one looked for her or missed her.

Meanwhile, the small group of resistance fighters had gathered at St. Josephine's church to make plans for their next move against the V's. Ryan had his arms crossed over his chest was leaning on the wall, watching Erica and Jack talk about Tyler and how long he had been up on the V ship. He might not have been human but he understood human relationships, chemistry and attractions.

When he was watching the two of them interact he saw the subtlety in which they always moved closer together and how their entire bodies reacted to the other like it was their point of gravitational pull. Ryan found it amusing that under all the stress and pressure for fighting for the survival of the human race, people found a way to fall for one another without even realising it.

Erica's phone rang and she answered it immediately and listened to whoever was on the other side. The two men were silent, curious to who it was and what it was about.

"Yes, I understand. I'll be right there." She hung up the phone and put it back in her jeans pocket before addressing the two men. "Apparently there's been an incident at the V embassy and the FBI has been requested to investigate."

"What's it about?" Ryan asked standing up straight and walking towards the two of them.

"They didn't say but I intend to find out. I'll contact you when I've found anything we can use." Erica replied as she headed towards the exit, she felt a hand gently grab her wrist and she turned round to see who it was.

Jack was staring her in the eyes, blue meeting blue and she was mesmerised by the concerned look he gave her. "Be careful Erica." Was all he said in that soft voice of his that was also stern.

She smiled at him before nodding and he let go of her wrist and she called out in her confident, professional tone as she walked round the corner to the front entrance. "I'll be back before you know it."

A/N: Hope you liked that opening. As Erica is the protagonist I thought it made sense that the V's would take an interest in her as well as Tyler. So this is my theory. I've only seen up to episode 5 as it's only started showing here, so it's all pretty much made up as I have no idea what actually happens. Let me know your thoughts.