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In which we meet the boys!

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Chapter Four: Blade and Blood

Bang. Bang. Bang.

Yuuta hummed cheerfully to himself, delicately measuring out a precise amount of tea leaves into a small pot seething with steam. He closed the lid and turned to sit onto the bedraggled couch, next to a lightly dozing Bekko.

The Undertaker trembled nervously, his hands continuously tapping on his prayer beads as of their own will.

Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang.

The violet-eyed boy simply smiled at the Undertaker. His purple jacket hood, this time decorated with twin black cat ears, twitched endearingly as he tilted his head. One slim hand rose to form a dog, which opened and closed its 'mouth' as Yuuta pretended to be absorbed in what it was saying. "Kon-Kon asks if anything's the matter, Mister Sougiya."

The older man shook his head vigorously and mumbled something under his breath, nervously adjusting the glasses on his face. He could see a faint sheen of sweat on his thinning forehead and his upper lip.

Faint shouting could be heard outside of the vast warehouse. Bekko slept on, oblivious to the impending disaster nearing their quiet bubble.

Yuuta grinned widely; he privately thought the Undertaker was so fun to scare! "Ken-Ken says you're lying," he began with a creepy voice, leaning forward, other hand-puppet's mouth wide in a leer, and was rewarded with a sworn oath and a half-muttered katra. The poor man's prayer beads clicked vigorously.

Punctuated by more spatters of gunshots and shouting. Very infuriated, not to mention loud shouting.

"S-shouldn't we do some-something about—" At this, the Undertaker gestured spasmodically in the vague direction of the shouting. Yuuta had a pretty good idea about who it was and dropped his hand.

"No," he said cheerfully, sitting back, waiting for his tea to boil. Just then, the door flew open and Shito tumbled in, his katana in hand. He rolled to his feet.

Bekko shifted a bit, falling half-way onto his Yuuta's shoulder. The Undertaker ducked unnecessarily, shaking.


"Shito, you moron!" A certain spiky-haired boy yelled. "You take that back!" He fired off a few more shots, obviously infuriated.

Said 'moron' simply reeled back to avoid the gunshots, whipping around to neatly slam the previously opened door closed in Chika's face. "You," he said calmly, dusting off his black shirt, creased with white dust, "are very annoying."

It was true, Yuuta reflected, as Chika's I'm-gonna-kill-you face loses its glamour when one is introduced to it every day.

Shito stalked back to a series of stairs on the side of the warehouse, flicking on a series of lights that shone through the steel grate of the second floor. Yuuta waved.

The Undertaker jumped as a piercing whistle filled the air, mingled with Chika's swearing and alternately firing off more shots. The door rattled—Bekko had long expected the pair's daily fights to escalate into something like this, so his shots pinged harmlessly off into the air and dissolved.

Yuuta got up, laid Bekko's head back onto the back of the couch, and rescued the whistling kettle from the heat.

When Chika's yelling abated and Shito had probably long gone off to his room to either sulk or sleep (as Yuuta didn't know what he did in his spare time,) he laid a cup of rose tea in front of the Undertaker and tugged a blanket out from one of the drawers under the table to drape over Bekko.

He retreated to his expansive desk with the rest of the tea, the sleek black desktop humming gently with the machinery. The rectangle-frame lights flickered off as he gave the commands for it to power down. The computer screen blazed to life with lines and lines of code, just a little pet project for him to work on.

Yuuta smiled to himself and sipped his tea, one hand flying across the keyboard as he did so. An email notification from Shito, when clicked on, revealed the daily zombie count. Yuuta divided the money without a second thought, smiling in satisfaction when he noted the amount depleted from his debt.

All in a day's work.